Almond Oil For Removing Wrinkles & Fine Lines

Almond Oil To Get Rid Of WrinklesIn this article you will find answers to : (i) Can almond oil reduce wrinkles? & (ii) how to use this anti-aging oil effectively on fine lines and wrinkles.

Can Almond Oil Remove Wrinkles?

Almond-derived oil contains good deal of antioxidants like vitamin E, which combats wrinkles by counteracting degradation of your skin’s collagen fibers. This oil is rich in omega-3 fatty acids – which boosts moisture, critical for skin-building proteins and preventing wrinkles.

It is claimed to possess potent anti-aging properties such as the ability to plump skin and fill minor age lines and wrinkles. It helps your skin to hold enough amount of moisture, which contributes to “plump out” the wrinkles naturally.

Supporting Evidence

As per “Integrative Health Coach Cinthia Torres” almond oil reduces fine lines & crow’s feet and eases the appearance of dark circles & under-eye signs of aging.

A number of scientific reports and many beauty experts have been working on testing almond oil’s anti-aging properties, including its potential for reducing wrinkles.

As per a report published in the Journal of Cosmetic Dermatology in 2007, it was noted that when mice were exposed to UV radiation (a main reason for skin damage and aging effects like wrinkles & age spots) for twelve weeks, the ones treated with a topical application of sweet almond oil fared better as compared to the ones not so treated. This study showed that almond oil is effective “in slowing the photo-aging process.”

Similarly, according to a report published in Complementary Therapies in Clinical Practice in 2010 – it was noted that “anecdotal evidence and clinical experiences” showed that almond oil has anti-aging property, which can smooth and rejuvenate skin.

So, it’s widely believed that by regularly applying almond oil topically you can significantly decelerate the rate at which your skin ages. That explains why almond oil is admired so much

for its powerful anti aging properties in Ayurveda.

Natural Beauty Tip: Always use pure, sweet almond oil on your skin. Check here for current price of Pure, Sweet Almond Oil.

How To Apply Almond Oil To Get Rid Of Wrinkles & Fine Lines?

(i) Cleanse your face or the area where you want to apply the oil & your hands.

(ii) Simply put a few drops of pure, sweet almond oil on your cleansed fingertips.

(iii) Gently message the oil directly into your skin, focusing on wrinkle-prone areas like the thin skin around your eyes, mouth or onto forehead.

(iv) Best time to apply is at night before you sleep, leaving it on overnight. In this manner, the oil works whole night as a moisturizer with its anti-aging & skin-brightening properties. Rinse it off with clean water in morning.

Natural Beauty Tips:

(i) You can also use almond oil to remove makeup and moisturize your hands, nails and cuticles.

(ii) When the almond oil is mixed with pure cod liver oil (fish oil), its anti-aging properties get a boost. Try it!

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