In this article you will find how to make & use diy aloe vera & rose water face mask and its skin benefits.

Aloe vera & Rose Water Face Mask

Aloe Vera & Rose Water Face Mask

The aloe vera & rose water facemask provides the following skin benefits:

(i) Helps control skin infection such as acne, pimples, whiteheads, etc.

(ii) This mask suits oily skin because it is made of water based ingredients, which helps hydrate skin without adding grease. Though normal and dry skins are also benefitted, but this mask is ideal for normal to oily skin.  

(ii) Improves & evens out the skin tone. It makes the skin look healthy, reduces dull/dark spots and brightens your skin.

(iii) Helps to get rid of skin discoloration and spots. Reduces marks such as dark spots, acne scars and the dark circles under the eyes.  

Note: To get these skin benefits, you would need to have patience and use the rose water & aloe vera mask regularly over a long period; however, you would start seeing improvement with twice weekly applications after a month.

How To Make Aloe Vera & Rose Water Face Mask At Home?

You will need:

(i) Rose water: 1/2 teaspoon

(ii) Aloe vera gel: 1 teaspoon

(iii) Cucumber: 1 teaspoon, mashed

Before I tell you how to make & use rose water & aloe vera face mask, let us first see what are the skin benefits of the three ingredients used in this mask:

(a) Rose water:

(i) Excellent cleanser. Unclogs skin pores & wipes off dirt & oil from the pores.

(ii) Great moisturizer that vitalizes the skin as well.

(iii) Maintains pH balance of the skin & decreases production of excess oil.

(iv) Has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps decrease redness, acne & dermatitis.

(v) Being aromatic, it helps calm down anxiety & relieves stress.

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(b) Aloe vera gel:

 (i) Contains auxin & gibberellins, which help heal cuts/wounds.

(ii) Has anti-inflammatory property that helps reduce inflammation.

(iii) Being anti-bacterial property, it helps in reducing redness & treating acne.

(iv) Being anti-fungal, it helps fight swollen pimples.

(v) Contains several antioxidants, such as beta-carotene & vitamin C, so helps to maintain skin’s natural firmness.

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(c) Cucumber:

(i) It not only hydrates, but also nourishes your skin as it contains many skin nutrients such as magnesium, vitamins A, B1, biotin, C & potassium.

(ii ) Helps detoxify your skin.

(iii) Cools skin inflammation, reduces redness & puffiness.

(iv) Cleanses & brightens the skin.

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Mix the 3 ingredients in a small glass bowl using a wire whisk until you have a well-combined mixture of uniform consistency.

How To Use Rose Water & Aloe Vera Facemask?

Apply generously the aloe vera & rose water mask onto your face. Let it sit on your face for 15 minutes, and then wash it off with warm water. Splash cold water on your face and pat dry using a clean, soft towel.

While your face is still slightly damp, finish with applying a good quality moisturizer of your choice to lock in the moisture .


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