8 Best Anti Aging Foods Tips – How to look younger?

Have you ever thought of how to look younger ? In this article, natural beauty tips will tell you about the top anti aging foods which will make you look younger. What you eat directly affects your aging process. Following are natural anti aging foods, which you must include in your diet to delay the aging process and look younger.

Best Anti Ageing Foods

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1. Indian Gooseberry (Amla) : It is foremost in natural beauty tips’ list of top anti aging foods. Its consumption on regular basis delays aging process and keeps you young and is therefore an answer to how to look younger. Indian gooseberry is a gift of nature to mankind. It is an excellent source of vitamin C and works excellent as an antioxidant. It sets right your cholesterol, regulates your BP and helps in curing so many other ailments. If fresh Amla fruit is available, then you can eat it as such, or make salads or pickle with it. You can also make juice of amla, mix it with water and drink it. If fresh amla is not available, then consume amla powder.

2. Walnuts : This easily available nut contains a hormone that helps you sleep better, essential fats with brain boosting power, antioxidants with disease fighting properties, anti aging skin benefits and many more health benefits. It is an easily available delicious snack packed with good fats, fiber and protein. This super nut has many nutritional benefits. Walnuts are also advised for people having high blood pressure and therefore is included in the natural beauty tips’ list of anti aging foods and is also an answer to how to look younger.

3. Apple and Pears : The more white fleshed fruit you eat the better as far as reducing your stroke risk is concerned. The humble little one apple or pear a day can make a big difference. You know old saying, an apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is another nature gifted best anti aging food.

4. Avoid sugary and high calories products : Eat less of sugary, high calories products and foods that contain excess of fat. It will help a lot in slowing down the aging and therefore, this tip is included in the natural beauty tips’ list of anti aging foods and is an answer to how to look younger.

5. Honey as best anti aging food: Replace your consumption of sugar with honey. Honey is not just a simple sugar. It contains many substances including minerals, amino acids, enzymes, bioflavinoids, aroma compounds and vitamins. This unique combination gives honey its amazing health benefits. Honey increases levels of antioxidants in your blood and improves your immune system. Consume honey, a top anti aging food, instead of sugar.

6. Raw Fruits and vegetables are powerful antioxidants and best anti aging foods : When you cook vegetables you destroy much of their antioxidant values. When you over heat – you lose up to 97% of the water, soluble vitamins (vitamins B and C) and up to 40% of the fat soluble vitamins (vitamins A, D, E and K). These are key antioxidants & hence  are anti aging and we waste them. Cooking also alters the proteins in foods to such an extent that they become difficult for the human being to digest. Frying, high roasting and char-broiling are the worst, causing oxidization of foods leading to the production of damaging free radicals, which we then eat. Eat raw as much as possible.

7. Green Tea : Green tea is naturally high in plants derived elements which offer antioxidant protection. Green tea is a super food which retains more of the good things hence we recommend it as far as health benefits are concerned. Green tea contains catechins, which gives it antioxidant power.

8. Fresh fruits & vegetables juices: The beneficial effects of fresh fruits & vegetables juices  extend far beyond protection from loss of memory. Juices are an important part of anti aging nutrition as well. Some of the most powerful anti aging antioxidants are present in fresh, highly colored fruits and vegetables. Juicing gets them into your system immediately and in their raw state, with no loss of nutrients from cooking or oxidation and therefore included in the natural beauty tips’ list of anti aging foods and as an answer to how to look younger.

You can slow down your aging process by consuming above top anti aging foods.  To look young and beautiful you must be healthy first and therefore have a balanced and nutritious diet including best anti aging foods.

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