In this article you will find beauty benefits of tomatoes and also recipes for two natural beauty tomato face masks which can easily be made by you at home.

Do you know the secrets of Hungarian women’s beauty? It is the lycopene which is found in abundance in tomatoes!

Benefits of tomatoes for skin

Benefits Of Tomatoes – Image courtesy of Supertrooper

Benefits of tomato for skin complexion are well known. It not only helps in providing brighter skin complexion but also make your skin tighter and prettier.

Messaging raw tomatoes on your face lessens sun tan and helps you in recovering your lost glow.

Find here some more natural beauty benefits of tomatoes:

1. Include in your diet lots of tomato and tomato products. They are rich source of lycopene which results into your skin looks like a baby skin.

2. The higher contents of lycopene in your skin protect it from harmful sun rays.

3. The nutritional experts claim that consuming tomatoes protect your skin from ultraviolet lights.

4. By consuming tomatoes and tomato products you enable your skin to suck in more of oxygen which defer aging of your skin and makes it less prone to wrinkles.

5. Your skin will look younger, if you consume lots of tomatoes and tomato products.

You can apply these natural beauty tomato masks to not only make your skin brighter and tighter with natural glow, but also to delay ageing process and wrinkling of your skin.

1. Take one tomato and one lemon. Squeeze out their juice and mix them well in a glass bowl.  Apply this mixture lightly on to your face using your fingers avoiding your eyes. Let it sit on your face for about thirty minutes or so then wash your face. This will help in tightening your skin and delay the ageing of your skin.

In case you are having dry skin then add a little honey or olive oil to this natural tomato face mask.

2. Try this tomato face mask which you can easily make at home. Mix thoroughly freshly squeezed juice of tomato, orange and cucumber. You can apply this face mask at night before you sleep. Wait for thirty minutes then wash your face. This helps in diminishing pigmentation marks on your skin along with improving your skin complexion.


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