Studies have shown plant oils such as grapeseed oil, palm oil, Moroccan argan oil and nut oils, all contain numerous natural ingredients that are good for hair. Folks have been using them to help fight frizz and restore moisture to the hair and scalp. The bonus point with grapeseed oil is that it’s one of the most lightweight oils, so it has the ability to moisturize and condition your hair without weighing hair down and making it oily. It’s non-greasy, odorless, colorless and is widely considered as an incredible compound to nourish hair and scalp in several different ways. It not only moisturizes scalp, but also promotes hair growth, strengthens hair structure, fights dandruff, and much more. Read on…

Benefits Of Grape seed Oil for hair

Grapeseed Oil Bnefits For Hair

8 Grape Seed Oil Hair Benefits

1. Helps Hair Grow Faster: It’s believed that hair has tendency to grow faster and stronger if it is nourished with sufficient supply of vitamin E and certain other vital nutrients. While more scientific validations are still needed to prove that grapeseed oil makes hair to grow faster, nonetheless it’s well known that this oil has most of the vital nutrients required for hair to grow healthy. It contains vitamin E, linoleic acid, proteins and essential minerals that nurture the scalp and hair speedly after this oil is applied topically.

To quote Rhonda Ridley, natural and product expert at “My initial experience with grapeseed oil was about 18 years ago, when I had a client come in with a bald patch. I created a mixture of jojoba, peppermint, eucalyptus, and grapeseed oils. In a matter of six weeks, the hair started growing back. The results were very significant and we were able to style her hair in four months. The key to seeing results of any kind with a product like grapeseed oil is time. Patience in seeing results is necessary, and consistency is key. Don’t seek a quick fix.”

2. Fights Dandruff: Dandruff perhaps is the most common hair problem in children as well as adults. This is generally caused by dry scalp. Because grape seed oil is an effective natural moisturizer, it can solve the dandruff problem from its root-cause. Moreover, this oil has ability to penetrate the scalp so can perk up blood circulation to it. In case of infants, the dandruff is mostly associated to cradle cap and grape seed oil has the ability to get rid of flakes from the skin and maintain the scalp moisturized. Try massaging gently grape seed oil into the scalp in a circular motion, loosening the skin while allowing the oil to be absorbed, as well as promoting blood flow.

Natural Beauty Tip: There are many reasons for dandruff. The natural oils such as grape seed oil can help combat dandruff caused by a dry scalp, but they are unable to cure dandruff caused by skin problems such as eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, fungal irritation, seborrhea, or build-up from scarce washing.

3. Moisturizes Scalp And Hair: As this oil is lighter than olive oil or coconut oil, it can penetrate easily into the scalp, so it seeps through directly to each hair cuticle, seals in the moisture, and thus strengthens all hair strands. Grape seed oil is ideal for moisturizing and won’t make your hair feeling greasy. It is also odorless, thus it won’t leave a lingering scent.

Natural Beauty Tip: As the grapeseed oil can lock in moisture, so it helps to prevent breakage, frizz, split ends, and brittle hair. To get the best results, you can apply hot oil treatment with grapeseed oil regularly to keep nurturing your mane and scalp.

4. Makes Your Hair Look Shiny: Although, grapeseed oil is naturally very light and non-greasy – but it is capable of considerably moisturizing your hair and sealing in moisture as well. This is the reason while hot oil treatment using it makes your hair look shiny. It forms a thin coat on each hair strand that not only saves it from dry and brittleness, but nourishes your hair from the roots.

5. Conditions Hair Naturally: Grape seed oil is an effective natural conditioner, so a great boon for dry or damaged hair. Although, there are many hair conditioning products available in market but if you believe more in natural beauty products, grapeseed oil is a great option. For an easy and quick deep hair conditioning treatment, gently massage your hair with grape seed oil and leave it in for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse it out with cold water.

6. Helps To Strengthen Hair: Grape seed oil contains Vitamin E, an antioxidant that contributes to building-up of tissues, and lineolic acid, a fatty acid which fosters hair and skin growth. If your hair is brittle or weak, nursing it with grape seed oil helps to regain its strength and luster. Massage gently your hair and scalp with warmed-up grape seed oil. Wrap a towel around your head overnight, and wash it out in the morning for shinier, healthier hair.

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7. Reduces Hair Loss: For this purpose use the grape seed oil, which has been extracted from cold-pressed grape seeds. This type contains antioxidants that can help to deter the production of DHT, a hormone that causes hair loss. You can also use grape seed oil as a carrier for essential oils that help relaxation of the hair follicles, inhibiting hair loss triggered by cortisol, a hormone released when you’re stressed. You can mix a couple of teaspoons of grape seed oil with a drop or two of jojoba oil and massaging it into your scalp to reduce hair loss.

8. Can Be Used On All Hair Types: This oil is a hypoallergenic kind, meaning that it can be applied to all skin types, including sensitive scalps. Generally, it is even safe to apply on the most sensitive scalps, like as those of children or infants.

If you ever have used grape seed oil, please share your experience with us.

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