Does shaving leads to the occurrence of itchy, painful and nasty razor bumps on your face? Have you ever wondered just what wrong you are doing while shaving and how to stop razor bumps? It’s not rocket science to understand this, and if you read this article you will come to know all about shaving bumps and how to treat razor bumps fast as well?

How To Get Rid Of Hair Bumps

How To Shave Without Getting Razor Bumps

What Are Razor Bumps?

Razor bumps, or ingrown hairs, are tiny, irritated bumps on the skin. They develop after you shave when shaved strands of hair regrow, curl around and grow back into the skin. They cause irritation and pimples. Sometimes they cause scarring even. Razor bumps develop more often in African American men who tend to have curly beards.

What Causes Razor Bumps?

Razor bumps are typically the result of hair follicles becoming infected with bacteria. The direct outcome is that the skin gets inflamed with pimples. Anyone can get shaving bumps. However, they are most likely to develop in case of people who have tightly curled or spiral hair strands. Curly or spiral hair enhances the chances of razor bumps occurrence. Some men completely give up shaving and grow a beard. You don’t need to give up shaving. By using right methods and techniques you can surely get razor bump relief fast.

Best Treatments For Razor Bumps

There are several ways about how to get rid of razor bumps fast such as preventing measures, shaving techniques, over-the-counter razor bumps cures and home remedies for razor bumps.    .

How To Prevent Razor Bumps?

Is not prevention better than cure? Learn here how to shave without getting razor bumps in order to enjoy a healthy shaving and get that clean feeling that will last the whole day. These natural beauty tips will help you to shave without getting any razor bump.

(i) Moisten your skin with lukewarm water and mild soap prior to shaving or take your bath / shower first. This will soften the hair and open the pores.

(ii) Use a thick shaving gel.

(iii) Don’t stretch the skin when you shave. Always shave in the direction the hair is growing. Use the fewest razor strokes possible.

(iv) Consider using an electric razor, if you can adjust it to avoid the closest setting.

(v) After you shave splash and rinse with cold water and use a moisturizing cream.

Home Remedies For Razor Bumps

In most cases, the razor bumps will go away on their own after the hairs grow out. However, home remedies can help to diminish their appearance by reducing the inflammation around razor bumps, which will also release the hair from the skin. Here are the best remedies to use when you are trying to get rid of razor bumps.

(i) Aloe Vera Gel – Cure For Razor Bumps: This natural ingredient is used in razor bump creams and other skin treatments to heal the skin, cure infections and inflammations. The soothing as well as cooling characteristics of the aloe vera will provide you razor bump relief, diminishes burning sensation and inflammation.

Method: If you have an aloe vera plant at home, extract fresh gel from an aloe vera leaf, and apply directly on the affected areas, let it be absorbed and dry on its own. If you like you can leave it on or rinse it off with cold water whenever you like. Follow this process 2-3 times a day. You can also buy aloe vera gel, but make it sure that it contains no fragrances, artificial colors or chemicals.

(ii) Apple Cider Vinegar For Razor Bump Removal: If you want to get rid of shaving bumps fast, apple cider vinegar is a good solution. Its anti-inflammatory properties work to reduce the itching sensation as well as any sort of inflammation. The bonus point is that the acetic acid in apple cider vinegar helps to prevent infections as well.

Method: Dab a clean cotton swab in apple cider vinegar and gently apply on the affected areas on the face and razor bumps on neck. Wait for 5-10 minutes to let it dry, and then wash it off with clean water. Repeat this process 2-3 times a day, until the burning sensation stops.

Natural Beauty Tip: In case you have sensitive skin, dilute it with water before using it.

(iii) Baking Soda For Getting Rid Of Razor Bumps: This traditional remedy for razor burns may also help to get rid of shave bumps. Because of its anti-inflammatory properties, this home remedy has soothing effect on the irritated skin and helps in relieving itching and redness.

Method: Add 1 tablespoon of baking soda in 1 cup of water and mix well. Soak a cotton swab in this solution and dab gently on the affected areas. Let the mixture sit on the skin until it dries out, which takes usually 5 minutes. Rinse it off with cool water. Repeat this process 2-3 times a day, until the shaving bumps subside.

(iv) Black Tea Bags To Remove Razor Bumps: The usual black tea bags can help in treating razor bumps. The tannic acid in black tea helps in reducing redness, inflammation and helps to calm down burning caused by the shaving bumps. Cheap tea bags contain higher amount of tannic acid than the expensive ones, so work better and give fast results.

Method: Moisten a black tea bag in warm water and let the tea bag cool or place it in the refrigerator for 5-10 minutes. Rub very gently the cool tea bag over the affected area for 2-3 minutes. Repeat it many times in a day, as needed.

(v) Honey And Vinegar For Treating Razor Bumps Fast: Honey is well known for its antibacterial properties, so can help to treat shaving bumps. Apple cider vinegar on the other hand has abilities to reduce the inflammation and soothe the irritated skin.

Method: Apply a thin layer of honey to cover the affected areas, let it sit for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse it off with cool water. Pat dry your skin after rinsing off honey, and follow with splash of apple cider vinegar on the affected area. Let it air dry. This treatment works well for razor bumps removal.

(vi) Tea Tree Oil To Get Rid Of Shaving Bumps: Being rich in antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties, tea tree oil is very effective in preventing and treating razor infections, bumps and burns. Pure tea tree oil is highly h2, so make sure to dilute it with a little water before using it on your skin.

Method: Mix in 5 drops of tea tree oil with 2 tablespoons of water. Apply this diluted solution on the irritated skin areas. Let it sit for 10 minutes, and then rinse with lukewarm water. Do this 2-3 daily as per your needs.

Alternatively, mix 2-3 drops of tea tree oil with 1 tablespoon of olive oil, apply it on the affected skin areas and let it sit for 10 to 15 minutes, and then rinse it off.

(vii) Cold Compress For Razor Bump Relief: Cold compress is an effective home remedy to provide immediate relief from burning sensation caused by razor burns or bumps. It soothes the inflamed skin areas. Bonus point is that it helps to reduce itching and redness, as well as prevent razor bumps occurrence.

Method: Wrap a few ice cubes in a clean thin towel and simply place the towel on affected areas for a couple of minutes. Other option is to soak a wash cloth in cold water and place the cloth on the affected areas for few minutes. Repeat either of these two natural remedies as many times as you desire.

Natural Beauty Tip: Consider splashing cold water or applying cold compress on your face right after shaving to prevent shaving bumps or burns.

(viii) Anti – Razor Bumps Cream: These creams for razor bumps are antibiotic and antibacterial, so help to cure shaving bumps. Apply such creams as per the instructions given on the label for a clean face. However, try to consult your doctor before buying a razor bump cream as all are not best for the skin type you are having. Alternatively, visit a drugstore (such as Wal-Greens, CVS, or Waitrose) and do a thorough search before choosing a particular brand.

(ix) Using Hydrocortisone For Razor Bumps Treatment: It can help lessen redness, inflammation and swelling. It is sold in most pharmacies as a remedy for swollen and irritated skin. You can apply a small amount of this cream to soothe irritated skin, ease the annoying itching and remove razor bumps. Apply as per the directions given on its label.

Natural Beauty Tips About How Do You Get Rid Of Razor Bumps / Rashes

(i) Steer clear of double blade razors, since they cut the hair beneath the skin, which can cause razor bumps. Instead prefer a single blade razor, especially designed to get rid of hair bumps.

(ii) Avoid using chemicals such as aftershave containing alcohol on the shaved area. Your skin is super sensitive when you have razor bumps / burns / rashes, so it’s best that you stay away from using substances that contain alcohol or perfumes. In case of any doubt, read the label.

(iii) Go for an alcohol, fragrance and oil-free moisturizing lotion. Use products meant for razor bumps or those that contain salicylic or glycolic acid – they are very effective in treating razor bumps. Such products cleanse the pores, moisturize and prevent infections.

(iv) Rinse your razor / shaver with anti-septic solution or alcohol before use to make sure that the razor / shaver is bacteria-free.

(v) Never squeeze razor bumps.

(vi) Avoid habit of touching or rubbing your face.

(vii) Do not apply perfume on the razor bumps on neck.

If the above remedies do not give you positive results and your skin is prone to chronic razor bumps that keep bothering you, we suggest that you consult a good dermatologist for further treatment.

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