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Do you get up in the morning, shave, wash your face with bar soap & water and run out the door? If that is the case with you, then your skincare routine and lifestyle habits are not up to par. it’s time to step up your skincare game. We aren’t hinting that you fill up your medicine cabinet with hard-to-pronounce cleansers and creams that you won’t require. There’s no need for expensive peels or serums. Actually, layering on too many products can irritate skin.

Men’s facial skin in general is thicker than women’s and since men typically don’t wear make-up skincare is also normally a simpler affair for men. However, for men with heavy beards or curly or kinky hair, irritation and razor burns can be an issue. But with a little proper skin care, these problems can be made a thing of the past and a clean, smooth face can become a welcome daily feature.

The trick is practicing these men’s skin care tips and following a few other maintenance basics. But don’t let these steps daunt you; they are only simply fine tuning what you already do!

Easy Skin Care For Men

Read on here for 6 super skincare for men tips to get glowing, flawless and smooth texture skin that women will love to touch and kiss.

1. Bar Soap Or Liquid Cleanser For Men: Men are usually at fault taking hot showers and using harsh soap bars or face scrubs, resulting into dry skin and if your skin gets dry you look much older and wrinkled. What you need is a gentle cleanser, which will cleanse the dirt and oil that accumulate on your skin. And if you use a bar soap, choose a moisturizing soap that contains emollients such as glycerin. You can also look for bar soaps made with vitamin E oil, olive oil, or jojoba oil.

If you have acne issues it may be due to very oily skin. Acne can be caused by excess oil production that clogs pores, leading to inflammation. If such is a case with you, choose soaps or liquid cleansers that contain salicylic acid, glycolic acid, or benzyl peroxide. All three of these work as exfoliating agents having ability to get rid of the upper layers of dead skin and allow for deeper cleansing of skin pores. They have antibacterial properties as well.

2. Shaving Products And Tips For Men: Normally men find a comfy way to shave and continue with it. If you are still experiencing cuts, nicks, razor burn or razor bumps, you need a change – here are few tips:

(i) Most men shave five times a week. A good razor is a lifetime item, so select your tool prudently. Go for a razor that suits your skin sensitivity and beard coarseness, your face will appreciate that.

(ii) For razor burns, select a shaving cream that has glycolic acid or salicylic acid, exfoliating agents that unblock skin pores. You can also look for hypoallergenic products sans fragrance to prevent further irritating your skin.

(iii) In case your face gets inflamed or irritated from shaving, look for a shaving cream with aloe. Lather up with a little extra water and let it stay on your face for a minute, before you shave, to soften beard hairs. Alternatively, pre-shaving oil is another option. Apply it several minutes before shaving, to moisturize skin and soften beard hairs.

(iv) You can also choose a moisturizing shaving gel as it provides a barrier of protection while shaving. You can either shave in the shower or immediately afterwards as the facial hairs are much softer from the warm water and steam.

(v) If you have ingrown hair problem, avoid using a razor with several blades. The extra blades can pull the hairs below the skin that lie a little too deep to cause razor burns. You can also use electric razors as they are less prone to irritate than blades. In case you prefer a blade, look for a single or double-bladed razor.

(vi) If you have problem of razor burn and razor bumps, consider having not a very close shave. Consider leaving a little growth in order to not antagonize ingrown hairs.

(vii) Use a quality after-shave as it hydrates and soothes the skin; moreover it seals in the skin after a pleasant shave. Make sure to use alcohol-free after-shave, because alcohol dries your skin.

(viii) Always shave in the direction in which hairs grow and not against the grain; otherwise this will cause more irritation. These days some razors available in the market have a built-in moisturizing strip, and many men swear by them. But the better way is to use an aftershave lotion to soothe facial skin and then apply a moisturizer.

3. Moisturizers for Men: Although, facial hair can be sexy on a guy, but what really turns women on is that on touch your face should not feel like sandpaper. Moisturizing every day will make your facial skin soft and kissable. Consider fragrance-free products that are cool because they have no smell and aren’t considered girly.

Some men use soaps that are laced with moisturizer and they work just fine. But the best technique to moisten your skin after washing is to apply a quality moisturizer.

(i) For dry skin look for a cream which is of a thicker formulation.

(ii) For normal skin choose a lotion, which is lighter and less oily.

(iii) For oily skin, go for a skin toner or gel.

Natural Beauty Tip: If you have acne or acne-prone skin, use moisturizers that contain glycolic acid or salicylic acid. They help to get rid of dead skin and keep your pores from blocking.

4. Sunscreen Protection for Men: You can find many facial moisturizers to keep your face young, but in reality only very few of them deliver. Several products these days publicize that they contain antioxidants. Sunlight and pollution cause oxidative damage to your skin and theoretically they are supposed to help. But in reality there is not any scientific evidence to substantiate that the antioxidants at the level contained in such skin products really help.

Prescription-strength products containing retinol (Retin-A) can smoothen the fine lines and wrinkles and may even turn around signs of aging at the cellular level. But the lesser intensity of retinol found in over-the-counter products may not be high enough to do noticeable difference.

Natural Beauty Tips:

(i) A moisturizer that contains SPF of 30 or higher will provide far more protection. If you like, you can keep a separate bottle of sunscreen handy. Men who don’t use sunscreen are subject to higher risk of getting sun damage, which may result into redness, irritation, extra blood vessels and skin cancer.

(ii) The American Academy of Dermatology recommends using daily a moisturizer with SPF-30.

5. Astringents for Men: You can use aftershave lotions and toners which contain astringents that work to tighten the skin, shrink skin pores and provide a firmer skin barrier.

Witch hazel is a natural and not so expensive solution, which you can use to remove the puffiness out of lower eyelids after a disturbed night-sleep. Los Angeles-based cosmetologist Marvin Westmore, who works with many actors and actresses, swears by it. “We keep cotton swabs soaked in witch hazel in the refrigerator to use when performers come in looking beat up from the night before,” Westmore says.

Natural Beauty Tip: Don’t use toners and astringents that contain alcohol as they cause dryness.

6. Grooming Mustaches and Beards: Many experts suggest using a fine-tooth comb to straighten mustache hairs before trimming. Also consider using a mustache wax if your mustache grows disorderly. You can use hair conditioner to manage your beard. If you want a well-orderly look, use a little of styling gel.

If you are already using any other male skin care tip, please share with our other readers under the comments below.

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