How To Make Blueberries & Honey Facial Scrubs?

Blueberries Honey Facial Scrub
Big portion of fresh harvested Blueberries on wooden background (close-up shot)

In this article, I am going to share with you 2 simple blueberry & honey face scrub recipes that help exfoliate your skin without using any chemical.

Let us first see how the ingredients are going to benefit your skin:

Blue Berries  

(i) Skin Healing: Blueberries are rich source of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and phytochemicals, which help healing damaged skin cells & tissue.

(ii) Control Oily Skin: The presence of vitamins C & A help reduce excess oil, which can otherwise clog the skin pores and trigger acne breakout.

(iii) Tones skin: Blueberries works as an effective skin toner. It is believed that they help reduce the appearance of large pores & regulate pH level.


If you have read my earlier articles, you probably already know that honey is a natural humectant and has anti-inflammatory & antiseptic properties that help in controlling skin blemishes, boils and zits.


Fine sugar helps exfoliate skin and remove dead, dull skin cells.

How To Make Blueberries & Honey Facial Scrubs At Home?

Recipe # 1 For All Skin Types

You will need:

(i) Honey: 2 tablespoons, organic

(ii) Blueberries: 1/4 cup, fresh

(iii) Sugar: 1 teaspoon, fine sugar (don’t use anything too coarse as you won’t like to use any thing too harsh on your delicate facial skin)

(iv) Matcha tea:  1/2 teaspoon (optional)


Wash the blueberries with clean water & mash them using a spoon or fork. Combine the honey, mashed blueberries, sugar & Macha tea (optional). Stir thoroughly and your facial scrub is ready for use.

How To Apply?

Apply the concoction as a scrub on to a clean, dry face, neck and if you like to the décolleté area as well. Using your clean fingers, scrub your skin in small, circular motions. Allow the scrub to sit for about 10 minutes for your skin to soak up its goodness. Rinse with clean water and pat dry your.

Recipe # 2 For Dry Skin

You will need:

(i) Blueberries: 1/4 cup, fresh

(ii) Honey: 1 tablespoon, organic

(iii) Olive oil: 1, extra virgin (alternatively, you can use pure coconut oil)

(iv) 1 table spoon, fine sugar (don’t use anything too coarse as that will too harsh for your delicate facial skin)


Wash the blueberries with clean water & mash them using a fork. Mix the mashed blue berries, honey, olive oil and sugar. Stir well and your facial scrub is ready for use.

How To Apply?

Apply the scrub the same way as above.

Precaution: Blueberries scrubs are a little messy. So, always wear your old T-shirt when applying blueberries homemade beauty products.

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Have you ever tried any diy blueberries products? Please share your experience with us.


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