Do you envy those beautiful models having long, thick and dark eyelashes? Long, dark, thick lashes make your eyes look gorgeous. But not every one is endowed to have them. And unfortunately if you are one of the unlucky ones, you don’t need to worry. There are some natural remedies that can be used to make your eyelashes beautiful. The use of castor oil on eyelash for growth and thickness is an effective home remedy. It also makes them stronger, prevents their breakage and may promote the growth of eyelashes at places where they are scanty.

Castor Oil For Eyelashes Faster Growth

Woman Uses Castor Oil To Grow Eyelashes Longer And Thicker

Castor Oil For Eyelashes Growth

Now-a-days many people are willing to spend any amount of money on artificial cosmetic products for making their eyelashes to look long, thick and dark. These products are used by many women as they are quick means to enhance their beauty, but as these are artificial thus don’t work for long time. So, what you need is an effective natural alternative. Castor oil use on eyelashes is an effective natural way to make them grow longer.

Is Castor Oil Good For Eyelashes Growth?

Let us see what nutrients are present in it, which make it effective in growing eyelashes. It contains vitamin E, minerals, proteins and has antibacterial properties. In addition, it is also rich in triglyceride kind of fatty acids. It works by hydrating and strengthening the eyelashes. The facts that:

(i) It naturally moisturizes and rehydrates the area where it is applied.

(ii) It’s packed with many nutrients.

(iii) It’s also capable of penetrating deep into the skin and work from the inside out.

All of the above together are useful for the eyelashes to grow longer, thicker and darker quickly.

Best Castor Oil For Eyelashes

Many types of castor oil are available that are used for different purposes. It’s necessary that you use a type which is right for using on eyelashes. Look around in a health store, read the label carefully and go for the one that is 100% cold-pressed or cold-processed, as these are the pointers for a pure and all natural top of the line product.

Best Time To Apply Castor Oil On Eyelashes

The best time to use castor oil for eyelashes is at night, preferably couple of hours before bedtime. Although, it is perfectly fine to use it during day time, the best is to go to bed with the castor oil on your eye lashes as this would allow more time to saturate and start the process for eyelashes to grow while you sleep.

How To Apply Castor Oil To Eyelashes?

You will need:

(i) Pure castor oil

(ii) Clean eyeliner brush or mascara wand

(iii) Q-tip

(i) Before you begin, wash your entire face with water thoroughly and remove all traces of makeup, especially from eyes area.

(ii) Make sure to use cold pressed castor oil, as it’s pure and the more of natural kind.

(iii) Dip the clean mascara wand or eyeliner brush in the castor oil and tap off any extra to ensure the brush or wand doesn’t carry oil in excess amount.

(iv) Using the wand or brush, apply the oil carefully onto your lashes, starting at the inner corner of the eye. The lashes should be completely coated with the castor oil, from roots to tips. This should be done on both eyes.

(v) Remove any excess oil that may have dripped under the eye area using the Q-tip.

(vi) It is better to apply castor oil at night and then go to sleep. Leave it on to do its magic while you sleep.

(vii) Make sure to clean off the castor oil completely when you wake up, otherwise your eye makeup that you apply that day will bleed all down your face. For this purpose, you can use water and if needed a gentle cleanser. Take care not to rub or pull on your lashes lest you break them.

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Castor Oil Variations For Eyelashes

(i) Castor Oil And Olive Oil: A mixture of castor oil and olive oil can be applied to your eyelashes in the evening before you sleep at night. Follow the steps as mentioned above.

(ii) Castor Oil And Glycerin/Egg White Mixture: Make a mixture of glycerin and egg white, and simply add in two drops of this mixture from an eyedropper to castor oil. This final mixture will help to strengthen and lengthen your eyelashes. Follow the steps as mentioned above.

How Castor Oil Prevents the Loss of Eyelashes?

As we age, the skin tissues around the eyes get weakened and consequently the skin becomes loose, so follicles of eyelashes won’t stick well in it. Due to all this, eyelashes start falling. Using a combination of castor oil with other healthy oil can prevent this natural process of losing eyelashes. Castor oil can easily penetrates into hair follicles, thereby has abilities to strengthens the internal structure of the skin tissues. For this purpose, the best possible combination is to simply add in a few drops of grape seed oil and almond oil to the castor oil. Apply this mixture gently onto your eyelashes, leaving it there for about 1 hour and then wash it off completely with water. Do it regularly for few weeks to get the best results.

Natural Beauty Tips:

(i) Castor oil or its variation can be applied using a clean mascara or eyeliner brush. If you don’t have either of them then you can just rub the oil between your thumb and forefinger and apply a light coat to your lashes. While applying you should make sure that you are not over using it.

(ii) Make sure to rinse the oil off completely using water and a gentle cleanser, or it can attract dust and dirt to your lashes. Take care not to let any oil go into your eyes, but if it happens then you must wash your eyes immediately with water several times to make sure that all of it washes out.

(iii) It can take several weeks to improve the condition of your eyelashes. So don’t get disheartened and continue using it regularly to maintain the look and health of your eyelashes.

Here are some more natural ways to grow your eyelashes longer.

Note: If you want quicker results, you will need to use an eyelashes growth serum to help fastest growth. 

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