Coconut Oil & Rosewater Hair MistPollution takes a noticeable toll on our skin and hair. Too much exposure to the sun, pollution, dust and excessive use of heat-styling tools take away moisture and shine from our tresses resulting in to dry & brittle hair. While we take care to protect our skin from the hazardous environmental conditions, we often fail when it comes to our hair,

To keep your hair protected as your skin, I am going to share with you a secret – a simple but highly effective DIY hair mist to restore life to your hair, leaving it smooth, soft & shiny. You can use this natural mist at any time during the day.

DIY Hair Mist For Soft, Smooth Tresses

This all-natural hair mist needs only two natural ingredients, namely, hair-friendly coconut oil & cooling rose water to help control hair frizz and manage dry hair.

Benefits of Coconut Oil and Rose Water

Coconut oil contains essential fatty acids, which while deeply moisturizing add luster to your tresses and repair damaged hair.

On the other hand, rose water while replenishing lost moisture helps eliminate frizz and make your hair manageable.

The above 2 ingredients when combined together make for a wonderful elixir that works effectively not only to provide a feeling of freshness, but also retain the health of your tresses.

You will need:

(i) Coconut oil: 3 tablespoons (pure, organic)

(ii) Rose water: 1 cup (Though you can buy rose water from store, here you can find the recipe to make it at home)


Mix together well the above 2 ingredients in a mixing bowl. Pour the solution into a spray bottle & keep the bottle in a cool place.

How To Use it?

You can use this natural hair mist in the following 3 different ways:

(i) As a pre-wash hair treatment: Shake well the spray bottle before use and spritz it on the dry hair about one hour before washing your hair.

(ii) As a leave-in treatment: Spritz the solution on damp hair for a smoothening leave-in serum effect.

(iii) As an overnight treatment: Spritz the concoction on your hair before hitting bed to repair damaged hair.

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