Cucumber Face Toner For Refreshing & Moisturizing Skin

Cucumber Face TonerYou must have heard the saying ‘cool as a cucumber’. This saying is not without reasons! Cucumber indeed cools, refreshes, moisturizes and soothes tired skin. This explains why cucumber extract is used by the big beauty brands in making various skin care products such as skin moisturizers, face & neck creams, anti-aging creams, skin cleansers, lotions, after-sun products, eye tonics, hair care products and many others.

Just think – why not to use fresh cucumber slices, juice or puree on your skin directly instead of using these expensive products that contain merely cucumber extract.

Cucumber juice is great for all skin types, even the sensitive skin. Applying cucumber directly on your skin in the form of juice is very convenient because you can use it as a leave-on product. Cucumber Face Toner is an all-natural alternative to the pricy store-bought facial toners as it works as a refreshing skin conditioner & moisturizer.

How To Make Cucumber Face Toner At Home?

(i) Choose a fresh, dark green skin (with no signs of yellowing), organically grown cucumber. Avoid waxed cucumbers, as they might not be as fresh as we want. One small to medium-sized cucumber is just enough because its juice cannot be kept more than twenty-four hours.

(ii) Wash the cucumber thoroughly, and grate, slice or blend it in the food processor. It is entirely your choice whether you want to peel the cucumber or use it with the skin.

(iii) Leave it for ten-15 minutes to release the juice, then squeeze out the juice using your clean hands, or strain it with a clean cloth to separate seed & small particles. Finally, separate the juice and store in the refrigerator.

How To Use Cucumber Juice Toner On Your Skin?

Apply the cucumber juice on your skin using a cotton ball, leaving it on for ten to 15minutes. Rinse it off with lukewarm water, or you may leave it on the your skin without rinsing. You can repeat this process several times in a day, as per your need.

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Make sure to use freshly prepared juice. You can store it fresh in the refrigerator for up to one single day.


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