Using coconut oil in hair is my favorite deep conditioner. Majority of the oils just coat hair providing the hair with only trifling moisturizing and repair. But coconut oil penetrates deep into the hair shaft to moisturize it from within, meaning it has great potential in repairing damaged hair, protecting your hair from future damage because of using hair products and heat. Natural beauty experts agree using coconut oil on hair is the best way to condition the hair and scalp so the hair is healthier and growth is augmented.

Coconut Hair Mask

At Home Coconut Oil Mask Is Best Way To Condition Your Hair And Scalp

In this article, I am sharing with you coconut oil mask for hair and how to remove coconut oil from hair?

Hair Mask With Coconut Oil

You will need:

(i) Organic Coconut oil: 2-4 tablespoons (The more hair you have, more coconut oil you will need)

(ii) Essential oil: 5-8 drops (optional – Rosemary or ylang ylang or any other essential oil of your choice)


(i) Combine the coconut oil with essential oil (if using).

(ii) Massage into your hair. Give attention to the hair and aim to minimalize the amount of the oil that goes directly on the scalp. Your scalp produces sebum. It’s an oily stuff that moisturizes your scalp. So, in case you have oily scalp or hair, your scalp possibly produces a lot of sebum and thus doesn’t require additional moisture directly.

(iii) Let the oil sit on your hair for 30-60 minutes.

(iv) Wash out (see below for tips).

How To Get Coconut Oil Out Of Hair?

You can wash your hair once or twice with your usual shampoo as you would do normally. Coconut oil is a great moisturizer for dull, dry, damaged hair, but it can be tricky to apply the right amount on your tresses. Too little, and you won’t get the shine that you want; too much, and your hair could end up looking heavy and oily. In case you’ve inadvertently put too much coconut oil in hair, follow these steps to get coconut oil out from hair without any fuss.

(i) Sprinkle about a tablespoon of a good quality dry shampoo near the roots of your hair. Using a brush haul the dry shampoo down toward the hair ends. The roots are likely be more oily than the ends, so the little amount that reaches the ends can be adequate to absorb excess oil.

Natural Beauty Tip: If you don’t have dry shampoo readily available, baby powder or cornstarch makes a good substitute. Use either of them in the above manner.

(ii) Wash your hair as usual with your favorite shampoo and water when you get the time. Whereas, a dry shampoo can absorb some of the excess oil, a clarifying shampoo is best to help remove the coconut oil from your hair completely.

(iii)Let the shampoo sit on your hair for about five minutes.  It allows the clearing agents in the shampoo to really cut through the extra coconut oil in your hair so your hair is no longer oily. You may need to shampoo more than once, depending on how much coconut oil you’ve accidentally used and how fine and thin your hair is.

(iv) After getting rid of coconut oil from your hair, your roots would not require to be conditioned; the coconut oil would have hydrated them enough. If you like, you may apply only a nickel-size amount of a good-quality conditioner to the ends of hair to compensate for the loss of moisture from using the clarifying shampoo.

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Egg Wash Method To Wash Hair

Alternatively, you can use following Egg Wash Method to remove oil from your hair:

Beat one egg thoroughly and mix with about 2 tablespoons of water, massage the mixture into your hair and scalp, leave for 5-10 minutes, rinse. Be sure not to use hot water or otherwise you will cook the egg and end up with scrambled eggs in your hair. Follow with the above steps listed from (ii) to (iv).

Why Egg Wash To Get Oil Out Of Your Hair?

Egg wash is an effective method to remove coconut oil from your hair because of following reasons:

(i) Egg clears up your hair removing buildup.

(ii) Egg breaks down oil & grease.

(iii) Egg is a rich source of protein, so it strengthens and thickens your hair.

(iv) Egg contains vitamins A, D, & E which provide shine to your hair.

Natural Beauty Tips: Use your fingertips to apply coconut oil on your hair.  This safeguards you from applying too much. Use your fingers to apply it to the ends of your hair, and then use any excess oil to pat down or massage around your crown. Don’t use your hands to make sure that you don’t oversaturate the hair follicle with too much oil.

Are you using any oil to deep condition your hair? If yes, then please share your recipe with other readers under the comments beow.

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