DIY Vitamin C Serum Recipe

Skincare products industry is a vast multi-billion $ business. So no wonder there’s such an overabundance of beauty products available on the market. Thus, it has become a confusing task to choose the right skin care product.

Vitamin C Facial Serum
Vitamin C serum, when applied topically, is an excellent anti- oxidant and helps in the production of collagen which gives you flawless skin and also keeps wrinkles at bay.

Everyone knows that eating vitamin C rich foods such as citrus fruits, berries and dark leafy greens (like kale) can in fact heal inside the body. But, few people know that vitamin C as part of your daily skin care routine can heal your skin from outside-in as well! Vitamin C works to repair and nurture the skin tissues. It also contains wonderful and potent antioxidants that can safeguard your skin from damaging free radicals.

Thus if you haven’t tried vitamin C, such as a vitamin c serum diy for your face, you may be missing out some big skin benefits.


Vitamin C is one of nature’s super star anti-aging ingredients and naturally occurring antioxidants. It provides anti-aging skin benefits in many ways:

(i) Enhances collagen, which plumps up skin and cut backs wrinkles.

(ii) Fades hyperpigmentation (brown marks like acne scars and sun spots)

(iii) Works as an antioxidant. Thus, it helps to save your skin from free radical damage from UV, pollution and natural aging

Who wouldn’t want this, right? It does a bit of everything!

Therefore, applying vitamin C topically such as with a DIY vitamin C serum can be of great benefit to the skin and can become a part of your natural skin care regime.

Benefits of Vitamin C Serum

(i) Prevents Changes Due To Photoaging: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant. So, it’s an effective option to treat and save your skin from bad photoaging effects. Experts claim that it can be used to fade fine wrinkles, improve texture and skin tone of photo damaged skin.

(ii) Decreases Hyperpigmentation: Although hyperpigmentation is relatively harmless, but it can develop those nasty dark spots on the skin, particularly the face and hands. This generally happens because of an excess melanin that develops deposits in the skin. Such patches on skin appear darker in color.

Then there are age or liver spots. They are caused by damaging sun exposure and basically are the visible signs of hyperpigmentation.

Vitamin C is an antioxidant, which helps brighten the skin via tyrosinase inhibitors. These tiny inhibitors help inhibit the production of excessive amounts of melanin.

(iii) Provides Essential Collagen Support: It stimulates collagen production in the skin that keeps away wrinkles and provides us with radiant young skin.

How To Make Your Own DIY Vitamin C Serum?

You will need:

(i) Vitamin C powder: 1 teaspoon, GMO-free

(ii) Water: 1 teaspoon, filtered or purified

(iii) Aloe vera gel: 1 ½ tablespoon

(iv) Vitamin E oil: 1/8 teaspoon

(v) Frankincense essential oil: 5 drops


1. Combine the vitamin C powder and filtered water in a glass bowl. Blend the two well.

As stated earlier, the vitamin C helps brighten the skin and provide more youthful, radiant glow. Moreover, it can fade away the age spots and improve skin elasticity.

2. Now, mix in the aloe vera gel and blend once again. Aloe vera is known for its amazing skin benefits since ancient times. In the good old days Egyptians called it as the “plant of immortality.” It’s still used to treat many skin conditions, wounds and sunburns.

3. Now add in the vitamin E oil and the frankincense oil. Mix them well until everything is well blended. Like vitamin C,vitamin E also acts as an antioxidant. When it’s mixed with vitamin C and rest of the ingredients, the anti-oxidant power of the concoction gets intensified.

4. Once all the ingredients have been blended, use a funnel to transfer the concoction into a dark color bottle. As the vitamin C loses its strength faster when exposed to light, make sure to keep it away from bright light and the sun. You can use a dark amber bottle to store the serum and keep it in the fridge for up to 7 days.

How To Apply Vitamin C Serum?

1. The best way to use this homemade vitamin C serum for the face is to apply at night. Wash your face with one of these homemade face washes. Apply this homemade toner and let the face dry. Now, gently shake the serum bottle just before use and apply a small amount of the DIY Vitamin C Serum. Again, let the serum dry out. If you like you may apply one of these homemade natural moisturizers.

2. In the beginning you may use the serum every other night so as to ensure that your skin gets adapted to the serum.

Caution: Remember to use the Vitamin C serum only at night to avoid exposure to the sun. Cleanse your skin the next morning before applying sunscreen and makeup.

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