Egg And Yogurt Hair Mask For Hair Loss

Egg Yogurt Hair MaskHave you ever thought of using egg and yogurt for hair? Well, they both are great ingredients to make this incredible hair mask at home for strengthening your tresses, promoting hair growth and adding volume & shine to your hair. Continue reading here to learn the recipe and how to use it, step-by-step.

Egg And Yogurt Hair Mask Benefits

There’s good reason for using egg and yogurt to make this hair mask:

Egg is chockfull of so many vital hair nutrients such as protein, enzymes, minerals, and B-complex vitamins that are essential hair health. These nutrients, particularly biotin and other B-complex vitamins, help prevent hair loss by strengthening the hair roots. The nutrients, especially protein, also help promote new hair growth and add volume to your hair. While the protein contributes to strengthen hair, the fats help condition and improve hair texture.

Yogurt is power-packed with nutrients that nourish hair. The natural fats present in yogurt condition the hair as well as moisturize it, which also help in preventing hair breakage and making your tresses look healthier.

Egg And Yogurt Hair Mask Recipe To Stop Hair Loss And Stimulate Hair Growth

You will need:

(i) Whole egg: 1

(ii) Yogurt: 1-2 tablespoons, unflavored, unsweetened & thick

 Note: Use only 1 whoe egg, and adjust the amount of yogurt according to your hair volume and length.

How To Make Egg and Yogurt Hair Mask?

(i) Take the egg and whisk it until it’s smooth with no lumps.

(ii) Add in the yogurt and mix it again until you have a well combined, smooth mixture. Your final mixture should not be too runny.

Tip: If you don’t like egg’s odor, don’t worry. Just add in 5-8 drops of your favorite essential oil. I prefer using my Geranium essential oil – it smells amazing! Check here for Geranium Essential Oil current price.

How To Apply The Egg & Yogurt Hair Mask?

(i) Although, I recommend wetting your hair a little bit before applying most hair masks, but for an egg hair mask, it’s ok to apply it on dry hair.

(ii) Just make sure that either you apply hair mask in your bathroom or standing over your kitchen sink so as to avoid any mess.

(iii) Now part your hair into 2 sections. Take a small portion of the mask on your clean fingers and begin applying the mask from your middle parting and working slowly your way to all corners of your head. Go on applying a little at a time until you cover your entire scalp.

(iv) Apply rest of the hair mask onto the entire length of your hair by scrunching it up using your fingers.

(v) Gather all your hair, roll & tie it into a bun. Wear a shower cap over it. The shower cap helps trap heat from your scalp, which facilitates the mask to penetrate deeper. This way you can avoid the mask spilling over and also you can do the other household chores while the mask in on your hair.

(vi) Let the mask works it’s magic for about 20 – 30 minutes. Wash your hair as usual, using a mild shampoo and conditioner.

(vii) Let your hair air dry.

(viii) Optional Step: If you like, after drying your hair, you may put 2 drops of geranium essential oil onto your hair brush and then brush gently through your hair – leaving your hair smelling exquisite all day long!

When done you will feel so good for having treated your hair with this all-natural nourishing hair mask. Give this treatment regularly to your hair and enjoy your hair getting stronger and growing longer!

Natural Beauty Tips

(i) Try to keep the hair mask on your hair for an hour. However, if you are short on time, 10 – 15 minutes would be fine – as a minimum.

(ii) Always remember to wash your hair with tepid or cold water when using any egg mask. Never use warm or hot water as it will cook up the egg on your head, leaving behind white cooked egg bits stuck on your hair strands.

(iii) If you prefer chemical free, natural hair products, I recommend this Maple Holistics Sage Shampoo. This natural shampoo is made using potent herbs like: Sage: for treating dandruff & itchy scalp; Rosemary: to stimulate hair growth & prevent hair loss and Spikenard: for dandruff treatment. It also contains argan, jojoba and tea tree oils. They all safeguard the scalp from germs, while keeping hair clean, hydrated & moisturized. This natural shampoo does not contain any sulfates, thus it will not lather the way you may be used to, but as you start using it you will soon get used to it and feel better!

(iv) You only have to use this mask once per week and this will nourish your hair like never before. It provides hair a great boost, while feeding the hair roots with essential nutrients to help it grow stronger, and protect it’s shaft from breakage as well.

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  1. That sounds like a good combo, if not a little messy 🙂 Thanks for sharing not to wash it out with hot water as the egg will cook in your hair! Great artlcle 🙂


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