Epsom Salt Soak BathWhat is Epsom Salt?

Do you know what is Epsom salt?

It is scientifically called as hydrated magnesium sulfate. It occurs naturally in pure mineral compound crystal form.

Have you ever wondered what is it good for? This mineral compound has been used since centuries for a wide range of beauty purposes such as natural remedies to improve the quality of skin & hair.

Why Should You Use Epsom Salt Soak Bath?

It is a grandma’s beauty secret – soaking in an Epsom salt bath helps bolster skin’s levels of magnesium and sulfate, which are claimed to have several beauty related benefits. Another great benefit is, whereas sea salt dries the skin and leaves behind a residue, the Epsom salt rinses away completely – leaving behind a softening effect on the skin.

Epsom salt bath is not only an amazing way to relieve stress, pain and tension after a hard day, but also contributes to increase your beauty and provides an overall sense of wellbeing.

How To Make & Use Epsom Salt Soak Bath?

Here are the grandma’s four secret steps for preparing & using Epsom Salt Soak Bath so as to reap the optimum benefits of Epsom salt:

(i) Fill your bathtub with hot water. High temperature improves absorption of magnesium & sulfate.

(ii) Add one gram of Epsom salt for every 100 ml of water. For a bathtub of regular size (60 l of water), you will need to add about 600 grams of Epsom salt. If your bath- tub is smaller or bigger, you should adjust the amount of salt accordingly.

(iii) Get in, soak & relax for about 10-12 minutes.

(iv) Take this bath 3 times a week.

Tips To Maximize Epsom Salt Soak Bath Benefits

(i) Make sure to mix well the Epsom salt with hot water in the bathtub so that the salt is dissolved completely. Don’t worry; it will need only a few swirls to dissolve it properly. This will ensure that the beneficial properties of the salt are absorbed readily by the skin. Also, if the salt is not dissolved properly, it can leave behind a white residue on the skin.

(ii) For additional moisturizing benefit, throw in 1/2 cup of baby oil or olive oil and mix well. You may also add in a couple of drops of essential oils for refreshing aroma.

(iii) Remember, not to use soap because it can interfere with the action of the Epsom salt.

(iv) You can make your own homemade bath salt mixture in advance & store in an air-tight container: Simply mix thoroughly 2 cups of Epsom salt with a few drops of a fragrance of your choice to create a custom bath salt.

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Caution: If you are pregnant, first check with your doctor to use Epsom Salt Bath.


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