Should You Use Fermented Rice Water On Hair?

Fermented Rice Water

Are you concerned about hair fall? If so, then you must have tried various hair products – serums, shampoos, hair masks & what not! As you are reading this article, it’s obvious you have not found a solution.

Don’t worry! I will share with you the Yao women’s secret to strengthen hair & prevent hair fall. Yao women are the female residents of village Huang Luo in China’s Guangxi Region – Southwest China. Women living in this ancient Chinese village are famous for their beautiful hair, as long as 1.4 meters. This village is also referred to by many as ‘Long Hair Village.’

What is fermented rice water?

Rice water is the translucent liquid left after boiling rice. Instead of draining this magical liquid away, keep this water aside at room temperature for a day till it is fermented. You can use this potion as it is or add few drops of essential oils and use it for washing hair.  

Here we tell you how including fermented rice water in hair care regime can strengthen hair, prevent hair fall & transform damaged hair to healthy tresses.

Fermented Rice Water Benefits

# 1

Reduce Hair Fall

A combination of eighteen amino acids, combined together, helps produce protein & keratin that create hair. Rice water contains 8 of these necessary amino acids. Many important antioxidants, vitamins and minerals are also present in rice water. Vitamin E helps prevent hair fall. In addition vitamin B provides strength to the hair and vitamin C helps to produce sebum (natural oil) that keeps the scalp moisturized. All together, these benefits act to stop hair fall naturally.

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# 2

Augments Hair Strength

Adequate dosage of amino acids, in addition to providing growth, imparts strength that prevents the problem of split ends. Moreover regular use of fermented rice water is a natural way to restore hair’s pH levels, which provides elasticity & health to each hair strand.

# 3 

Adds Luster

Fermented rice water contains enough amount of vitamin E that has properties contributes in transforming frizzy, damaged hair into silky, soft tresses.

# 4

Treats Dandruff

Dandruff is a common hair problem that troubles children, adults – both females & males. It not only leads to an itchy scalp, but the white dandruff flakes cause discomfort and embarrassment as well. Dandruff-infected scalp results into unhealthy hair that are prone to breakage & occurrence hair fall. Fermented rice water is potent enough to combat fungi that cause dandruff, so helps control and gets rid of dandruff.

# 5 

Contains Inositol

Fermented rice water contains a rarely found, vitamin like substance – Inositol. It is a carbohydrate that repairs damaged hair. Inositol helps repair and improve health of the hair that has been damaged due to frequent coloring, dyeing & styling.

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It is really very unfortunate that most people are unaware about this natural & easily available hair remedy. Include “washing your hair with fermented rose water” in your hair care routine to enjoy its miraculous hair benefits to resolve the problems of hair fall and other issues of damaged hair. Watch how it turns your hair into lustrous, healthy tresses. But don’t expect miracles. You need to have patience and use it regularly. 

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