How Do You Get Rid Of WhiteheadsWhiteheads spoil your looks. So learn here how to get rid of whiteheads fast to have a blemish-free and pleasant looking skin. Whiteheads are more common with the people having oily skin. The individuals who are undergoing hormonal changes such as teenagers and pregnant women are more likely to suffer from whiteheads.

What Are Whiteheads?

Whiteheads are a form of acne. Just like pimples and blackheads, clogged pores can cause whiteheads too. The sebaceous glands produce oil to moisturize your skin. When there is excessive sebum secretion (like during teenage due to hormonal imbalance), oil builds up inside the skin pores along with dirt and dead skin cells. This trapped oil swells and turns into a white pustule and is known as a whitehead. They usually are of white or yellowish color, as they are not exposed to oxygen like blackheads. They generally occur on nose, cheekbone & chin and affect both women and men during teen years and beyond.

Unlike blackheads, which can be pushed out, whiteheads are closed within the pores. This can make treatment a bit more challenging. However, with proper treatment you can get rid of these pesky whiteheads. Read on here every thing about removing these ugly creatures.

A Word Of Caution

Touching your face not only passes on more pore-clogging dirt, oil, and bacteria from your hands, but it can also cause irritation. Picking and popping whiteheads simply won’t work, and it can do more harm than good – causing more pimples, infection and even permanent scarring. Your best bet is to explore other removal and preventive measures.

Getting Rid Of Whiteheads

The best effective way to get rid of whiteheads is to learn and follow good skin care practices to prevent whiteheads. And even if whiteheads appear on your skin, do not worry; you can remove whiteheads successfully by following these Home Remedies:

How To Prevent Whiteheads?

The most effective way to control whiteheads is to prevent whiteheads from occurring. Following are the preventive measures:

(i) Wash your hands before you touch your face: Do not touch your whiteheads. Dirt / Bacteria / Germs on your unwashed hands can aggravate your whiteheads problem. If you must touch your face then wash your hands first thoroughly with antibacterial soap.

(ii) Keep your face clean: Wash your face twice daily, in the morning and at night, with a cleanser to keep your face clean and thus minimizing the chances of oil and dirt building up in your pores. Pat your face dry; do not rub. Choose a cleanser that has alpha hydroxyl acids or salicylic acid to unclog the skin pores to ensure that you are less likely to have whiteheads and acne.

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(iii) Exfoliating / Scrubbing: Exfoliate at least once a week. Exfoliating is simply a gentle scrubbing of your skin. Use a facial scrub according to your skin type. Exfoliating is a must to get rid of whiteheads, as it helps in removing dead skin cells that clog your pores. To exfoliate your skin more effectively, it is recommended you steam your face before exfoliating to loosen the skin pores. For this follow following steps:

(a) Boil water in a small pan or pot. When the water is boiling, take it off the stove and place it down carefully.

(b) Sit down on a chair. Place the pan of hot water near your feet. Place a towel over your head, lean over the pan to allow the steam come up to your face. Let it steam for 5-10 minutes. Steaming your face leads to opening up of the skin pores, making it easier for your scrub to clean.

(c) After exfoliating, rinse your skin / face thoroughly with clean water, use a skin toner to close your pores. Alternatively, wrap cotton cloth around an ice cube and run it over your face to close the skin pores.

(d) An alternative to steaming your face is to dip a towel in warm water, squeeze it dry, and place over your face. Repeat it for a few times to make all your face warmed up and let your pores opened up.

(e) If you do not want to use an exfoliating product from the market, you can use oatmeal and curd mix as an effective natural exfoliant.

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(iv) Moisturize: Washing and exfoliating are good to keep your face silky and supple. But both can leave your skin dry. Apply moisturizer on your face so that your skin keeps the moisture and does not dry. Dry skin is also susceptible to whiteheads. Applying moisturizer on your face is good irrespective of whatever type of skin you have. We recommend an oil-free moisturizer with salicylic acid.

(v) Mask: You can use a clay mask. It is helpful in removing most dead skin cells. Alternatively, you can use homemade thick paste of baking soda and water. Apply it over your face, let it dry and thereafter wash your face thoroughly with water.

(vi) Remove Makeup Every Night: Makeup clogs your pores and contributes to occurrence of whiteheads / blackheads (For treating Blackheads Read How to Get Rid of Blackheads). Remove makeup with a good cleansing milk or baby oil and wash your face every night before you sleep to let your skin breathe.

How To Remove Whiteheads Manually?

We do not recommend you to remove whiteheads manually, as it can lead to infection and scarring. But if you want to do it follow these steps with care:

(i) Wash your hands with antiseptic soap.

(ii) To remove whiteheads, first you need to open your skin pores. For this wash your face and follow the same directions for steaming your face as mentioned above.

(iii) Before using extractor sanitize it with alcohol, especially the tip that you will use to extract your whiteheads. Position the extractor on the targeted whitehead, squeeze gently until the sebum / whitehead is extracted completely. If the whitehead does not come out easily, do not force it, as it can cause scarring and infection.

(iv) Wash your hands and message your face with ice cubes. This will act as a natural toner and helps prevent infection.

Natural Beauty Tips:

(i) Facial Products And Cleansers: Use facial products and cleansers with alpha hydroxyl acids, salicylic acid, or benzoyl peroxide for getting rid of whiteheads.

(ii) Use water based products instead of oil-based products: When choosing your cleansers, moisturizers, makeup and other beauty products do not use oil-based beauty products. They can cause oil build up and aggravate the whitehead problems. Instead of oil-based, use water based products.

(iii) Try to avoid too much of makeup, as much as you can. Makeup tends to clog your pores, which is the main cause of whiteheads and acne.

Natural Home Remedies For Preventing Whiteheads

(i) Drink eight to ten glasses of water a day, to flush out toxins and detoxify your system and skin. This will keep you hydrated and less susceptible to pimples and other types of acne.

(ii) Eat lots of fruits and vegetables. Include those that are rich in vitamin A and E in your diet (including green leafy vegetables) to keep your system and skin healthy.

(iii) Rub gently lemon on your face. It works as antibacterial agent and the mild acid in it helps in opening pores and removing whiteheads.

(iv) Go for daily exercises. They not only help you flush out excess oil from your system, but will also help in oxygenating your skin to make it firm and healthy.

(v) Regularly change your bed sheets and pillows. This will help you in keeping your pillow cover bacteria free, which can otherwise aggravate skin problems, including whiteheads.

(vi) Keep your hair clean. The natural oil from your hair runs down on your face, which can cause of pimples / whiteheads around the hairline.

In case your whitehead problem persists, we recommend that you consult a dermatologist.

Follow the above outlined tips about How to Get Rid of Whiteheads on face, chin and nose to get a blemish-free, clear, charming and glowing face.


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