You can do a self facial massage at home to fade lines, tighten skin, & make your skin look young, bright & even-toned. Read here for the essential steps.

It’s just like that as your body benefits from a good workout and massage, your face too benefits significantly from a facial massage. A facial massage is a good workout for your skin.

How can I do facial at home?

Facial massage instantly increases blood flow, so it helps to fight wrinkles, lifts sagging jowls and firm up your skin –Moreover, it’s very relaxing.

Facial massage makes your skin feel feel fresh, stress- free, and rejuvenated. They increase circulation to your facial tissues, resulting in glowing, youthful-looking skin. Facial massages can also help to lift and firm the skin, fade out the appearance of puffiness and wrinkles. Added benefit is that your skin will get rid of all the dirt, excess oil and dead cells that gather on your skin, all of which will help your skin to get a super clean, attractive, and radiant.

Rich people spend lots of money at spas and salons to look like a million buck. Honestly speaking, we actually don’t have to do all of that.

You can always go for a do-it-yourself facial massage at home and look equally beautiful! What you need to do is follow a few basic steps and you’ll be able to mimic a professional massage at home, a real salon like!

How To Give Yourself A Spa Like Facial Massage At Home In Easy Steps

You don’t need to go for a facial massage to a spa or salon.

You just need:

(i) A medium sized bowl

(ii) Lukewarm Water

(iii) Makeup Remover

(iv) Cotton

(v) Sponge

(vi) Face Scrub

(viii) Massage Cream

Preparing For The DIY Facial Massage

Before you begin the actual facial process, make sure to follow the steps mentioned hereunder:

(i) Remember to wash your hands in warm water with a good antibacterial soap or hand wash and tie back your hair in order to fend off any potential germ attacking your face.

(ii) You should also remove any trace of makeup from your skin and cleanse your face before massaging. Put a few drops of a good quality cleanser or baby oil onto a cotton swab and apply it all over your face till the makeup is removed completely(Read here for natural makeup remover). Wash your face with cold water after this.

(iii) If you want to experience a feeling like having facial massage at a salon, try steaming your face first. This will open up the skin pores, allowing any product you apply to be absorbed better.

(iv) Choose a good quality face cleanser according to your skin type. Place a little bit of it onto your palm. Rub gently and apply all over the face. Don’t apply too much pressure while rubbing your face with a cleanser.

(v) Now take your sponge, dip it in water and wipe off the cleanser gently.

(vi) Once you are through with the above steps, it’s time to do some facial scrubbing. Take generous amounts of an exfoliator and scrub your entire face, focusing on the nose and chin area. (Read here for a homemade face scrub recipe)

Begin Massaging Your Face For Glowing Skin And Getting Rid Of Wrinkles

After the above steps, your skin is ready for a spa-like massage! Follow under noted steps:

(i) Take a dime-sized portion of the cream into your palms. Now rub your palms together, so that the cream becomes a little warm and get distributed evenly onto your palms and fingers. This makes the massaging more effective. (Read here for some of the best homemade facial recipes)

(ii) Start from the chin area and make your way up. Spread the formula evenly all over the face. Now you can begin with the actual massage. Using both your hands, you should gently massage your face in an upwards direction. It’s best to begin from the throat area.

(iii) Move on to the area in the middle of your upper lip, massage and stretch down till your lips make a sad face.

(iv) Then, place your fingers near the nose area and massage with your fingertips from the center of your face out past your cheeks and to your ears.

(v) Now it’s time to massage the delicate area – your eyes. Keep your fingers around the eyes and stretch the corner of both your eyes in the upward direction. As the skin around the eye is very gentle, it can’t handle as much pressure—and massage—as the rest of your face.

(vi) Press your fingers between brows and slide up your forehead, repeating several times to cover the entire area.

(vii) Follow up with your neck. Gently use vertical strokes from the collarbone upward.

(viii) At the end close both your eyelids with the thumb and relax for a few seconds.

(ix) The formula must have been absorbed into the skin by now. Take a sponge and wipe off all the extra product from your face.

Bonus Tips:

(i) If your aim is to improve your skin’s firmness – use deep, stimulating motions. In case, your skin is sensitive, acne prone, or oily, apply only a light touch with less pressure.

(ii) Go for skin friendly products. Avoid using poor quality products because they will spoil the texture or quality of your skin.

(iii) The day you’re getting a facial massage, wash your face thoroughly with lukewarm water instead of face wash.

To some people a Face Massage might sound like another unnecessary (and time-wasting) step in a skincare regime. But just 5-10 minutes can help prevent wrinkles and tighten skin. According to the beauticians and skin specialists, facial massage twice or even once a month can do magic for your skin. And for those who don’t have time, an effective technique is to just spend a little extra time massaging in the cleanser or moisturizer they are already using.

Try yourself the above simple steps to a DIY facial sitting in your home. You will see that it give an instant glow to your face and firm up your face skin in a couple of months.


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