Glycolic Acid Peel Before And After

Glycolic Acid Peel | Before & AfterIn this article you will find how to use Glycolic Acid Peel at home and every thing you need to know about glycolic peel – before and after its procedure.

If you are looking for a home treatment to brighten your skin, uncover the smooth, healthier and younger skin beneath or get rid of acne then a glycolic peel might be the best solution for you.

To get glycolic acid peel full benefits without any side effects it’s important to use it properly. You need to ensure that you prep up your skin carefully, apply the peel correctly, let it stay for the prescribed amount of time, and follow the “glycolic acid peel before and after skin care steps”.

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How To Apply Glycolic Acid Peel On Your Face At Home?

# 1

Plan In Advance: This particularly is necessary if you’ve never applied a peel before. As your skin might get sensitive & red after the peel application, so schedule to apply it when you have a couple of days, during which you don’t need to go for any social function or to work.

For instance, you can schedule for applying the peel on a Friday afternoon after you reach home from work. This will allow your skin enough time to recover, that is for rest of the Friday night, all day Saturday and Sunday to recover.

# 2

Precautions To Be Taken Before Glycolic Peel Treatment:

(i) At least 48 hours before you plan on doing the peel, stop using exfoliating agents, scrubs, masks, self-tanners, prescription products, retinol serums, anti-acne products and creams or any other product that can potentially irritate your skin. These products may contain chemicals, which can make your skin hypersensitive.

(ii) Avoid shaving or waxing facial hair on the peel area during 48 hours prior to the scheduled time.

(iii) 2-3 days each before and after the peel, avoid tanning & direct sun exposure.

(iv) If you are using glycolic acid peel first time, do a patch test. Just apply the solution on a small spot under your chin, leaving it there for 15-30 seconds. Cleanse the area with water and remove the peel. Wait 24-48 hours and observe for any EXCESS redness or irritation. If no allergic reaction occurs then you can apply the peel on your entire face.

# 3

Applying Glycolic Acid Peel

(i) After you have done the patch test (as described above), remove the make-up (if any) and cleanse your face thoroughly.

Note: Your peel kit may contain a prep solution. Take the prep solution on a cotton ball and wipe your face completely. You may have to use more than one cotton ball to swab your entire face.

Allow your skin to dry out completely before applying the peel.

(ii) Once your skin dries out thoroughly, you may apply Vaseline or petroleum jelly on to the sensitive parts of your face to protect the sensitive skin areas from the acid. The sensitive areas on your face are the thin skin around your eyes, lips & nostrils.

(iii) Use a CLEAN fan brush or a cotton swab / pad to apply the acid peel. I keep a separate brush just for applying peels. Put a few drops of the acid peel onto the cotton pad or brush and then apply on to all over your face – starting from forehead, and working your way down to the cheeks and chin. Remember to avoid contact with eye area, nostrils, ears & lips.


(a) You may require reloading the brush one or two times so as to get the glycolic acid peel over your entire face.

(b) First apply onto the areas that are less sensitive, like the forehead, chin, and cheeks, and then to your nose & neck.

(iv) Let the acid peel sit for one minute (or as instructed on the peel kit package) because the acid can damage your skin. Your skin may tingle slightly when the peel is on your face. That’s ok, but if your skin begins to burn, immediately remove the acid peel by washing your face thoroughly with clear water.

Note: If you are using acid peel first time, leave the peel on for 30 seconds and keep a watch on your skin so as to ascertain your skin sensitivity. This is an essential step in ascertaining how long your skin can tolerate the acid peel before you increase duration of the acid peel.

(v) After the time is up (one minute or as prescribed on the peel package), wash your face thoroughly with cool water to stop the acid continuing working into your skin. Many acid peel kits include a neutralizing solution. You can splash the solution onto your face and then completely rinse it off with cool water. Do not rub the solution in because this can be irritating. Gently pat your face dry with a clean, soft towel.

# 5

Skin Care – Glycolic Peel After

(i) After finishing an acid peel treatment, you are likely to have a skin-sunburned feel. If it’s so, you may use a cooling (soothing) product such as aloe vera gel or simply a cloth soaked in cold water. Lay a cold cloth all over the face or apply aloe vera gel on to the skin areas where you are feeling uncomfortable.

(ii) An acid peel can dry out your skin. If you feel like having your skin dried out, use a moisturizer to restore some moisture in to your skin. Be generous in applying the moisture all over your face. This will also prevent peeling.

(iii) However, if your skin begins to peel, don’t try to pull off the dead skin. Spread MORE moisturizer on the flaky areas and allow your skin to heal on its own. Peeling off the dead skin can lead to severe damage to your skin.

(iv) For a few days after having the acid peel procedure, your skin will remain very sensitive. So, it’s best to keep yourself out of the direct sunlight for few days. In case you are required to go into the sun, always wear a very strong sunscreen (at least 30 SPF) on your face.

(v) You can use a protective hat & clothing as well to protect your skin from the sun. Also try to avoid the sunrays when they are most intense between 10:00 AM-2:00 PM.

From Where To Purchase: You can buy your a full kit peel from a beauty store or online.

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# 6

Skin Care Tips After Glycolic Acid Peel Treatment.

(i) Avoid doing sweat-inducing activities (like exercising) for 2-3 hours after the peel procedure.

(ii) Avoid use of any exfoliating scrubs for 3-5 days after the peel treatment.

(iii) Avoid use of Retinol (Vitamin A) for 2-3 days after the peel.

(iv) Avoid rubbing, picking or scratching the skin because this can lead to skin irritation.

(v) Avoid putting on foundation for 12 hours after the peel procedure.

Try to include a glycolic acid peel treatment in your skin care routine and see how your skin transforms in to younger and healthier looking skin.

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