Grapeseed Oil For Face And Skin Care

Grapeseed oil is extracted from grape seeds. Grape seed oil was once the hidden secret of many traditional cosmetic products. This oil acts gentle and light on skin. It gets absorbed easily into the skin. Acknowledged in the cosmetic industry as carrier oil, grapeseed oil is used in making a wide range of commercially available lotions and creams. If money is an important factor with you, don’t buy these high-priced branded cosmetics. You can easily apply grape seed oil lotion directly from bottle to avail its amazing skin, hair and health benefits.

Organic Grapeseed Oil For Skin
Grapeseed Oil For Face And Skin

Is Grapeseed Oil Good For Skin And Face Care ?

Using grapeseed oil for skin care is a home remedy that has been around for centuries. It can moisturize and can be used to treat dry flaky skin on face. It acts as a skin lightener and anti-aging agent. It is believed to cure acne as well. Consequently, a number of acne creams and toners use grape seed oil as carrier oil.

That is why nutrient rich grape seed oil is being used in making many cosmetic products, especially products designed for face and hair. Lip balms, face creams, conditioners, moisturizers and various other beauty products contain grape seed oil, as it’s rich in polyphenols.

Benefits Of Grapeseed Oil For Skin Care

Grapeseed oil acts as a moisturizer, skin lightener, anti-aging agent, skin tightener and can treat dry skin, dark circles,  acne and many other skin problems. Read on here for grapeseed oil benefits for skin:

(1) Acne And Pimples Treatment: Grape seed oil contains linoleic acid, which strengthens the cell membranes and is great for promoting overall health of your skin. Its regular use can treat a number of skin problems, including pimples and acne. It contains antioxidants properties that avert outbreak of acne. Its anti-inflammatory characteristics not only ward off acne occurrences, but also help to treat the existing ones.

(2) Tighten Skin: Grape seed oil has astringent properties. Regular application of grapeseed oil on skin helps in skin tightening and toning. It further prevents pores clogging that can lead to pimples otherwise. Grapeseed oil for oily skin works even better.

(3) Minimizes Dark Circles Under Eyes: If you have under eye dark circles, grape seed oil can help you in reducing them. Whereas, most products that claim to reduce dark circles contain harmful chemicals, grape seed oil is free of harsh substances and can be applied around your eyes without any worry. Apply it daily to relieve dark circles naturally.

(4) Moisturize Your Skin: When you apply any oil on your skin, it makes your skin greasy that you cannot go out with. Grapeseed oil is very light on skin, so it will make your skin soft and baby-smooth without clogging your skin pores. It is very helpful even for people having sensitive skin and its use possibly should not lead to any allergic reaction. This excellent moisturizer also helps quicken healing of minor abrasions or pimples.

(5) Wards-Off Skin Aging: Regular use of this oil can lessen and retard skin aging process. Due to its anti-oxidants packed properties, daily application of grapeseed oil on skin not only improves elasticity of the skin but also makes the fine lines and wrinkles less pronounced.

(6) Skin Balancing: It may seem not a good idea to use oil to nurse oily skin, but you can apply grape seed to treat your oily skin. This oil is so light to the touch that it would not leave your skin feeling greasy or heavy with oil. Rather, it acts as an ideal skin moisturizer, balancing both oily and dry patches. And so much so that when used as a toner, it penetrates the blocked skin pores and prevents acne breakouts. No doubt, grapeseed oil for dry skin works equally good as it works for oily skin.

(7) Restitution Of Collagen: This oil is rich in oligomeric proanthocyanidins. This natural ingredient is also known by the acronym OPC. These flavonoids help in removing free radicals and stimulate repair of collagen at cellular level, rendering your skin look more firm and with lesser signs of skin damage. This leads to maintaining your face smooth to the touch and young-looking. So you can use grapeseed oil for face care as well.

(8) Reduce Wrinkles And Scars: This oil not only has an ideal viscosity, it is highly rich in beta-carotene and vitamins D, C, and E. Moreover, it is rich in essential fatty acids, such as palmitic, stearic, and linoleic acid. These fatty acids have been found to be performing well in anti-wrinkle clinical tests. They also perform effectively in minimizing size and appearance of scars. Because of all these qualities, grape seed oil is being used as a base for a number of wrinkles and fine lines removing creams, lotions and ointments.

How To Use Grape Seed Oil For Skin ?

For availing grapeseed oil benefits for skin, you don’t need to buy all those very expensive cosmetics. Using grapeseed oil on skin is very simple, and usually you would require only a few drops of this amazing oil directly from bottle.

1. Massage On The Skin: Just pour a few drops of the oil on your hands and rub your palms together. You don’t need to use a cotton ball or any other technique for its application. Massage the oil gently into your skin, concentrating on the areas that have blemishes, rough areas or scars. When massaged on the skin, it not only moisturizes your skin, but also helps minor abrasions and scars to heal.

2. Dab The Circles Under Eyes: Just apply a couple of drops of the oil onto the area underneath your eyes with your finger tip. Massage it in very gently. Besides getting rid of dark circles, it will also treat wrinkles and fine lines.

3. Augment Moisturizer Power: To get best out of your moisturizer, add in grapeseed oil to your favorite moisturizer. This will help your skin to retain moisture for longer time.

4. Hot Oil Treatment: You can mix it with any oil of your choice to have a hot oil treatment for both your skin and your hair.

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Natural Beauty Tip: Try a bit of grape seed oil on a small patch of your skin first to test whether your skin is allergic to it.

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  1. I use grape seed oil every day and I love it! I am 28 but I still get asked for ID because people are not sure if I am 18 or not lol. So to wash my face in the evening I use grape seed oil mixed with olive oil and a few drops of rose essential oil. That mixture removes all my makeup including mascara. I just apply to my face and then remove with a warm damp cloth. Then use just grape seed oil to moisturise. And my skin is not greasy, just normal

  2. Great Post!
    I used Grape Seed Oil also as a Skin Lightening. Grape seed oil is in among of the greater source of vitamin C, in regards to lighten skin color. Vitamin C serum is very popular skin tones brighter. Instead of using an expensive serum, quite simply by applying these oils on your face before bed. If you have dry skin, do not hesitate to apply a little bit in the morning. If you have oily skin, avoid use during the day.

    Best Regards,

  3. Lately, i’m using grapeseed body oil for two weeks now and it was really light in the skin! good thing there was company selling it here in the philippines. ( i used it for whole body and face. since it is unscented, can you recommend for essential oils that can be used with grape seed oil witout diminishing the usefulness of the grapeseed!!! thanks for the info.!!! i’ll start reading this site! GOd speed!

    best regards,

    • Jessie:

      Lavender essential oil smells amazing, helps you relax and your body adapt to stress, and has great benefits for the skin. It helps regenerate skin cells so is great for mature skin, sun spots, and scarring. A great oil for all skin types and needs.

  4. What is the best grapeseed oil to apply for skin brightner? Does beauty Aurcia graoeseed oil brightens? Pls recommend

    • @ Cynthia:

      You can try Now Foods Grape Seed Oil. It’s light, odorless oil with mild astringent and emollient properties. It Contains numerous essential fatty acids including Linoleic, Oleic, Stearic, Palmitic, Myristic and Lauric. Soothe away dryness and irritation. Suitable for all skin types; won’t clog pores or cause break-outs.

      Beauty Aurcia graoeseed oil is also good.

      To brighten your skin, use these remedies:

  5. Good article! Also important is that grapeseed oil contains only 16% oleic acid, compared to olive oil with 70%. Oleic acid is known for disrupting the human skin barrier, which is why olive oil is a healthy food but irritating and inflammatory when applied to the skin. Grapeseed oil lacks it, and like you said, contains linoleic acid instead (69.6% of it’s total fats). Linoleic acid actually has antibacterial properties according to some studies. Also, acne patients are known to have lower levels in their skin than average; that’s one reason why grapeseed oil is such an excellent acne treatment.

  6. I am 60 years old and have white circles or bags under my eyes . Will grape seed oil cause them to get whiter or will it help them to blend in with the rest of my skin. I like the Idea that the grape seed oil may help tighten the eye bags. Do you know of anything that can help put some color into the white bags.

  7. I have grapeseed oil but it’s for cooking and not cold-pressed though it’s 100% natural and doesn’t contain solvents. Can i use it for my face?

    • You can try it on the skin on other body parts. But for face one should not take any chance. However, if you still want – you can test check it on your face cautiously and watch the results for few days.

  8. Hi..can i use pure Grapeseed oil cold pressed that bought at grocery not specially made for skin but for cooking just like olive oil? Before i tried evoo also for cooking but its great also because its cheap rather than the oil specially made for face like “now”

  9. I have few questions.

    1. How much time can I keep the Grape Seed Oil over face. Any particular time or can be Whole night?
    2. What is the remedy for spots/marks that are due to pimples?
    3. What is the remedy with Grape seed oil for :
    a) Hair loss b) Bald hair(Not completely but just now starting) c) Grey Hair d) Dandruff
    4. Can I use Rosemary oil with Grape Seed oil for Hair? what is the exact purpose of these two combi?

  10. I have bad open pores n wrinkles over Cheeks … I tried Earth Fuller’s but no result , plz suggest that will gonna help me to over Come it

  11. Hi,

    Every morning and every evening before bed, I apply a serum and then a moisturizer to my face. But I don’t know whether I should replace the serum or the moisturizer with the grapeseed oil. Will grapeseed oil act as a serum or a moisturizer? My guess would be to use the serum that I have and then apply the grapeseed oil in lieu of moisturizer, but I don’t know for sure.

    Thank you!

  12. Hai mam, This is sai Kiran I was 26 years old… My face looks some times brighter and some time black… I tried many cosmetics but no results… So Plz mam suggest me best face cream or oil to lighten my face look bright

  13. When I was 13 I had dry acne. It was horrible. My grandma was in her late 70s at the time and hardly had any wrinkles. She made a mixture of olive oil and avacado oil for me to use after I washed my face with dial soap. I’ve used the same treatment morning and night every day. I’m 30 now and always get carded. I do believe that oil is what’s best for your skin. It stops acne and wrinkles.

  14. Thanks for all the info! I read on another site that any oil on its own should not be applied on the akin but mixed with water, as the skin needs water and oil. So I ask you if grape seed oil can be mixed with rosewater and does this mixture make retinoids less effective? How long should I wait before applying vitamin A ointment on my face after using grape seed oil mixed with rosewater? Thank you!

    • Yes, you can mix rosewater with grapeseed oil. Please keep a gap of at least 3 hours between application of vitamin A ointment on your face after using grape seed oil mixed with rosewater.


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