Hair Care Routine

Natural Hair Care Routine Tips For Healthy Shiny Hair

You need to follow best daily Hair Care Routine consisting of healthy hair care tips to get healthy shiny hair.

Natural Hair Care Regimen Tips

But do you know approximately 60% of your hair condition is due to genetics, and remaining 40% is in your hands depending upon your hair care regimen.

Read on here and just include these few extra natural hair care regimen tips in your daily hair care routine and see your hair transforming in to healthy, shiny hair.

1. Frequency of Washing in Your Hair Care Regimen: How frequently you need to wash your hair in a week depends on type of hair you have.

(i) Coarse and Dry Hair and if they are brittle: You need to wash your hair every second or third day.

(ii) Oily and Fine Hair and if they look greasy even the day after you wash it: You need to wash your hair daily.

(iii) Normal Hair: You need to wash it every alternate day.

2. Shampooing in Your Hair Care Routine:

(i) Before you shampoo, comb or brush your hair to loosen the dirt and dead skin cells from your scalp.

(ii) For coarse and dry hair, use hydrating shampoos.

(iii) For fine and oily hair, use clear shampoos which are not creamy.

(iv) For normal hair, use any good quality shampoo.

(v) Shampoo in small circular movements.

3. Conditioning in Your Hair Care Regimen:

(i) For coarse and dry hair, use a hydrating conditioner and apply it from your hair roots to the ends.

(ii) For fine and oily hair, use a light weight conditioner and never put it on your roots. Distribute it evenly from mid-length to the ends.

(iii) For normal hair, use any good quality conditioner and apply it from your roots till hair ends.

(iv) For uniform distribution of the conitioner, use your hands and a wide-toothed comb.

(v) Do not let the conditioner lay on your skin, as it can cause acne.

4. Brush your Hair: Include this habit in your daily hair care regimen. This is necessary to keep your hair tangle free and for evenly distribution of natural oils throughout your hair.

(i) Never brush your wet hair, as it can break it

(ii) While untangling your hair, start from ends of the hair and work your way up towards the scalp.

5. End your day with following hair care tips.

(i) Brush your hair before you sleep at night to untangle the knots that may have been got made up during the day.

(ii) Make a simple ponytail or plait before you sleep at night to secure your hair so that your strands do not get tangled or break, while you are sleeping.

6. Include these Natural Beauty Tips in your Daily Hair Care Routine:

(i) Drink plenty of water.

(ii) Eat Healthy Foods, including lots of fruits and vegetables.

(iii) Go for regular trimming of your hair to avoid dry, damaged hair and split ends.

(iv) Do not over-wash your hair.

(v) Do not overheat your hair or go for perming, coloring too often.

(iv) Consider using a good thermal protection spray before heat styling.

Follow above Natural Hair Care Routine Tips to get healthy, shiny hair.

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  1. @kj:

    If you have super oily hair and scalp follow these tricks:

    (i) You can wash your hair every day. Choose a shampoo which is specially formulated for everyday use so that it doesn’t get rid of the essential oils.

    (ii) Avoid shampoos that are creamy in appearance. These contain oily compounds that can make the oil worse.

    (iii) Only condition the ends of your hair. As there is already so much oil at the scalp,

    (iv) Avoid over touching your hair. Running your fingers through the hair will only deposit more oil from the finger tips.

    (v) Don’t overdo brushing. This stimulates the scalp and oil glands causing more production of oil.

  2. If you want healthy and shiny hair then you need daily care for that. Using expensive cosmetics only can not better treat you hair. It is very important that it is included in you daily hair care routine.

    Here in this section we are giving you some easy hair care routine maintaining tips.

    1. Washing

    It is necessary to know how you wash your hairs. How frequently you need to wash your hair is depends upon you condition of hair or which type of hair/scalp you have.

    Dry Hair: If your hair are dry then you need to wash twice in a week with at least 2 days gap. Alternate washing can damage hair roots and may kill all the nourishment.

    Oily Scalp: If you facing oily scalp problems then you must need to wash your hair daily. Oily scalp attract soil n dust very fast which cause many hair and skin problems.

    Normal Hair: If your hair are combination, Not too dry not too sticky then you can wash alternate day.

    2. Shampooing Technique

    We all used to do shampoo but you know what there is a technique behind. The right way of use shampoo can never let you think about rough n lifeless hair.

    Oiling: We always encouraging to oiling before wash and it is very old technique which followed by old people. First comb your hairs extra dirt and soil can come out. Now take oil massage for at least 5 minutes with Good healthy herbal oil. You will see amazing results after oiling and washing.

    Right Amount: Yes! Its is necessary to choose right and sufficient amount of product else its harmful chemical ingredients can damage your hair scalp. Take very less amount(pea size) and rub over your scalp and leave for 2-3 minutes. After it rinse. Repeat it for two more times. This three step technique is a systematic washing technique to remove all the dirt and oil from your hair scalp.

    Right Product: Always choose right product according to your hair type. IF you have Dry hair then you need creamy shampoo. Contrary is you have oily scalp then you need herbal shampoos with natural ingredients. For normal types any gentle clear.


    Make a habit to condition your hair after shampooing. Conditioner will prevent you from hair breakage.

    4. Brushing and Drying

    No matter how much hurry in you are, Always have patience while drying and brushing your hair. Better you let them dry naturally rater than using hair dryer. The hot wind can damage your hair. daily drying is not necessary until you are going to a party and need to adjust your hairstyle.

    5. Eating Habit

    In every article we discuss about it. Because this is the key point to keep your hair healthy and shine.
    Do include right and good healthy food to your meals/Breakfasts . Drink plenty of water to keep natural moisturize you scalp. have plenty of sound sleep. Stay away of pollution. Avoid over thinking and stress.

    By adopting this routine i am sure you will get magical hair care routine to grow your hair healthy and shiny.

    • I have very thin and dry hair like grass I’m so worried about them can’t make any style plz suggest me some tips for healthy N thick hair like some oil,shampoo or home made tips please

  3. I have struggled with my hair for a long time now. I am quickly approaching my 40s and I have bad hair quality. Recently, I have also noticed that my hair has stopped growing as it used to. A few years ago I went to the salon on a monthly basis. Now, it takes me almost two months before I even need to cut my hair! I am desperate and I really need help right now. Hair is one of the most important parts of a woman and I don’t want to give up on this one. I went to the doctors but they didn’t found anything wrong with me. The exams I took showed that I am healthy and there’s no reason for this to even happen to me. Please, I really need hair advice urgently!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Recently I have found out the my scalp in oily…..before there was not much hair loss problem. I had good volume of hairs but for the last last 6 months hair loss is too much. I have lost almost more than half of the volume of the hairs that I previously had. All my test like vitamin d, haemoglobin etc etc are normal. Please advise

  5. Amazing Article Chandani Ma’am. I wanted to Ask if these hair care routine is as much suitable to a man or we should add anything with it? Any suggestions?


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