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Natural healthy eating tips

This post I am writing for ­my those friends, whose mobility is limited. It can be due to any reason including timing constraints, desk-jobs or otherwise. Sometimes you are caught in a vicious circle of decreased physical activities, which essentially means gaining weight. As you gain more weight, the harder it becomes for you to exercise. This leads to more physical inactivity and you start gaining more weight.

Be slim - Follow healthy eating tips
Be slim – Follow healthy eating tips

If you are facing above situation, do not worry. Worrying is not going to help you. Instead  adopt healthy eating habits to break this circle and start losing weight. Believe me you can do it, but with will-power. Yes, I will give you natural healthy eating tips to overcome this situation. Let us make a plan for your healthy eating habits to reduce your weight.

Healthy eating tips to lose weight: If your physical activities are less, change your eating habits. Start taking foods containing fewer calories.  Adjust your calories intake to match with your calories expended.  This is a reality which sooner you realize, the better it is for you. You have to adopt healthy eating habits and change the type of foods you consume as well as their quantity.

Your calories requirement in a day depends on your sex, age and built-up.

By consistently burning calories a little more than what you intake per day, you will notice that you are losing weight, but be ready for it to take time.

The healthy eating habits require you to include lot of vegetables and fruits in your diet, eat out less, increase number of meals in a day but eat smaller portions / quantity.  I suggest you follow the natural healthy eating tips given below and see how you start losing weight day by day and turn your dream of weight loss into reality.

1. Breakfast: The foremost healthy eating tip is to never skip your breakfast. Include fresh fruits, unsweetened fruit juices, cereal with skimmed or 1 percent milk, whole wheat bread, oats and eggs white. Cut down on butter, whip cream, sweetened syrups.

2. Avoid Sweetened Drinks: A good healthy eating habit is to avoid sweetened iced tea, juices, soft drinks, diet sodas, coffee with cream, energy drinks. Drink a lot of water.

3. Avoid white carbohydrate: Avoid white bread, rice, pasta, fried food with breading.

4. Eat regular spaced out meals: Figure out timings and number of meals that suit you best and stick to it. Regular meals help prevent bingeing. Irregular or skipping meals may lead to hunger, resulting in to over-eating. When you are hungry, you tend to forget about nutrition. Have 4-5 meals a day but in smaller quantities. If you snack during the day, treat the snack as a mini meal.

5. Don’t go shopping empty stomach:It is a sure recipe to indulge into over-eating or eating junk foods. If you eat out, try to go for smaller portions or share dishes. Cut down on high-calorie, high-fat toppings, like bacon, cheese, mayonnaise, sauces and dressings.

6. Eat with relaxed mood: Eat your food sitting down at a table in relaxed mood and from a plate instead of direct from packages while standing up. It takes at least twenty minutes for the brain to register that you have eaten enough. So eat slowly, enjoy your food, chew it enough and eat with relaxed mood. I have seen people eating more when they are under stress.

7. Avoid Fried & go for Broiled or Grilled: Just do the small compromise on your taste & start having broiled or grilled food to cut down on fat & calories. Moreover, with proper seasoning & using spices, you will like more the new taste. This is a very good healthy eating habit..

8. Leaner cuts of Meat or poultry:  They are lower in fat and calories. Go for lean portion of beef & pork, chicken, turkey, fish, oysters, salmon, catfish, sardines, tuna, mackerel, goose (no skin) and rabbit.

9. Be careful about Sauces and Condiments: Mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, sauces and condiments are loaded with calories and have high sodium content. Better avoid or go for lighter options.

10. Salads: Try to have plain salads or with minimum possible dressings and other additions. Go for fresh fruits and vegetables with low-fat or fat free dressings and limit cheese, egg yolks and croutons.

11. Proteins: Proteins shed unwanted pounds and keep your belly full. The catch is to eat the right kind and quantity of proteins. Seafood is a recommended source of protein due to being low in fat. Go for white meat of poultry. Dark meat is higher in fat. Remove skin as it is loaded with saturated fat. Beans and Soy are other good sources of proteins.

12. Olive Oil: A very good healthy eating habit is to use wine or olive oil or canola oil instead of normal vegetable oil while sautéing your veggies. Use nonstick or cooking sprays to cut down on need of oil or butter.

13. Avoid Desserts: Having sweetened deserts after meals is a sure way to pack on the extra pounds. Brush your teeth after dinner as a to kill the urge to eat again

Exercises: Even if you are immobile due to any reason, do body movements as much as possible. Move your arms, legs, walk around in office or home whenever you get chance. Any movement means consumption of calories. Playing with your kids, cats, and dogs is also a way to consume calories.

If your mobility is limited follow above natural healthy eating tips to lose weight and enjoy life without any stress of being over weight.

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  1. Wow. You gave some really good tips here. Thanks. I think it will help those who have limited mobility due to their lifestyle or their health.


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