At Home Body Waxing Tips And Guide

Waxing Guide And TipsUndoubtedly waxing is the best way to remain stubble -free and smooth for a long time – minus the razor burn. But making those trips to the salon can be quite inconvenient, not to mention, costly. Have you ever considered waxing at home? Waxing at home is not that complicated and once you get used to it, it can turn out to be a really good hair removal method for you. While at-home waxing is quite simple, but there are definitely some dos and don’ts for silky smooth skin at-home waxing sessions. These tips are especially helpful if you want to avoid ingrown hairs, burns and possible bruising and want your at-home waxing experiences to be completely satisfying.

10 Tips to Help You Wax at Home Like A Professional

1. Get Your At Home Waxing Kit Ready

Buy a great home waxing kit and collect all the materials wax or wax strips, talcum powder, body scrub, body lotion and pain numbing cream. Choose the wax for hair carefully.

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2. Exfoliate Before Each Waxing Session

Exfoliating gently helps soften body hair and opens up hair follicles, making waxing an easier and less painful process. Exfoliation also helps prevent ingrown hairs by removing the layer of dead cells or dead skin, as it’s also called. Legs are the no. 1 venerable area for ingrown hairs. Use a body scrub or an exfoliating glove for exfoliating your body just before a waxing session.

3. Use Baby Powder Before Waxing

Once you’re through with exfoliating, use baby powder on the skin area you are about to wax.

Baby powder absorbs any existent moisture, which enables the waxing to appropriately adhere to your skin.

4. Ensure Proper Hair Length

For wax to properly cling to hair and to remove majority of them from the first pass, they must be neither too short nor too long. Make sure your hairs are no less than 1/4 inch and no more than 3/4 inch long. You can use a trimmer if the hairs are too long. I approximately do waxing once every 3 weeks. That is the time frame for me. But it depends. If you’re new to waxing you will figure out how much time you have to wait before your hairs have the proper waxing length.

5. No Sweat, No Moisture

Wash and dry the area to be waxed. Don’t apply creams, moisturizers or deodorants on the day of the waxing. Any oil or moisture will not let the wax to grab your hair.

6. Check Temperature Of The Wax

In case you decide to use cold wax strips then temperature doesn’t come into the picture. However, majority of women prefer hard wax. Hard wax needs to be heated before it is applied.

Using the wax at right temperature is one of the essential steps for successful at-home waxing. Too cold, it won’t spread properly. If it’s too hot it’s definitely not good. The right temperature is one, which is comfortably warm for you.

7. Remove The Hair In The Right Direction While Keeping The Skin Taut

While you apply the wax or wax strip in the direction of hair growth, you must pull in the opposite, i.e., against the direction of the hair growth in a quick move. Keep the strip close to your skin and the skin taut, stretched when pulling it off. Pull without any hesitations. Grit your teeth and just pull very fast! Otherwise not all the hairs will be pulled from the root.

My Experience: Many experts advise not to wax the same skin portion twice. They recommend tweezing off any remaining stubborn strands. However, I use cold facial wax strips and I generally apply two strips on each of my upper lip portions and nothing has ever happened to my upper lip. And my facial skin is pretty sensitive.

You may also like to try it once and see how it goes. I don’t prefer using the tweezers if 2 or 3 hairs remain so I apply another facial wax strip instead.

8. After Waxing Wash Or Clean With Oil

Remove any wax residue with cool water (hot water will hurt!). Alternatively, you can use olive or baby oil to remove the residues.

Baby oil is just as helpful in removing wax residues and it also works as a very good moisturizer.

Note: If you use baby oil to remove the wax residues, you can skip the number 9th tip entirely. You are moisturizing and cleaning your skin with the same product.

9. Moisturize

And now moisturize. Using a moisturizer is last step, useful after you are through with shaving, epilation, and of course waxing. Basically, you can use any good moisturizer of your choice.

10. Some More Useful Tips

(i) If you are using at-home waxing first time then consider having someone to help you. In case you’ve waxed before and the pain is no more a concern with you anymore you should be able to pull the strip quickly without hesitations.

(ii) If you are going to wax your bikini area then you might need help reaching every area that you intend on having hair-free. So in such a situation, a girlfriend would be of great help. Unless you are extremely flexible.

The above body waxing tips for women are equally applicable for men.

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