Home Remedies for dandruff

Home Remedies to Prevent and Cure Dandruff:

Naturalbeautytips.co brings for you very effective home remedies for dandruff which in first place help you in preventing the dandruff and if it has already occurred then in curing the dandruff.

Home Remedies to Prevent and Cure Dandruff
Home remedies are an effective way of treating dandruff. The remedies are simple and the ingredients can be found in your kitchen. So, go ahead, find the remedy that best suits your hair.

What is Dandruff: Dandruff is a skin and hair condition, in which dry flakes of dead skin cells shed from the scalp that sometimes fall on your shoulders and face too. If left untreated, it can turn in to frequent itching together with excessive development of scales on the skin.   Intensity of dandruff is affected by weather and normally it is severe in winters. Dandruff affects people irrespective of their age, gender or ethnicity.

Causes of Dandruff: Dandruff occurs because of bacterial and fungus infections. Sometimes this can also be due to unclean habits, extreme exposure to heat and cold, hormonal fluctuations and stress. The more complicated causes are ringworm and dermatitis.    

Dandruff Home Remedies

Dandruff is a persistent condition, but yet it can be tamed. Following are Natural beautytips.co’s recommended 15 home remedies for dandruff:

 1. Cleanliness: Maintain your hair and scalp clean.

 2. Wash comb and hair brush: Wash your comb and brush regularly to keep them clean.

 3. No sharing: Neither you should use other’s towels, combs or hair brushes, nor share yours with others. Dandruff is highly contagious.

 4. Avoid stress: Try to avoid stress, as it is seen that stress contributes to growth of dandruff.

 5. Avoid wet hair for long time: Do not let your hair remain wet for long time. Keeping the scalp wet for long time contributes to the occurrence of dandruff. An effective home remedy for dandruff.

 6. Balanced diet: A balanced healthy diet facilitates in preventing dandruff.

 7. Comb or brush your hair often during the day: It stimulates blood circulation inside the scalp.

 8. Herbal oil: Massage your scalp regularly with herbal oil or warm coconut oil for half an hour twice a week. This can be an effective dandruff home remedy to get relief from dandruff.

 9. Shampooing regularly to drain down the dandruff: Shampooing regularly keeps your hair and scalp clean. This will also help you in getting rid of extra oil (excessive oil contributes to the overgrowth of malassezia and flakes). Allow the shampoo to remain on your scalp for few minutes before you rinse it.

10. Switch your Shampoo: If your regular shampoo is not helping in getting rid of dandruff even after daily washing, it’s an indication to change your shampoo to an anti-dandruff shampoo. Find out the shampoo that suits you the best by using different anti-dandruff shampoos.

 11. Rotate Shampoo Brands: After using your favorite shampoo continuously for a period, you may find it’s not working any more. Little flakes may reappear. It happens as one is likely to develop resistance to a particular brand’s active ingredients after continuously using it. To overcome this problem, try rotating brands of anti-dandruff shampoos every month, each having a different formulation. Use one particular shampoo for a month, then change to second brand for next month, then to a third brand next month, then revert back to the first one and so on. A useful home remedy for dandruff.

 12. Repeat Lathering:Lathering and rinsing will help you in getting rid of the loose flakes and oil build up on your scalp and hair. Repeat shampooing for second time and leave the lather on your hair for five minutes before rinsing it off. In this way the shampoo get chance to penetrate the skin cells and does its job properly.

 13. Use hair conditioner: The medicated anti-dandruff shampoo is likely to stiffen your hair and make it less manageable. Some of them also dry your scalp that tends to add flaking. Apply a good hair conditioner after washing your hair with anti-dandruff shampoo to overcome this problem and to nourish your hair with moisture.

 14. Stop scratching your scalp with your fingernails: Avoid doing this. You may injure your scalp with fingernails. If you break skin on your scalp, stop using medicated shampoo for some time. Use a mild shampoo, like a baby shampoo until the scratches are healed.

 15. Shower after sweating: Sweat can irritate your scalp and contribute to flaking of skin cells. So after exercise or vigorous work, if you have sweat on your scalp, rinse it off. A very effective home remedy for dandruff.

Follow above dandruff home remedies to have dandruff free hair.

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