Yogurt face masks are very effective because of yogurt’s number of skin benefits . Read on here to learn the 5 best DIY yogurt skin care masks and how they can improve your skin.

DIY Yogurt Face Masks

Use Plain Yogurt To Make Face Masks At Home That Can Keep Your Skin Young, Healthy And Naturally Glowing

What Makes Yogurt Beneficial For Skin?

Yogurt (curd) contains lactic acid (alpha hydroxyl acid), which helps dissolve dead skin cells. This gentle exfoliation works to provide a natural glow to your skin, prevent breakouts, and help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For more effective exfoliation, you may mix it with organic honey.

When topically applied to the skin, a downy yogurt facemask is an all-round skin care multitasker that helps moisturize, treat acne, avert premature aging and ease sunburns. This dairy staple can also help to protect your skin from discoloration.

Yogurt, Honey And Rose DIY Face Mask

You will need:

(i) Plain Yogurt (curd or dahi): 1 tablespoon, unsweetened and unflavored (Remember to use a plain, organic variety. You don’t want unnecessary additives and sugar anywhere near your skin).

(ii) Rosewater: 2 tablespoons, organic

(iii) Rose petals: 6-7 pieces

(iv) Honey: 1 teaspoon, organic (preferably Manuka)

Method: Mash rose petals in a glass bowl and add in the rosewater, yogurt and honey. Mix well all the ingredients. Apply to the skin, message gently and leave it on for 10 minutes, then rinse.

Experienced beauticians and expert dermatologists recommend use of yogurt for its beauty benefits:

(i) According to Dr. Judith Hellman, NYC Dermatologist and Associate Clinical Professor of Dermatology at Mt. Sinai Hospital, yogurt helps to rejuvenate and soften skin. Dr. Hellman suggests applying a yogurt facemask regularly and generously to calm skin after excessive sun exposure .

(ii) Licensed Esthetician, Amanda Holdredge of Island Medical Spa SunGate Medical Group, recommends adding a few drops of melaleuca oil to a handful of yogurt for treating sunburns or acne.

Caution: Make sure to avoid eyes, mouth, and other sensitive skin areas while using essential oils.

Holdredge further recommends mixing well juice of freshly squeezed half a lemon with a couple of tablespoons of plain yogurt for a skin lightening/brightening mask that you can use 2-3 times per week.

I’m sure you must be curious by now, so go ahead. Grab that tub of yogurt and test out these five skin-rejuvenating ways to use the creamy stuff—right now!

Beauty Benefits Of A Yogurt Face Mask And How To Use?

1. To Moisturize Skin: Revitalize dull skin on your face using only this healthy staple food all alone. A plain yogurt facial mask used 2-3 times per week will keep your skin soft and supple – and will not pinch your pocket too.

Method: To pamper your face with a yogurt facial, follow these steps:

Wash your face and neck with clean lukewarm water, pat dry – just leaving your face a little wet. Smooth some creamy, plain yogurt over your face and neck. The yogurt will lock in the moisture from washing your face. Let the yogurt sit on your skin for about 10 minutes to allow the yogurt to refresh your skin for about 10 minutes, before rinsing it off.

Yogurt Skin Benefit: The lactic acid, a natural alpha hydroxy acid contained in the yogurt, helps gently exfoliate and smooth the skin. Remember to use a thick and creamy kind for the best beauty benefits.

2. To Soothe Sunburns: The UV rays of the sun cause sunburns. Sunburns damage the skin, resulting in redness and sometimes, blisters also. Using yogurt topically can not only help cool down the harsh bites of sunburns, but nourish and heal the sunburned areas as well. This happens because yogurt (curd or dahi) is rich in zinc and has anti-inflammatory properties.

Method: Mix in well a few drops of soothing chamomile essential oil with about a handful of organic yogurt. Gently apply this calming concoction over the sunburned skin, leaving it there for 10-15 minutes, and then rinse it off.

3. To Slow Down Fine Lines And Wrinkles Formation: Delay the aging process with this natural yogurt anti-aging mask. No doubt that aging is a natural process, but you can slow down formation of fine lines and wrinkles – and thereby prevent premature aging. Yogurt contains lactic acid, which helps dissolve dead skin and tighten pores.

Method: Add in a tablespoon of extra virgin olive oil to 3-4 tablespoons of plain yogurt, and mix well. Smooth the mixture onto your face, leaving it there for about 30 minutes, and then rinse it off. Apply this homemade mask 3 times in a week.

4. To Fights Acne: Yogurt contains natural anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help ward off acne breakouts. To control acne and pimples occurrence, apply a dab of the creamy substance onto acne-prone areas. Allow the yogurt to work its magic for about 30 minutes to calm skin inflammation and zap the zits, before rinsing it off.

Natural Beauty Tip: A regular skin care regime with a yogurt facial mask will help keep skin cleansed, which will also reduce the nasty breakouts.

5. To Reduce Discoloration: Yogurt has skin bleaching properties, which help to even out skin discoloration. Use plain yogurt (curd) and lemon juice facemask regularly for reducing blemishes and age spots associated with the sun exposure.

Method: Take a few tablespoons of plain yogurt and mix in well 1/2 a lemon squeezed fresh juice. Rub this mixture on to your skin, leaving it there for about 30 minutes. Rinse the mixture off. Apply this remedy 3 times a week.


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