Coconut oil is packed with fatty acids. It’s chockfull of nutrients to help nurture and moisturize your scalp and hair. A study published in the “Journal of Cosmetic Science” in 1999 noted that coconut oil when applied to the hair helped decrease hair breakage. As per another study published in the Journal of Cosmetic Science in 2005: “Coconut oil has ability to penetrate the hair follicle better than the most other common ingredients in hair conditioners, mineral oil”. In addition to coconut oil being an excellent moisturizer for hair and scalp, this oil has properties to remedy hair frizz; get rid of dandruff; remove and prevent lice; and promote hair growth.

How To Apply Coconut Oil To Your Hair

Learn Here Detailed Steps For How To Use Coconut Oil On Your Hair

Bottom line is that this great smelling oil can be used as natural hair conditioner at home in place of the expensive, deep-conditioning salon treatments.

When To Apply Coconut Oil On Hair?

In a study conducted in India in 2002, it was observed that coconut oil could help contain hair damage when used both as a pre-wash or post grooming treatment. However, in the same study it was also shown that this amazing oil worked better as a prewash which seems logical because as then it can also control the mechanical damage, which occurs during the washing and drying process.

For How Long You Should Keep Coconut Oil On your Hair?

As per one study, if you want good penetration into your hair follicles and shaft (and why you should not?), you need to allow coconut oil to soak into your hair for quite some time to work its full magic. However, without emphasizing on the details of these studies, based on my experience you should apply coconut oil to your hair at night before going to sleep. In the morning wash it off and you will yourself see significantly much better results.

How To Use Coconut Oil In Hair?

1. Proper Heating Method To Use Coconut Oil On Hair: If coconut oil is in solid form, you need to melt it to convert it into liquid form. Don’t heat it in a microwave or directly over heat in a pot, lest it degrades the quality of the oil and lose some of its hair benefits. Instead heat it indirectly using hot water. Pour some hot water in a bowl.

2. Take a clean teaspoon, scoop out 2 teaspoons of extra virgin coconut oil and put into a glass cup.

3. Place the cup of coconut oil into a bowl of hot/warm water, keeping it there until the oil melts.

4. Massage the coconut oil onto your scalp and throughout your hair. Depending upon your hair volume (length and thickness), you may have to apply additional coconut oil. You can apply the coconut oil to either your dry or a little damp hair, whichever way you like. However, it’s easy to apply on a little damp hair as then it spreads easily.

5. Comb your hair to distribute the coconut oil evenly. In case your aim for using coconut oil is to grow hair longer and thicker or make your hair scalp healthier then massage it into the roots of your hair. But if your scalp tends to be oily and/or you are just looking for hair conditioning benefits then apply the oil mid-shaft, a few inches away from your scalp.

6. Wear a shower cap on your head, and tuck all of your hair inside of it. Let the coconut oil stay on your hair for at least 60 minutes. For best results, leave it in overnight. The longer you allow the coconut oil to sit on your hair, the more time it will get to condition it.

7. Shampoo your hair as you would do normally, and repeat if needed to wash off the coconut oil completely. Using lukewarm water will make it easier to remove the oil out of your hair.

8. Just take a pea-sized amount of coconut oil in your palms and rub your hands together, and then apply the melted oil gently throughout your hair for extra conditioning (optional), focusing on the hair ends.

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Voila, you will feel your hair softer and shinier. Now style your hair, whichever way you like!

Natural Beauty Tip: Try to use extra virgin or organic hair oil without any additive or perfume.


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