How To Clean Your Face With Milk?

How To Cleans Your Face With Milk?

Milk is not just a dairy product for drinking. The presence of vitamins & minerals in milk makes it an amazing natural face cleanser. It helps eliminate the entire gunk from within clogged skin pores. Furthermore, it adds nourishing moisture to the skin.

This incredible natural skin care ingredient probably is sitting in your fridge right now. Sure, you can use it either alone as a homemade milk face wash or add a few natural ingredients that you may already have in your pantry to cleanse & tone up your skin.

Learn here how to make homemade milk face wash, consisting of milk and just one more ingredient that you may already have in your pantry.

Use either of these 2 super easy recipes to polish your skin and unveil its natural glow.

How To Cleanse Your Face With Just Milk – Natural Face Cleanser

 # 1

Only one ingredient needed: Milk

(i) Dab raw milk on your entire clean face.

(ii) Use a clean washcloth or cotton ball to gently rub the milk all over your skin in gentle small circular motions.

Voila! Just see how much gunk you have removed with this super easy milk face wash. Apply this natural facial treatment daily for a grease-free, clean and soften face skin.

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# 2

Only two ingredients needed: Powdered Milk & Oatmeal

Powdered milk & oatmeal, when combined together, make an effective exfoliating face cleanser. While the oatmeal sloughs off dead skin cells, the milk moisturizes, leaving your skin soft & smooth.

Make sure to not use sweetened or flavored oatmeal. Use plain oatmeal to get the best results.

(i) Blend the oatmeal in a blender or food processor.

(ii) Put 1/2-cup of powdered milk and 1/2-cup ground oatmeal into a small bowl. Add just enough warm water to make a spreadable paste.

(iii) Splash warm water all over your face. Using your fingertips, rub the milk cleanser gently into your skin.

(iv) Let the milk cleanser sit on your skin for 2-3 minutes. Rinse off the milk cleanser from your face with cool water.

(v) Pat dry your skin using a soft, clean towel.

Repeat the procedure at least once per week.


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