How To Exfoliate Your Face At Home

How Do You Exfoliate Your FaceTo Have Flawless and Glowing Face Skin

In this article you will learn how to exfoliate your face at home in easy steps to have healthy, glowing and young-looking face.  By mildly exfoliating your face, you can remove the surface layer of dead cells to get a soft and cleansed face.

How do you exfoliate your face
How to exfoliate face

What is Exfoliation: It is a process that takes away dead skin cells from the surface of your body skin that are the cause for clogging pores and aging signs. For this purpose, you need to use a type of face wash that contains tiny, sand-like particles. Gently scrubbing such particles on your body skin scrape away dead skin cells and uncover newer ones, leaving your skin soft and flawless.

Why you need to exfoliate your face: You need to do it for three reasons: (i) Firstly, It totally cleanse the skin, removing the build-up from the pores and helping to get rid of whiteheads and blackheads. (ii) Secondly, it smoothens and improves the skin’s texture to give your face skin soft and flawless look (iii) and thirdly, it stimulates blood flow to your face to give the appearance of youthful glow.

How often you should Exfoliate your Face: In normal conditions, exfoliating your face twice a week is enough. But if you have sensitive or delicate skin, twice a week might be too much for you and can leave your face skin irritated. On the contrary, if you have naturally oily skin or live in a warmer climate, you might need to exfoliate your skin more than twice a week to counter the greater buildup of dead skin cells.

How to Exfoliate your face at home: Follow these easy steps to exfoliate your face:

1. In case you have long hair then you need to hold your hair away from your face with the help of hair tie or head band.

2. Remove make-up and cleanse your face with your regular cleanser. You need to have a fresh, clean face in order that the exfoliation treatment which you apply may properly penetrate the skin.

3. The next step is to steam your face. Or alternatively you can wet a clean wash cloth under hot water and then place it to cover your entire face for 1-2 minutes. This will open your face pores, soften your face skin making it more responsive to the exfoliation treatment you apply, thereby making the deep cleansing process easier.

4. To exfoliate your face at home, you can try either chemical or physical exfoliation with an over-the-counter scrub, or if you like you can make your own exfoliation scrub as follow:

Put three tablespoons of regular white sugar into a small bowl. Add to it one tablespoon of water. Mix the sugar and water with your finger until it is a slightly thick paste.

5. Use your finger or put the paste onto a clean soft wash cloth or rag and gently scrub the paste in small upward circular motions over your entire face to remove the dead skin. Continue this process till you have exfoliated the skin of your entire face.

Caution: Don’t mistake by doing it with heavy hands. Let the exfoliating particles do their job. While exfoliating just glide across the face and don’t over-do it.

6. Rinse the scrub off thoroughly with tepid or lukewarm water and then splash your face with cold water to close the pores. Take care to get all the scrub off, otherwise you may feel like having a sticky face.

7. Pat dry your face gently with a clean soft face towel.

8. At the end apply your anti-aging serum (if you have one) and/or regular moisturizer. You can also consider applying a sunscreen or sunblock if you are going out in the sun after exfoliation, as your dead skin cells having been removed the fresh skin is prone to get damaged in the sun.

Natural Beauty Tips:

1. You can apply the above exfoliation process at night before sleeping.

2. To exfoliate your face, use products that are meant for face only.

3. Do not over-exfoliate, as you might end up doing more harm than good.

4. Ensure to keep your face moisturized at all times, if you exfoliate regularly. Exfoliation causes the skin to dry out and the dry skin is prone to wrinkles.

Follow above tips about how to exfoliate your face at home to get soft, flawless and glowing face skin.

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    It give me deep skin restructuring results for the whole body resembling microdermabrasion treatments rather than superficial effects achieved with other exfoliators. There is no deeper exfoliation possible without damaging my skin than the one I get with Baiden Mitten. All the grime and dead skin is gone. You can obtain more information in Google, Yahoo or Bing about it.

  2. Many thanks for the info provided here. Hopefully I can accomplish the task at hand by what you described above. Wish me luck!

  3. Please help me ??I am fed up with pores coming on my face …before in my 18’s my face was clear NW m in my 20’s mg age is 22 …m having very fair complexion…the pores are spoiling my face face type is both oily n dry..I tried everything BT my efforts gone in vein please someone help me out :'(

  4. Am age 35year and lighter in complexion with sensitive skin, my body is not in uniform. From My face down to neck is lighter the rest is darker. And have tried a lot of cream everything is in vain. What can I do to have a lighting and white with glowing skin. Thanks.

  5. I am a indian.
    I was not too fair and dark but in middle skin I am 15 yrs and I have become dark.all my covered parts are fair but my skin and hamds are very dark…plz help me to retain my orignal color or lighten it plzzz

  6. I have dark corners of the lips. So how many days should I use the scrub or is it safe to do it everyday at the corner of the lips.

  7. I have blackheads on my nose and chin, will this scrub work? I use my face wash an acne medication, and then a moisturizer. I do face masks very little and do not really exfoliate my face as I do to my body. I just wan even skin that makes me look younger, clearer and brighter/ glowing skin. If you could help ,e with these I’d appreciate it. I don’t really have sensitive skin, but my nose does sort dry out. And do you know anything that will help with old acne scars, dark circles, and how to get longer lashes? This is a lot and I’m sorry about that. ? I just really want to have nice skin.

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