How To Get Beautiful And Glowing Skin In Easy And Simple Steps

In this article we will give you best tips about  How To Get Beautiful Skin in easy and simple steps. To get beautiful and glowing skin, you not only need to follow a beautiful skin care routine but also eat foods that take care of your skin inside out and few other things to help you in getting beautiful and glowing skin.

How To Get Beautiful Skin fast

How To Get Beautiful Skin naturally

Skin is our largest organ and according to Chinese herbal medicine our third lung. Our skin is a reflection of what is going inside our bodies, so without eating foods that are helpful in getting beautiful skin, you cannot have beautiful skin and perfect complexion.

Here is a guide to everyday skin care routine to get beautiful and glowing skin.

1. Foods for Beautiful and Glowing Skin: First we will guide you about the foods you need to eat for getting glowing and beautiful skin then give you rest of the tips, one by one all the tips. First remember, you are what you eat.

(i) Whole Foods: Unprocessed and organic foods provide your body with more nutrients and fewer toxins to heal your skin.

(ii) Fiber Rich Foods: Fiber helps in healing your skin by flushing out toxins. Your daily requirement is about 25 to 35 grams. Beans, whole fruits and whole grains are rich in fiber.

(iii) Eat variety of fruits and vegetables: They provide you vitamin C, vitamin E, cartnoids and flavonoids. They act as antioxidants as well. Include in your diet carrots, avocado, berries, beets, pears and green leafy vegetables.

(iv) Omega-3 Fatty Acids: Not only they are great anti-inflammatory and keep under check flare-ups on your skin but also prevent fine lines and wrinkles on your skin. Chia seeds, flax seeds, walnuts, sardines and fresh water salmon are good source of omega-3 fatty acids.

(v) Antioxidants: They protect your skin from damaging free radicals caused by exposure to the sun and pollution.

(vi) Hydrate: Drink plenty of water to flush out toxins which can otherwise cause issues on the surface of your skin. The water will clear your skin and make it glow. If you ever get bored with water, drink 2 to 3 cups of organic green tea which is also full of antioxidants.

(vii) Green Tea: It is anti-inflammatory and can heal your skin cells.

Knowing above information is good for you, as you can eat more of the foods that are good for your skin.

 2. Avoid these Bad Beauty Habits to get glowing and beautiful skin: You must avoid or cut down these things to have beautiful skin:

(i) Avoid Stress: It causes fine lines on your face and can trigger acne. It ages your skin and depletes vitality. Exercises, Yoga, meditation and adequate sleep are best ways to beat stress in your life and keep your skin young and beautiful.

(ii) Cut down on Sugar. Sugar leads to pimples, wrinkles and rosacea. Sugar is inflammatory. It breaks down collagen density and contributes to fine lines and wrinkles on your skin.

(iii) Avoid White Breads and Processed Foods: These foods quickly convert into sugar in our bodies. So more or less they have same effects on your skin as sugar.

(iv) Avoid Skin Damaging Habits: Cut down on habits like smoking, excessive drinking, tanning and excessive sun exposure.

(v) Avoid too much of sun exposure. Consider applying a light full spectrum sunscreen with SPF-30 whenever you go outside for extended period, as it takes only 10-15 minutes to get sunburn. Sun damage is the prime reason for premature aging. Protect your exposed areas, such as your hands, neck and chest from sun

(vi) Do not pip your pimples. It can leave scars on your face and damage your skin.

3. Work out: Exercises will give your skin the glow to make it beautiful, because it stimulates blood circulation. It is otherwise also overall healthy for your body.

4. Beautiful and Glowing Skin Care Routine: In addition to all above, follow this routine:

(i) Wash your face twice in day. Make cleansing your face a daily part of your morning and bedtime routines.

(ii) Use light cleansers unless you have an excessive oily skin. You need to cleanse your face and not completely strip it of all natural oils. If you feel your face skin dry and tight after washing, you need to switch over to a more light face cleanser.

(ii) Rinse off by splashing water on your face and pat dry it. Don’t rub or wipe your face with washcloth or towel, as it can irritate your skin.

(iii) Before sleeping at night, make it a habit to wash off and remove your makeup. This will help in preventing:

(a) Your skin pores from clogging up;

(b) Causing of acne breakouts, while you are sleeping; and

(c) Getting the bacteria smeared up on your pillows from where it can get onto your skin night after night.

(iv) Use Toner (Optional): Use it for removing excess dirt and oil from your skin that the cleanser might skips. In addition it will close your pores. Not everyone needs to use it, but some people use it for through cleansing of their skin and closing their skin pores.

 (a) Place a few drops onto a cotton ball or pad.  Wipe your skin lightly with it;

 (b) You may apply toner only to areas of your skin that tend to break out, especially T-areas, namely, forehead and nose.

 (c) Astringents are meant only for skins that are exceptionally oily. It is an intense type of toner that is up to 60% alcohol. Do not use it, if your skin tends to dry.

(v) Moisturize twice in a day: Use moisturizing lotion in the morning as it acts as a primer for your makeup, helping the makeup to stick to your face throughout the day. Then later use it at night, as it helps repair skin and in addition it prevents wrinkles. Keep your skin moisturized this way is best thing you can do to have beautiful skin over the long term.

(a) Best is to use lighter moisturizer during the day. Especially for those who are prone to acne breakouts, we recommend that they save heavy cream moisturizer for nighttime and use a light or gel moisturizer during the day.

(b) Apply a little moisturizer onto your neck and chest area also. These areas tend to get dry if you never moisturize them.

(vi) Exfoliate your skin once a week (optional). In case your skin is prone to dry and flaky, consider a weekly exfoliation to clear out your dead skin cells. Go for an exfoliate that contains super fine grains. Ensure not to rub it coarsely onto your skin – use circular gentle motions with light pressure to exfoliate.

Follow above easy and simple steps about how to get beautiful skin and have a beautiful skin with perfect complexion.

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