How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes

How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes Fast – Maintain Your Eyes Fresh And Beautiful

Are you suffering from Bags Under Eyes. In this article, you will find best tips about How To Get Rid of Bags Under Eyes fast, so that your eyes look fresh and rested always.

How to get rid of bags under eyes
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What are Bags Under Eyes: Bags Under Eyes are mild swelling or puffing under the eyes and include saggy or loose skin or dark circles under eyes.

What Causes Bags Under Eyes: Before we tell you how to get rid of bags under eyes, the first step is to know what causes bags under eyes.

As you get older, the tissues around your eyes, including the muscles supporting your eyelids, weaken. The skin starts to sag, and fat that helps support the eyes can migrate forward below your eyes.

A similar situation occurs when collagen levels decline with age, contributing to the skin to lose its elasticity and starts to sag everywhere, including your face.

The space below your eyes can also accumulate fluid, causing the under eye area appear swollen or puffy.

Many factors can contribute to bags under eyes, including:

(i) Fluid retention. This can happen due to fluctuation in hormone levels, eating too much salty foods or change in weather, such as hot, humid days.

If you observe that you get bags under eyes early in the mornings which normally go away around noon, then this is likely to be due to fluid retention. This can simply be reduced by keeping extra pillow under your head while sleeping to keep your head elevated.

(ii) Sinus may cause bags under eyes due to constantly stretching of the skin beneath your eyes.

(iii) Not getting enough sleep.

(iv) Heredity, which occurs when it is in your genes. In such cases there is not much you can do about it except plastic surgery.

(v) Allergies such as running nose, sneezing, headaches, coughing, especially if there is redness and itching as well.

(vi) In case of females, the water retention before your period can also lead to dark circles and bags under your eyes. To address this cut down on extra salt consumption, carbs and liquid from your diet during the week leading up to your period.

How To Get Rid Of Bags Under Eyes: Follow these home remedies for bags under eyes:

 1. The first step to reduce bags under eyes is to address the underlying cause for such bags. Go through the list of main causes given above & if you are able to identify the cause, the best solution is to address that cause.

2. The way you sleep may be the cause. Sleeping on your side or flat on your back may lead the fluids to collect under your eyes due to gravity effect. If you are a side sleeper, you may notice a heavier bag on the side you sleep. So try changing your sleep position in such cases.  Like you can try sleeping on your back with an extra pillow under your head or you can try sleeping on your stomach. The earlier you change habit of your sleeping position, the better it is. As with the passage of time, the bags under eyes tend to become permanent.

3. A very effective natural beauty tip to get rid of bags under eyes is by using a neti pot. It is done by using a device which looks like a small teapot. You use it to irrigate your nasal cavity. It is very effective remedy to relieve fluid buildups caused by allergies, sinus congestions, or a cold.

4. Avoid too much consumption of alcohol to get rid of bags under eyes, as this results into dehydration which in turns weaken the delicate skin around the eyes making it more prone to sink into a bag under eyes.

5. Another tip about how to get rid of bags under eyes is, never sleep at night with your makeup on. Sleeping with eyes makeup may irritate skin around your eyes leading to fluids build-up which in turn convert into bags under eyes.

6. Avoid bad habit of rubbing your eyes frequently.

7. Keep a piece of wet washcloth in refrigerator before you sleep at night. When you wake up in the morning, take out the washcloth from the refrigerator, cover your eyes and head with it and lie down for five minutes. This is very effective in controlling the fluids accumulated in the bags under eyes.

8. Rinse two tea bags in cold water for around 30 seconds. Place the wet tea bags over your eyes for ten minutes. The cooling effect of tannins in the tea bags will reduce bags under your eyes.

9. Keep two sliced pieces of cucumber in freezer for few seconds. Place these two cooled slices over your closed eyes for 10-15 minutes. They will soothe your eyes and reduce bags under eyes.

10. Quit smoking, reduce alcohol consumption, get sufficient sleep, eat healthy balanced diet having all types of vitamins, minerals to provide essential nutrients to keep your skin healthy. It has been proved that high antioxidants diet work effectively in slowing down skin aging process including bags under eyes, puffiness and dark circles under eyes.

In addition to above tips about how to get rid of bags under eyes, you can consider applying a good quality bags under eyes cream or gel or serum specially made for getting rid of bags under eyes. The skin under your eyes is very delicate and thin, so needs to be fed with collagen and elastin in order to firm it up and to get rid of bags under eyes.

Except that Bags under eyes spoil your looks, they are normally harmless and rarely require medical intervention.  But in cases when

(i)   the swelling is severe and persistent;

(ii)  is accompanied by redness, itching or pain; and or

(iii) affects other parts of your body as well; it can be due to kidney or thyroid disorders, infection or allergy. In such cases it is a good idea to see your doctor.

Follow above tips about how to get rid of bags under eyes, so that your eyes look always fresh and beautiful.

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