Brown spots, also known as age spots, dark spots, sun spots, liver spots, or solar lentigines usually occurs on the areas of the skin that get a lot of exposure to ultraviolet (UV) radiation from the sun or tanning beds.

Brown Spots On Face Treatment

How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots On Skin

What Are Brown Spots On Face?

When skin is exposed to the sun, it escalates production of melanin, a pigment that is found in the top layers of your skin, which can cluster and develop into brown spots. Brown spots on skin by and large develop on the sun exposed areas such as face, neck, chest, hands, arms, legs and shoulders.

What Causes Brown Spots?

The main causes of brown spots are too much sun exposure, aging, and hereditary. Other contributory causes can be stress, pregnancy, vitamins deficiency, or weak liver.

Who Are Most Likely To Get Brown Spots?

The brown spots are most likely to occur on individuals over 50, those having light skin, or the ones who get a lot of exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun or tanning beds.

How To Get Rid Of Brown Spots On Skin, Face, Hands, Legs, Arms?

Although the brown spots are harmless, but many individuals consider them as unsightly – so, they look for brown spot removal solutions.

Here are some of the best natural home remedies and treatments for getting rid of brown spots on face, neck, shoulders, hands, arms, legs and skin:

1. Lemon Juice – Best Natural Brown Spot Remover: Whether it is your dark underarm, dark neck or even dark brown spots, lemon juice acts as a natural bleaching agent. Lemon juice contains citric acid that can break down melanin pigment in your skin to make it lighter along with reducing the appearance of dark spots within a month or two. In addition vitamin C contained in lemon juice also plays its contributory role in bleaching your skin.


(i) The individual who have sensitive skin should dilute lime juice with water or rose water before applying on the skin.

(ii) After applying lemon juice on your skin avoid direct exposure to the sun. This can cause sunburns and make your skin darker.

How To Remove Brown Spots With Lemon Juice?

(i) Cut a lemon and rub a slice onto your brown spots for about 10-15 minutes, twice a day and then rinse off with cool water. If you have sensitive skin then use diluted lemon juice instead of rubbing lemon slice directly.

(ii) Squeeze out juice from a fresh lemon and apply it directly on the affected area, leave it on for about 30 minutes, and then rinse it off with cool water. Apply this natural remedy two times every day for two months to see positive results. If your skin is sensitive, dilute the lemon juice with water, rose water or honey before applying it.

(iii) Tale fresh juice of one lemon and add sugar, slowly adding and stirring the sugar until it mixes up with the lemon juice to make a sort of paste. Use this lemon and sugar scrub to massage gently onto your face, especially on the brown spots. While lime juice will bleach your skin, the sugar granules will exfoliate it. Rinse it off with cool water after 20-25 minutes. This paste can dry out your face, so either you can add some olive oil in this home remedy or apply your favorite moisturizer after each treatment. You can use this remedy once every day.

(iv) Honey, Sugar And Lemon Juice Scrub: Take freshly squeezed juice of one lemon in a small mixing bowl, mix in 2 tablespoons of sugar granules (quantity varies depending upon amount of the juice) and 2 tablespoons of honey. Mix them well to form a goopy paste. Use this scrub to massage gently onto your face, especially on the brown spots. While lime juice bleaches your skin, the sugar granules exfoliate it and honey provides moisture to protect your skin from over drying. Rinse it off with cool water after 20-25 minutes. Use this remedy once a day.

2. Buttermilk For Brown Spots Treatment: The lactic acid of buttermilk helps exfoliate the skin to remove brown spots and blemishes without drying your skin. It makes your skin to stay refreshed and lighter in tone. If it’s not available in market, you can make it at home. Mix small amount of warm water with curd (plain, unflavored, unsweetened yogurt) and churn it until all cream is separated. Take out the cream. The thin liquid left behind is butter milk.

(i) Apply buttermilk on the brown spots using a cotton swab, leaving it there for about 15 minutes. Rinse it off with cool water. If your skin is oily or acne-prone, add in some lemon juice before applying it onto the dark spots.

(ii) Alternatively, you can mix 4 teaspoons of buttermilk with 2 teaspoons of fresh tomato juice, and apply the mixture on the affected skin area. Wait for 20-25 minutes, and then rinse it off with cool water.

You can apply the above remedies twice daily to see positive results in 2-3 month time.

3. Aloe Vera For Light Brown Spots On Skin: Aloe vera is one of the most skin friendly herbs. It makes your skin stay hydrated and fresh. It has skin healing characteristic and helps skin regeneration as well. Thus it is one of the best treatments for getting rid of brown spots on hands, legs, arms, face and other body parts, especially when caused by the sun exposure.

You can take out fresh gel from an aloe vera leaf, if you have a plant in your home or nearby or buy aloe vera gel from market. Gently scrub fresh aloe vera gel on the skin spots. Let it sit on the spots for about 30 minutes, and then rinse it off with cool water. Apply this home remedy twice in a day for a month at least to lighten the brown spots.

4. Plants Enzymes – Brown Spots Removers: Enzymes are the nature’s catalytic transformers that change various substances without getting dissipated themselves. The enzymes have the capability to break down melanin into colorless fractions. Many plant-foods contain different enzymes, but all are characterized as enzymes that tear apart skin proteins – the proteases or proteolytic enzymes.

(i) Potato And Honey Mix: Take 1 medium size potato of a white variety and grate it into a mixing bowl. Mix in enough honey to make a thick paste. Rub gently the mixture onto the brown spots, leaving it on for about 15 minutes. Finish with rinsing it off with cool water.

(ii) Papaya Mask: The enzymes and alpha hydroxyl acids contained in papaya can exfoliate your skin and diminish the brown spots, blemishes, acne. It imparts a brighter and clearer look to your skin as well. Scoop out all pulp of a ripe papaya and puree it in a bowl until it is of an even consistency. For this purpose use a hand mixer to completely pulp the papaya. Apply the mask onto your face, especially focusing on the dark spots. Let the mask dry out completely, and then rinse it off with cool water. Repeat this remedy twice daily until you get rid of the brown spots.

Caution: As some individuals may be allergic to papaya, so make sure to do a 24-hour patch test before using this treatment.

5. Yogurt – Easy Dark Spots Treatment: If you don’t have access to butter milk then curd or yogurt is an easy option. Because of its natural mild bleaching characteristic, yogurt / curd can make your skin lighter by many tones, if you use it consistently for longer period.

(i) Apply a little plain, unflavored, unsweetened yogurt or curd directly onto the spots. Allow it to dry out on its own before you rinse it off with cool water. For better results, apply yogurt or curd on the affected skin area before you sleep and leaving it on overnight.

(ii) Another option is to make a skin pack by mixing 1 tablespoon of plain yogurt, 2 tablespoons of ground oatmeal and 1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice. Apply this mask on the affected skin area, leaving it on for about 30 minutes before rinsing it away with cool water. If you feel your skin is getting dry, apply your favorite moisturizer. Apply this remedy daily to see the positive results in 2-3 months.

(iii) To fortify the lightening properties of yogurt or curd to remove dark spots, you may mix in some herbs. Apply the mixture onto your face and any other affected area, leaving it on to dry out on its own and then rinse it off with cool water. The herbs mentioned below can help lighten brown spots when mixed with plain yogurt / curd.

(a) 1 tablespoon mustard powder, or

(ii) 1 tablespoon turmeric / curcumin powder, or

(iii) 1 tablespoon aloe vera gel.

6. Castor Oil: Another way to get rid of brown spots on skin is to apply Castor Oil. This oil has antioxidants and powerful healing properties that can lighten the skin thus help in getting rid of brown or age spots. Gently massage for few minutes the skin area affected with dark spots using a cotton swab soaked with few drops of castor oil. Let it sit on the skin for few hours, and then wash it away. Use this treatment at least once a day to fade out the brown spots and make your skin even-tone.

7. Horseradish For Spotless Skin: It’s a herb that can be used to get spotless skin by removing dark skin spots and freckles – because of its amazing skin lightening properties.

(i) You can make horseradish paste and apply as a skin-mask directly on the affected areas. Allow it to sit for about 20 minutes, and then wash it away. You can use this home remedy few times a week.

(ii) Better option is to grate a 4 inch piece of horseradish and mix well with a quarter cup of apple cider vinegar. Let the mixture mature for two weeks. Make sure to shake the mixture once daily. After 2 weeks strain the herbed vinegar into a clean airtight glass container. Use a clean cotton swab to apply it onto the dark spots or freckles. You can store the rest of the strained vinegar in refrigerator. Apply a small amount of it about thrice a day for 1-2 months at least.

It’s a good remedy to get rid of brown / age / sun spots. You need to be watchful; if by its application you feel any irritation on your skin then discontinue its usage.

8. Apple Cider Vinegar: Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV) can be used in treating a number of skin problems including skin brown spots. Its use dries out skin and diminishes the skin spots effectively.

(i) Dilute some ACV with plain or rose water or honey. Apply this solution on your brown spots and let it dry. After it dries out apply another coat and let it dry. Repeat this process 3-4 times, and then rinse it off with water. Apply this treatment once a day for 4-5 weeks to see positive results.

(ii) Another option is to mix equal amounts of ACV and orange juice. Apply this solution on your brown spots and let it dry. After it dries out apply another coat and let it dry. Repeat this process 3-4 times, and then rinse it off with water. Apply this treatment 1-2 times a day for 4-5 weeks to see positive results.

9. Onion Juice: One of the best ways to remove skin brown spots is to apply onion juice. It has acidic characteristic and bleaching properties that can help to fade out dark skin spots. In place of onion juice you can use garlic juice also.

(i) The simplest way is to cut an onion into slices, and rub the slices directly on the affected skin area for 1-2 minutes. Repeat this remedy 2-3 times a day daily.

(ii) An alternative is to mix equal amounts of onion juice and organic honey, apply the solution on the affected area. Let it sit for about 15 minutes and then wash the area well so that the onion smell goes away. Apply this remedy 1-2 times a day daily.

10. Best Brown Spots Remover: This Mask / Pack is a combo of many natural ingredients that have skin lightening properties, so help you in getting rid of brown spots fast.

You will require:

(i) Gram flour (chickpea flour) – 2 tea spoons

(ii) Milk or curd or plain yogurt – 1 teaspoon

(iii) Fresh lemon juice of half a lemon (don’t throw the empty half lemon rind after squeezing out the juice)

(iv) Fresh tomato juice – 1 teaspoon

(v) Turmeric Powder – 2 pinches

(vi) Castor/ Almond Oil- few drops

(vii) Rose water- as per need

Method: Take a lemon and cut it in two halves. Squeeze out fresh juice from half lemon and keep aside the empty lemon half. Take a little rose water in a small glass bowl and put the empty lemon slice in it. Mix together gram flour, milk / or curd / or plain yogurt, lemon juice, tomato juice and turmeric powder and make a paste of uniform consistency. Massage the paste gently on to the affected skin area, leaving a thin coating over your skin for about 20 minutes, and let it dries out on its own. Once it dries out completely, take 2-3 drops of castor or almond oil on your fingers and scrub the dried paste with it taking away the paste while scrubbing. Make sure to scrub gently for about 3-5 minutes and don’t apply force even if the paste doesn’t come off. When you have scrubbed for 3-5 minutes, take the lemon rind soaked in rose water and massage the affected area with it. When the paste goes off, wash the skin area with clean, cool water. Apply this remedy 1-2 times a day daily for about 2 weeks, and then continue 2-3 times a week until you get spots-free, lightened and radiant skin.

All the above are the top natural home remedies for brown spots removal. One of the above will surely help you get spotless glowing skin! Try them, and the one that gives you the quicker results is best treatment for you to use to get rid of brown spots on your legs, arms, shoulders, face, hands,  neck, chest and other parts of your body having brown spots.

Caution: Brown spots generally are harmless, but sometimes they are mistaken for skin cancer. So, it’s a good idea to get them checked with a dermatologist and once your dermatologist confirms that they are simply cosmetic, you can then apply the remedies to reduce their appearance or get rid of them.

Natural Beauty Tips:

(i) The brown spots will not vanish in a week or two. You will have to apply the remedies for many weeks to get positive results.

(ii) Be careful while using castor oil as they can stain your clothes.

(iii) Remove the makeup completely before applying any of the above home remedies. Cleanse your face thoroughly to bring out any oil or residues from your skin pores as otherwise the residues may reduce effectiveness of the remedy.

(iv) If none of the remedies work out even after 2 months, check with your dermatologist for the other possible options such as medications, laser therapy, chemical peels, dermabrasion, cryotherapy (freezing).

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