Ten Tips For Getting Rid Of Dandruff

In this article you will find ten tips to get rid of dandruff fast. Find out here which dandruff treatment will work best for you, by understanding what causes dandruff and how to treat dandruff.

How To Get Rid Of Dandruff fast

How do I get rid of dandruff fast

Ten Home Remedies to prevent and treat dandruff:

1. Brushing your hair regularly reduces dandruff. The people who don’t brush regularly are more likely to have increased dead skin deposits on their head, causing occurrence of dandruff.

Brushing your hair regularly will not only reduce chances of your having dandruff, but massage your hair and increase blood circulation to your head as well, thereby improving hair growth and its texture too.

2. Maintain your hair in good hygiene by keeping your scalp clean. Prevent building up dead cells on your scalp by washing your hair regularly.

3. Wash your hair regularly to offset sweating adverse effects. Sweating worsens the dandruff conditions. Although sweating is good for pores, but it results into building up of dead skin and consequently dandruff.

4.  Try these Grandma’s home remedies for treating dandruff:

(i) Wet your scalp and hair and then wash with baking soda. Thereafter rinse your hair off thoroughly with plain water.

(ii) Mix a tablespoon of natural vinegar with water and wash your hair with this mixture. Vinegar is an age old well known home remedy for treating dandruff effectively.

(iii) Add lime juice with hair oil of your choice and rub gently onto your scalp. Let it sit on your scalp for some time and wash your hair with mild shampoo of your choice.

5. Ensure to rinse your hair thoroughly with plain water after using shampoo or conditioner to get rid of all the shampoo and conditioner from your hair, otherwise any remaining shampoo or conditioner may dry up into flakes and become irritable.

6.  Some experts advise that certain foods help to prevent dandruff. Include foods in your diet which are good source of zinc, vitamin B and fats.

7. Sometimes skin conditions are also responsible for development of dandruff. If you notice occurrence of any bad skin conditions, consult your doctor to prevent dandruff and for correcting such skin conditions.

8. Check whether your dandruff is oily. If it’s not then the dandruff is possibly due to your excessive dry skin. In such cases cold and dry weather or overheated rooms can be the culprits, as they are known causes for dry skin.

8. Another cause for dandruff is too much buildup of yeast on your head. But there is only a thin line between yeast and dry skin. You need to consult a dermatologist to find out the actual cause, whether it is yeast or dry skin.

10. Sometimes certain excessive organisms on your scalp or certain skin conditions are responsible for dandruff which need medical attention. Do not delay and go for medical advice about how to treat these conditions to prevent and treat dandruff.


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