How To Get Rid Of Hyperpigmentation Effectively

If you are having a difference in your skin tone or patches on your skin, you might be suffering from hyperpigmentation.  In this article you will find all about hyperpigmentation, like (i) what hyperpigmentation is? (ii) What causes hyperpigmentation; and finally (iii) How to get rid of Hyperpigmentation naturally.

Getting rid of skin pigmentation naturally
Getting rid of skin pigmentation effectively

Hyperpigmentation is not a serious medical condition, but it makes you look old. It’s very disturbing and embarrassing when one has dark patches and uneven skin tone. Skin Pigmentation can occur to anyone regardless of one’s gender, race or age. It’s not difficult to treat and get flawless skin.

What Is Hyperpigmentation ?

Mostly there are two types of pigmentation abnormalities that can happen:

(i) Hyperpigmentation : It’s usually a harmless condition and described as darkening of certain areas of skin, which happens due to overproduction of melanin or pigment. It looks like brown or tan spots on the skin. This is also sometimes called as melasma.

(ii) Hypopigmentation: On the other hand hypopigmentation is a condition when the melanin or pigmentation production is slowed down and patches of lighter skin or whiter in color appears.

Note: This article is about hyperpigmentation treatment.

Causes of Pigmentation

(i) Over exposure to the sun and heat: This is one of the most common reasons for pigmentation.  The UV radiation as well as thermal radiation disturbs the melanocytes. With the result the melanin producing cells are affected leading to pigmentation.

(ii) Injury: In some cases the wound caused by injury heals, leaving minor inflammation. This inflamed area can later turn into pigmentation.

(iii) Pigmentation can sometimes be caused by certain medications due to their side effects.

(iv) Diseases: Some specified diseases, like jaundice, cyanosis may also lead to discoloration of the skin.

(v) In some cases the severe emotional stress or duress may become the cause.

Other reasons for pigmentation are like genetics, hormonal changes during pregnancy, birth control pills, menopause, frequent use of hair dyes, etc

Hyperpigmentation Treatments

There are several treatments available, like over-the-counter creams, chemical peels, laser treatment, etc. for fast recovery. If your condition is serious, we suggest that you consult a dermatologist. It is also a good idea to visit a dermatologist before selecting any of the over-the-counter skin pigmentation remedies. However, for those who don’t want to go for expensive, harsh or chemical loaded products, here are some natural remedies, which are quite effective and use only the natural ingredients available in the kitchen.

Home Remedies To Reduce Skin Pigmentation

1. Potato: Potatoes are well known to remove skin pigmentation, dark spots and blemishes. Rub gently a freshly cut slice of potato on the affected areas of your skin every day. Alternatively, mix potato juice with fuller earth and apply this daily to remove pigmentation.

2. Lemon Juice and Honey: Mix lemon juice and pure organic honey in equal proportions. Apply over the affected areas. Whereas lemon acts as natural bleach, the honey has moisturizing properties. However, as lemon is acidic so avoid this remedy in case you are having sensitive skin.

3. Aloe Vera juice or Aloe Vera juice + Vitamin E: Aloe Vera has natural soothing and healing properties. Squeeze out aloe Vera gel from an aloe Vera leaf and store this in a bottle in refrigerator. Apply this gel over the affected areas for 20 minutes. It works to slough off older skin cells and regenerate the newer ones. To enhance its effectiveness break one vitamin E capsule and add its contents to the gel.

4. Milk and honey: Mix milk and honey. You may also add a little curd to this. Milk and curd have lactic acid which works to slough off the affected skin cells, leaving behind fresh skin. This natural remedy helps in reducing skin pigmentation.

5. Cucumber juice: Cucumber juice is an effective home remedy in removing skin pigmentation, lightening dark spots and fading blemishes. Apply the cucumber juice alone or mix it with honey and lemon juice in equal proportions. Apply this over the affected areas, regularly once a day, for half an hour and then wash it off.

6. Orange peel: Mix dry, powdered orange peel with cold milk (un-skimmed and un-boiled) and a little honey to make out a thick paste. Apply it gently over the pigmented skin and patches; let it sit there for half an hour then wash it off.

7. Tomato, Oatmeal and Yogurt: Tomato acts as natural bleach. Yogurt also works as natural bleach and has skin tightening properties. Oatmeal works as a natural scrubber.

Squeeze out tomato juice and add 2 tsp. of oatmeal and 1/2 tsp. of yogurt. Apply this mixture gently on the pigmented skin areas and let it sit for 20 minutes to dry and then wash it off. This mixture works as an effective home remedy for removing skin pigmentation. Try this remedy daily to see the positive results.

Over-The-Counter Hyperpigmentation Treatment

Before starting (Do it yourself) DIY skin pigmentation treatment using any of the over-the-counter treatments, we suggest you consult a dermatologist as there are several causes of hyperpigmentation and each reason would require a specific treatment.  Following are the options available:

1. Skin lightening creams: Basically these creams slow down melanin production and reduce the existing melanin from the skin as well. Go for the products containing a combination of hydroquinone, soy milk, cucumber, calcium, azelaic acid, kojic acid, or arbutin.

2. Any topical treatment containing Retin-A or alpha-hydroxy acids.

Preventing Skin Pigmentation

1.  Avoid exposure to Sun and heat: Avoid exposure to UV rays of the sun and thermal radiation from heat. This will help in containing your skin pigmentation abnormality.

2. Do not use tanning beds.

3. Wear sunscreen while going out and cover yourself with a hat and long sleeves. Wearing sunscreen every day will help in preventing or reducing age spots when you get older.

4. Follow a skincare regime, including cleansing, toning, exfoliating and moisturizing, twice a week.

Tips for Hyperpigmentation:

1. Hyperpigmentation patches can occur due to hormonal changes in pregnant women or while taking birth control pills. If hormones are the reason for your skin pigmentation, there is no treatment for this except to wait for this situation to end.

2. Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation – PIH: This type occurs due to skin injury, like psoriasis, burns, acne and some other skin treatments. This normally is cured on its own, as the skin heals and regenerates, with passage of time.

3. Everyone has a different skin type and requires a specific remedy. So if one remedy does not work in your case, you need to try another till you find out which one of the above remedies work best for you to get rid of skin pigmentation and discoloration of skin.

After trying above tips, please leave your comments to let us know how these tips have worked out for you in reducing your skin pigmentation. Also share your own tips to treat skin pigmentation.

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  1. Hi mam
    I have severe dark patches of hyperpigmentation and pimple marks. Plz suggest me the best treatment .i dont want to use medicated creams bcoz i have already use them but no result . I have very sensitive skin. Its oily in summer and dry in winters.

  2. HI

    Please suggest whether Smoking could be a reason for deep pigmentation. Also For males masturbation could be any reason…?? If so what would be the beast treatment to over come this.

    • Hello Ajay!

      Smoking not only exposes your body and skin to several toxic chemicals, it also lowers antioxidant levels, which are responsible for renewing and keeping your skin healthy. These two reasons can lead to skin pigmentation.

      Besides nicotine-tainted fingertips, smokers can acquire severe hyperpigmentation near and around the mouth. Smoker’s melanosis looks as flat, un-even discolored patches of skin in the connective tissue underlying the mouth. This type of hyperpigmentation reduces once the smoker stops smoking. If it does not disappear after cessation of smoking, it should be examined by a doctor.

      Your 2nd question is beyond the scope of this site.

  3. Thanks for your suggestion. Please suggest me some some other treatment to over come this since i am trying to Quit Smoking but i cant. so some other possible way may kelp me to over come my pigmentation problem.

      • during pregnancy i have found dark patches in my nose. Dr said it is melisma.
        i have tried laser, kojic acid cream, but there is no result. give me suggestion

        • @ Reshma:

          Although the exact cause of melasma is unknown, it is most often associated with sun exposure, taking birth control pills, and pregnancy.

          One of the most common treatments for melasma is sun protection. This means wearing sunscreen every day and reapplying the sunscreen every 2 hours. Dermatologists also recommend wearing a wide-brimmed hat when you are outside. Sunscreen alone may not give you the protection you need.

          Along with sun protection, you can try above natural remedies as they don’t have any side effects.

          Good luck!!

    • @ Reshma:

      No melasma treatment provides permanent results, so I suggest maintenance therapy that can prevent melasma from re-occurring.

      (i) Daily sunscreen use: Since sunlight is one of the major triggers for melasma, everyday sunscreen use is good to keep it at bay. Choose a sunscreen with broad-spectrum protection with an SPF of 30 or higher.

      (ii) Outdoor hats: Broad-brimmed hats help keep rays off vulnerable parts of the face. Seek shade whenever outdoors, as well.

      (iii) Gentle skin care: Since products that irritate the skin aggravate melasma, use gentle products that don’t sting or burn.
      Melasma may not be completely preventable, even with the best skin care and precautions, but in the majority of cases, efforts to prevent it or treat it are successful at keeping those frustrating spots away.

    • @ Reshma:

      Surgical treatments are outside the scope of this site. Sometimes melisma disappears on its own. We suggest first you try the suggested remedies for 1-2 months and watch how your skin is responding. You may not have to go for surgery.

    • I used a teaspoon of lemon juice and a teaspoon of turmeric and u mix all together then put on brown spots ) leave it on for 20 minutes then wash ur face with cols water.. it’s helping me with my brown spots. Give it a try . Do it every day for a month. It works. But make sure u rinse ur face good with a face cloth after wards

  4. I have darkness around neck and face . Dermatologist said its hyperpigmentatiin and only solution is laser. But its quite expensive .So I have started using potato will it show change and on how many days

    • @ shilpa:

      Natural remedies best part is that they don’t contain any chemical, so they will not harm your skin – if applied with care. They are inexpensive as well. But they take a little more time than the market products (they contain additives and chemicals) or surgical methods such as laser tretment.

      Have patience and you will start seeing improvement in a month time. Good luck!

  5. Hi, i have used all the remedies and have show to many docs,. The pigmrntation is getting lighter but it does not go completely. Its been almost 3months now. What do i do now???

    • @ nupur:

      Natural treatments take time to completely cure, but best part is they don’t have damaging side effects. Have patience and continue with the remedies.

  6. Hi ,
    I m taking treatment for the Deep pigmentation from last one year,Have taken the laser treatment as well,But not getting any result.I m highly disappointed,Please suggest me something which can reduce my skin problem.


  7. Hi Chandini ,

    Im 25 and Dark complexion , i have un even skin tone in my face ,does this works even for dark skin tone ?.
    I would like to have a even and shining skin . Please suggest me on it ..

    Thanks in Advance

  8. This is no wonder miracle serum!! You just have to try everything until you find something that works for you and then keep using it. I am using the Lady Soma Renewal Serum because I have seen benefits after using it for 10 days – it has smoothed out my skin and slightly reduced the pigmentation on my cheek. The two KEY ingredients in the Lady Soma Renewal Serum are (1) Vitamin C – helps to create younger, firmer skin while fading signs of sun damage and post-acne marks. (3) Hyaluronic Acid – a superior moisture binder that retains over a 1000 times its weight in water within the cells of skin, making it an excellent moisturizer.

    it works for me, and I am sticking with it !

  9. Helo mam..
    I hv visited so many times to dermatologist… whenever i used medicines obvs blemishes over ho jate hai… bt jaise jaise medicine course over ho then i starts agian…. even i hv changed so many doctors… n ik ne to bol diya ye vapis ayenge hi… m completely fed up… before pregnancy it was on my nose n upper lips… nw my ful face…. wt should i do…plz help n suggest….. even i m using potatoe from lst 5 dyz….

  10. Hi mam i m suffering from pigmentaion & also hv gone for various treatment but all in vain plzz suggest me best remedies to get rid of pigmentaion ,i m too curious about this &

  11. Hi maam i have brown skinn and i have pigment marks on my face . And they are increasing continously . Could you please suggest any pegmentation cream.

    • @ tarun:

      @ tarun:

      Try the above given remedies.

      Hydroquinone is an option. This is frequently referred to as the gold standard for hyperpig-mentation and with good reason: It has been used for more than 50 years and is the only U.S. Food and Drug Administ¬ration (FDA)-approved product for skin lightening. It is often formulated with antioxidants, retinoids and hydroxy acids to improve results. Unfortun-ately, it can be irritating to certain individuals and may cause serious reactions when used in high concentr¬ations. But I would suggest you to consult a dermatologist to use it.

      But if you want to use a cream, I would suggest you to consult a good dermatologist as the the kind of cream to use to get rid of of pigmentation marks would depend on the cause for your pigmentation.

  12. I had hyperpigmentation in my forehead , cheeks as and nose , after taking treatment from docter cheeks and nose became perfectly fine , but still I have black mark on forehead…and some days it is lighter and some days it is darker , I ‘ve used and using the following creams : Dephiwhite , kromaglo , but no effect on forehead , any suggestions , what is the next level of treatment for this ? Can u pls suggest ?

    • @ Gopi:

      Hydroquinone is an option. This is frequently referred to as the gold standard for hyperpig-mentation and with good reason: It has been used for more than 50 years and is the only U.S. Food and Drug Administ¬ration (FDA)-approved product for skin lightening. It is often formulated with antioxidants, retinoids and hydroxy acids to improve results. Unfortun-ately, it can be irritating to certain individuals and may cause serious reactions when used in high concentr¬ations.
      But I would suggest you to consult a dermatologist before you use it.

  13. Hi. How r u? i am 19 Year old i have open pores on my cheecks n i hate it i have hypopigmentation also plz tell me how to get rid of these open pores ..i am tensed because of this my facetone also darken Help me 🙁

  14. Mam
    I have pgimenation, melasma on my nose, forehead, cheeks and side of eyes. I have been trying lemon juice. But got pigmentation darker and spread across other areas of face as well in a hard circles ad lines.

    Why lemon created such a damage to my skin. I dont understand. I have a hyper sensitive skin. Nothing suits me well, even not alove vera, unless i dilute it with water.

    Tell me an effective remedy for my skin type.

    • @ anil:

      Sensitive skin can get irritated by lemon, therefore should be used cautiously only in diluted form preferably in the face pack. Remember, the pH of lemon is acidic (around 2-3) as compared to our skin (pH = 4.5). Disturbance of acid mantle of skin can have a detrimental effect on normal flora of skin and also trigger inflammation leading to redness and burning more commonly in sensitive skin types.


      (i) Never use undiluted lemon juice on your face directly. Always use lemon juice with plain or rose water to reduce its acidity. You can also add Aloe vera gel and honey. This mixture can be used as a toner in oily skin types.
      (ii) Preferably use lemon based home remedy at night to avoid any reaction with the sun.

      In the case of pigmentation on face, using lemon for dark spots is tricky. Vitamin C in lemon reduces pigmentation but if it reacts it can actually burn and darken your skin.

      Try the above milk and honey / cucumber juice and honey (without lemon juice) remedies on each day (alternatively – one remedy one day).

    • @ Shaista:

      I would suggest that you try above remedies first. They don’t have any side effects. But if you still want to take medicines then please consult a dermatologist..

        • @ zeenia:

          As you are having it since birth and melanocytic nevus are of different types, you better consult a dermatologist.

          Or if it’s not spoiling your looks and not bothering you otherwise, you can consider leaving it as it is

  15. Hi Mam ,
    I m taking treatment for the pigmentation from 6 months,Have taken the chemical peel treatment as well, But not getting any result. I m highly disappointed, I have severe dark patches of hyperpigmentation om my cheeks, nose and upper lips and pimple marks. Plz suggest me the best treatment .i dont want to use medicated creams bcoz i have already use them but no result . I have very sensitive skin. Its oily in summer and dry in winters. Please suggest me something which can reduce my skin problem.

  16. I’ve been using the Citrus Clear Sensitive Moisturizer for 6 months now. It’s the only moisturizer that doesn’t break me out. The liquorice root has also helped to get rid of the hyperpigmentation on my face. Try it – it works for hyperpigmentation.

  17. Hello doc ! i am a 16 year old girl ands i have grey borderline black spots
    on my hands and legs [thigs] please suggest a diagnosis your reply is much anticipated ! thank you!

  18. Hiii mam.. m 23 year old Indian girl with fair complexion and have oily skin.. last year I used glyco 6 cream for my mild acne marks bt after 10 days I noticed darkness in my cheek bone area.. I went to dermatologist she prescribed me lumiedge skin lightening gel bt it doesn’t work after using it for 8 months. . Plzz suggest me something coz I don’t want to go for a harsh treatment like chemical peeling and laser

  19. Hiii mam.. m 23 year old Indian girl with fair complexion and have oily skin.. last year derm prescribed me glyco 6 cream for my mild acne marks.. After using it for 10 days I noticed darkness in my cheek bone area.. den my derm prescribed me lumiedge skin lightening gel… but it doesn’t work even after using it for 8 mnths… cheek bone area looks very dark.. plzz suggest me something…

    • @ Sanchit:

      It all depends on the intensity of hyperpigmentation. Natural remedies take some time to show results, but then they are without any side effects and don’t pinch your pocket. Try these remedies regularly with patience and you will see the difference within few weeks…

  20. Hi I have tried these remedies for a month along with skin lighting creams. My doctor has asked me to do chemical peeling. Is it safe?

  21. I had a hysterectomy 4 years ago and my skin has shown major changes in pigmentation. (Huge skin darkening patches) I have tried so many other products and facial whitening soaps and nothing has worked. I am planning to try some of your remedies suggested. Do you think they would make a difference for me?

  22. hello i applied a toothpaste on pimple which caused skin burns on cheek. Even after one month black marks of burn are still there. Please help!

    • @ Dev:

      Aloe Vera juice is a natural soothing agent that can be applied to ease many skin conditions, including burns, wounds and acne scars. Aloe Vera helps to moisturize and renew skin, pushing scars to go away. Although you can buy Aloe Vera products from your local drug store, but the best would be to use aloe vera leaves and take out fresh jel from it at your home. You can use this gel as an acne spot treatment by applying it directly on the scarred areas.

  23. Mam i hv got hyperpigmentation problm last month on my face.. itz nt genetic..n dctrs are jst prescribng skin creams n steriods lyk medrol.. itz smthng LP or Lasan ..i hv jst listnd dem sayng dis..n moreovr i hv been usng ol dis frm last 1 month.. bt still itz d same.. pllz suggest me smthng?

  24. Doc i am suffering from hyper pigmentation on my cheeks and upper lips since a year and i have already used kojiglo gel, yuglan cream and maxder cream with no results till date .. Please help me solve my problem

  25. My pigmentation has got lighter since I have been using my mud mask – It has not completely cleared up but I like most of you on here have tried just about everything

  26. Dear Sir,

    I suffered from Acne Vulgaris quite few years back, I consulted dermatologist and prescribed me strong antibiotics. with those antibiotics it worked and and now I have a very dark patches over my face(Hyper pigmentation). I have tried many solutions to get rid of it but all in vain. Please advice what do I have to do now.

  27. Maam, I applied apple cider vinegar on my chin in attempt to remove a small,flat mole.
    However,it didn’t go too well- instead of lightly dabbing the ACV with a cotton bud on my chin I ended up rubbing it
    harshly,not once but twice.
    My skin around the chin area has turned brown, i am not too sure if its due to ACV burn or pigmentation.
    Will aloe vera remove it in a few days?
    Please advice.

  28. Hello ma’am i have dry skin n my forehead has become darker due to hyper pigmentation n i want to get clear and fair skin too plz give me some suggestion

  29. Hello ma’am i have dry skin n my forehead has become darker due to hyper pigmentation n i have dark circles n i want to get clear and fair skin plz give me some suggestion

  30. Mam i have done laser treatmemt for my pimples and marks bt after 1 week my skin got dark brown spots …..please Doc….suggest me the best solution to get rid of ths.

  31. Hi Doc ..myself virat .i am 27 year old . Doc i have done laser treatmemt for my pimples and marks bt after 1 week my skin got dark brown spots …..please Doc….suggest me the best solution to get rid of this.As i am working in mnc… confidence level …is going lower…….m waiting for your best dolution mam…

    • @ Virat,

      I would recommend that you talk to the doctor or specialist who has done your laser treatment and ask him why the brown spots have occured after the treatment. He should treat the spots. And if still you problem persist then we can suggest you remedies.

    • @ Natalie:

      Avocados contain fatty acids, vitamin C and oleic acid, which are good to heal skin and treat hyper pigmentation. Mash a fully ripe avocado and apply on the pigmented area. It was only by a chance that the avocados treatment was not mentioned.

    • @ Anto

      Yes, you can do it. But make sure not to go out with lemon juice on your skin. Rinse it off throughly at least onr hour before you go out during day time.

  32. I am 42 and still fight with acne. I mean really, didn’t I already do my time with DermalMD Acne Serum? I also have a 15 year old who is in his prime for acne. We are on a nightly regiment for our faces and after the first 2 weeks I have noticed a difference in both our faces. It’s amazing. Usually when I try ro do a facial cleansing regiment my face just gets worse. Buy not this time.

  33. Hello mam,
    i have also tried home remedies but not satisfied.i have pigmentation prob. only on my lower part of my eyes pls. suggest me what can i do?

    • @ dipali:

      Have you tried the remedies given in this article? If you see no improvement then I suggest you consult a dermatologist..

  34. Hi Mam,
    I have black patches in under bridge nose, am not sure its pigmentation or something. I have tried all those mentioned remedies & consult dermatologist but no luck to reduce mark & its seems to be spread . I have hormone issues & taking medicines. Please please give a suggestion to reduce my marks.

    • @ Muneer:

      I recommend only natural greens. I advice to many people the natural greens to apply on skin spots and most of them reported that their black spots removed completely. You can use following greens:

      Tomato, cucumber, aloe Vera gel (freshly obtained from aloe vera leaves), freshly squeezed lemon juice. All in equal parts mixed and formed a paste.This paste is applied on dark spots by massage gently for 2 minutes, with an interval of 2 hours. You will see positive results in a couple of weeks.

  35. Hi I have very dark face… I am not a fair complexed girl but medium color. From the neck to I hav a medium wheat colored body but my face is very dark in dark brown shade. I consulted many dermatologist they said me I have hyper pigmentation problem. I used may creams given by them but no use. My face still the same actually it is more darker after using them… I’m really worried, Can you please help me. I don’t have any spots on my face, It is clear but full face is dark color. Please help out..

  36. Hello there, First off thank you so very much for all the time, energy and information that you have provided within your article and the subsequent comments. It is extremely valuable and informative. It would be nice for others to be a little less rude within heir questions, but hat is out of the scope of this site. ? My question is, is it okay to utilize multiple remedies a day? As in, can I use a natural cleanser, exfoliater, toner, moisturizer and even mask together, one after the Other? Basically eliminating any OTC/chemical products from my Regime is the goal, so your input would be greatly appreciated.
    Many Thanks!

  37. Hello,
    I have post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation on my chin as a result of lichen planus. It started 3 years ago. I have been to dermatologists and used topical steroids, azaleic acid but the area of pigmentation has only got bigger. Natural remedies I have tried include lemon and honey masks, coconut oil, castor oil, turmeric, aloe Vera, vitamin e oil. It is still not fading but appears to be getting bigger still. Do you have any further suggestions? I would be eternally grateful if you were able to help me. Thank you in advance.

  38. Mam am age of 24 and like my nose and some part of my face is dark it’s like pigmentation so I have applied potatoes even not worked so as I have read in some site that onion can also helped so I am not sure how far is tis true, so if madam could suggest

  39. I also have these kind of pigmentation…. I think it’s due to whitning cream which I used for some time…. while I’m using these remedies can I use the same cream??? And will these remedies help me with my pigmentation…

  40. Bingo. First time I have came across an article which covers all the aspects of skin pigmentation. It’s reason, types are very well explained and remedies you have mentioned really works for skin pigmentation reduction. I know one of my friend have undergone chemical peel treatment that you have mentioned above and got very good results. Keep up the good work.

  41. Hi
    Can this permanently and completely cure hyperpigmentation or is it just for temporary relief? Also, how often should I use this (daily, weekly etc.) to see results?

    • To start with apply these remedies once a day. Depending upon your skin type and hyperpigmentation, these remedies can give you permanent relief. But you will need to take precautions as mention in the post.

  42. Hi ,

    I have been affected by this Post inflammatory Hyperpigmentation on my neck since last one year, at first I came as small red dots and eventually it spread all over my neck ,after it gone it leaves black marks on all affected area. I tried so many medicines but no use as still the black marks are there. Kindly suggest me is there any natural remedy that can be effectively useful.

  43. Hi! I’ve developed brownish spots on my feet , ankles & area behind the heel .. could you please suggest me treatment so as I could get rid of these spots . Thanks

  44. I am using hydroquinone 2% cream product for 3 years now I stopped it.. After I stopped using my skin is too bad it looks to dark and dark pigmentation.. Plz help me nd give permanent solution …nd natural fairness tips …


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