How To Get Rid Of Lice Fast

How To Get Rid Of Head Lice And Nits Fast

Head Lice infestations are often school age children problem, but they can affect anyone irrespective of age.  Follow these steps about How To Get Rid Of Lice Fast, as soon as you find your child or any member of your family is suffering from Head Lice.

How to get rid of lice naturally
Getting rid of lice

Highly Contagious: It can be transmitted easily via person to person contact and even through clothes or other means, especially in group settings (schools, childcare centers, sports activities, and camps). Lice are itchy and very irritating and they will not clear up on their own.

Head Lice are neither dangerous nor they spread any disease, but they are highly contagious and are very bothersome & irritating. However, their bites can cause your scalp to become itchy and inflamed, and the insistent scratching can lead to skin irritation and even infection.

Caution: To prevent Lice, avoid hair to hair contact, physical contact, sharing of clothes, bed linens, combs, brushes, and hats with a person suffering from head lice, as it can pass on to you.

How to check if a person is suffering from Head Lice: Visual inspection is not a very effective way to check whether you or your child is suffering from Head Lice. Wet-combing is the most effective way to detect an active head lice infestation.  The experts say wet-combing is the only useful way if you want to rule out an active lice infestation.

Procedure to check: You need a nit comb which is easily available in most drug stores. Coat the hair and scalp with a regular hair conditioner, then comb it out in small sections with the nit comb. After every comb-through, wipe the comb with wet paper towel and check for eggs or lice. Repeat this three-four times after every alternate day to inspect your child’s or infested person’s head. If you find your child or any of your family members has head lice, follow these methods to get rid of lice fast.

Lice Treatments: To get rid of head lice can be a lengthy process. Adult lice and immature lice are comparatively easier to get rid of. However, their eggs (known as nits) are stubborn to get rid of. We advise you to keep vigilance even after you get rid of head lice, as any egg remaining can give rise to another case of lice infestation. You have to fight the battle till you get rid of all the lice and all the nits.

1. Getting Rid Of Lice by Hand: In case your child is two years old or younger, we do not advise medicated treatments. Instead try to remove lice and  nits by hand. For this purpose use a fine-tooth comb on your child’s wet and conditioned hair every three days for two weeks. If needed repeat this process till all the lice and nits are removed. Keep vigilance for two three weeks even thereafter and keep repeating process.

Wetting the hair temporarily immobilizes the lice and the conditioner makes it easier to comb through hair.

You can use wet combing treatment also for older children instead of pesticides. Petroleum jelly, olive oil or mayonnaise is also used by some people to immobilize lice.

2. Over-The-Counter Good Quality Lice Treatment:

(i) Buy an over-the-counter good quality lice treatment package. Also buy a good quality nit comb, as a regular comb is not fine enough to remove lice and nits from hair.

(ii) Apply the treatment onto your child’s or infested person’s head and hair. Follow all the directions given on the treatment package carefully, including regarding the duration for which the treatment to be left on the hair and how it should be removed. In case of long and thick hair you may need another bottle or package of the treatment.

(iii) Remove the treatment from the hair as explained in the directions printed on the label. Make it sure not to shampoo or condition the hair with normal shampoo or conditioner for 1-2 days after the treatment, so that the chemical ingredients intended to remain on the hair are not deactivated.

(iv) Ensure that the person changes into clean clothes after the treatment.

(v) After 8-12 hours (or as directed) after the treatment, use the nit comb with water to remove the dead lice or any ones still living.

(vi) One treatment may not always be enough to kill all the eggs and lice. A second treatment is often required 7 to 10 days later.

(vii) Keep a check on the scalp and comb the hair of your child or the infested person daily with the nit comb.  Keep vigilance by following this process for 2-3 weeks to make it sure all the eggs and lice are removed. A second treatment may be required in case any lice might have been hatched again after the initial treatment.

After Treatment Precautions:  After the treatment, you are advised to follow these preventing measures to avoid re-infestation and get rid of the lice & nits:

(i) Machine wash and dry clothing, pillow covers and bed linens that the infested person wore or used recently with hot water of at least (130 degree F) then put them in the hot cycle of the dryer for at least 20 minutes. Bed linens, clothing, stuffed toys and items which are not washable can be sealed in airtight plastic bags and stored for two weeks before their use.  Do not spend a lot of money or time on housecleaning as the head lice when fall off a person cannot feed and survive for long. They can feed only on tine amount of blood.

(ii) Soak hair-care items, such as combs, hair brushes, hair ties or bands with medicated shampoo and / or hot water (at least 130 degree F) for 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can just throw them away.

(iii) Vacuum the floor, carpets and furniture (in your home or car), especially where the infested person sat or lay.

(iv) The bedmates and family members of the infested person will also need treatment to prevent the lice from coming back, since lice can easily pass from person to person in the same house.

Suggested Measures to Prevent kids from Getting Lice: Advise your kids to:

(i) Avoid head-to-head contact in school, gym, on the playground, etc. with other children.

(ii)Not share combs, hair brushes, hats, scarves, ribbons, other hair items or towels, helmets, pillows and other personal care items with  anyone else, whether they have lice or not.

(iii) Twice a week visually inspect heads of your kids to examine if there are any lice or nits on their heads.


(i) Read and follow the directions given on the lable of the treatment exactly, since these treatment products are insecticides. Applying too much medication or using it frequently can be harmful.

(ii) Do not use hair dryer on the infested person’s head after applying lice treatment, since some of them contain flammable ingredients.

(iii) Do not venture to use more than one lice medicated treatment at one time.

(iv) Do not use the same medication more than three times, as it may not be working and instead you might need a different treatment.

(v) Do not use pest control sprays on your head, as that can be harmful.

Follow above steps about how to get rid of lice fast and enjoy healthy and lice free scalp and hair.

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