How To Get Rid Of Under Eye Puffiness

Get Rid Of Under Eyes Puffiness Fast To Look Fresh And Young

To learn how to get rid of bags under your eyes, you need to know first what causes bags under eyes. Bags or under eye puffiness are defined as mild swelling underneath the eyes.   You do not feel fresh and alert when you have puffiness under the eyes and your eyes look tired. They are an indication of stress and fatigue.

What Causes Bags Under Eyes:  Under eye bags make you look tired and older than you really are. You should not sit back thinking that they are a normal aging process.  You need to know causes of under eye puffiness or bags to deal with them effectively.

How to get rid of puffy under eyes
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(1) One of the common causes for under eye bags is heredity. You may have them because your parents are having bags under their eyes. If such is a case with you, you can’t do much about it.

(2) The other most common cause for under eye puffiness is unhealthy life style. Like if you are not having enough proper sleep or eat a lot of salty foods or when you don’t exercise regularly.

(3) Under eye puffiness or bags can also occur as a natural part of your getting older. We all have fat under our eyes. The normal aging process results in weakening of the skin and supporting tissues around the eyes and our skin loses its strength to hold the fat. Gravity then also plays its role in formation of under eye bags.

(4) Medical conditions, like sinus infections and some allergies constantly stretch skin under eyes, making it loose leading to under eye puffiness.

No matter what causes the bags or puffiness under your eyes, you need to learn how to remove bags under eyes. You will find here some effective tips on how to reduce bags under eyes:

Home Remedies For Bags Under Eyes: Let us make clear here that under eye bags and puffiness are two different things. Under eye bags are formed due to the aging because our skin and ligaments get weakened leading to the skin not able to hold fat under the eyes, as it used to. They then usually need a surgical or medical treatment, and they are complex and expensive remedies. The only thing can really help is to cover them up with makeup.

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On the other hand under eye puffiness can be caused by a salty diet, allergies and unhealthy lifestyle, etc. and there are some handy and effective home remedies to reduce under eye puffiness:

(1) Remove Lifestyle Causes: Have enough proper sleep, cut down on salty foods, avoid stress and do some regular exercises.

(2) Potato Remedy: Keep a raw potato in refrigerator for a few minutes. Slice this freshly refrigerated potato into two and place these two halves gently over your closed eyes, covering the puffed areas under your eyes and leave it like that for 15 minutes. You will notice a substantial reduction in the puffiness, as the under eye bags will diminish in size.

(3) Cucumber Slices: Cucumbers are a powerful natural remedy for getting rid of bags under eyes. Cut two slices from a freshly refrigerated cucumber and place these onto your eyes for 20 minutes. Take a short nap as your eyes get relaxed with the cool soothing slices placed over your eyes. The short nap will cover up on any sleeplessness which you might be having and the cool cucumber slices with their anti-inflammatory properties will naturally help to reduce under eye puffiness.

(4) Milky Remedy: This is another effective natural remedy for removing bags under eyes. Dip cotton pads in chilled milk. Cover your closed eyes with these ice-cooled pads for 20 minutes.  Relax while these pads are kept on your eyes.

(5) Chilled Tea Bags: Moisten two tea bags in cold water and keep them in refrigerator for a few minutes. Place the refrigerated cooled tea bags over your closed eyes, lie back and relax for about 15 minutes.  Wash your eyelids and face with cold water after taking off tea bags from your eyes. The tanning in the tea bags will help in removing bags under eyes, and the moisture of the wet tea bags will get absorbed into your eyes skin.

You can use any of black, herbal, steeped chamomile or green tea bags.

(6) Ice-Cold Spoons: Take a glass of ice-cold water and four spoons. Chill the spoons in the cold water and then place one spoon over each of your eyes. Keep swapping the spoons for 10-15 minutes, while letting the free spoons getting chilled in the ice water.

(7) Vitamin E Oil: Add a few drops of vitamin E oil into chilled water contained in a bowl. Dip cotton pads into this mixture and place the cotton pads on the closed eyes for 15 minutes. Lie back and relax. This will help in getting rid of bags under eyes.

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  1. I have tried some of these treatments and so far they haven’t worked. I don’t smoke, drink, eat salty foods, or greasy foods. My family doesn’t have the bags under their eyes, including my 92 year old mother. I am at a loss for what to do or what to use. I’m 52 and have had bags in my 30’s. I hate them and I am constantly aware and self conscious of them. How long should I be trying these methods to know if they’ll work or not?

  2. @jAn:

    As your eye bags are there for the last about 15-20 years, so you should continue to apply above remedies consistently for at least about 2-3 months to see positive resultts……..

  3. Hi , I am 29 years and a bride to be, i am working in night shifts so from past 2-3 months i am not able to get proper sleep, Now my skin is looking dull and have stated developing wrinkles,fine lines, puffuiness and dark circles,although i have fair complection but now my skin looks dull as it used to look beautiful and radiant previously…can you please help me out.?

  4. Great question and I’m glad I can clarify for you. No, my undereye puffiness isn’t due to heredity which I think is a lot harder to address. The factors that make my eyes puffy are not getting enough sleep and having a cat sleep on top of my head every night.

    I used to have have dark circles under my eyes which ARE hereditary and the Lady Soma Renewal Serum helps with evening them out and making them lighter. I will also say that I use it twice a day (morning and evening) and the benefits improve over time. Hope that answers your question!


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