How to increase metabolism – Have healthy weight and be slim

Natural beauty tips to have healthy weight and be slim

Increase metabolism to have healthy weight and be slim. In this article, “natural beauty tips” will guide you about how to increase metabolism to have a healthy weight and be slim. It is very easy, if you just follow a little discipline.

Tips to increase metabolism - have healthy weight and be slim
How to increase metabolism – have healthy weight and be slim

What “natural beauty tips” is going to tell you is not a rocket science. Also don’t expect a magic formula

with sudden results. But natural beauty tips” assure you that certainly you will benefit immensely with time, if you follow these natural beauty tips. These natural tips are not going to cost you anything and are easy to follow.

The key is, increase metabolism:

Metabolism is a biochemical process about conversion of calories into energy. When you are doing physical activities and digesting food, you consume energy and burn fat. You also burn fat even when you are resting. The rate at which you burn fat while you are resting is called your basal metabolic rate (BMR). The key to have healthy weight and be slim is to increase your metabolism so as to keep your internal body clean. There are certain things by doing which you increase  metabolism so that you burn your fat faster even when you are not doing much physical activities. The reverse is that by doing certain things you slow down your metabolism and allow your body to store excess fat without even realizing it.

“Natural beauty tips” will tell you about the things about how to increase metabolism. There are certain things which increase metabolism and on the other side there are certain things which slow down your metabolism. You do the things which increase  metabolism and avoid doing things that slow down your metabolism.

 Foods and eating habits that increase metabolism: When you wake up in the morning you have not eaten anything for the last 8-10 hours. This is your fasting period.That is why what you have first thing in the morning is called breakfast. When you eat breakfast early in the morning, naturally you start burning your calories earlier. This way you can burn more calories throughout the day. This way you increase metabolism and be slim. Another important thing which affect your metabolism rate is what you eat and how often. Following are the lifestyle habits that if you adopt will increase metabolism.

Increase metabolism and be slim
Increase metabolism and be slim

(i)            Start early in the morning with a healthy breakfast including fresh fruits.

(ii)           Try to eat often. It will help in boosting your metabolism throughout the day. As you eat often more number of meals throughout the day you will tend to eat less at any one time. This put less burden on your digestive time and boost is it up.

(iii) Eat spicy foods, hot enough to kick up your metabolism.

(iv) Eat more of lean protein like nuts, seeds, chicken breast, fish/seafood, egg whites, beans, dairy products with high protein and lower sugar content. Protein is high in amino acids so it means your body works more to break it down and therefore you burn more calories while digesting it.

(v) Chew your food at least 30 times before swallowing. It saves your body’s energy stores and increase metabolism.

(vi) List of foods that boost up metabolism: Aloe Vera, Apple, Asparagus, Avocado, Berries, Broccoli, Cabbage, Carrots, Cauliflower, Celery, Cucumbers, Garlic, Grapefruit,  Green & Leafy Veggies, Green Tea, Hot peppers, Indian Goose Berry, Lemons, Lettuce, Low fat yogurt, Mangoes, Onions, Papaya, Pears, Pineapple, Oatmeal, Oranges, Seeds, Spinach, Soup, Tomatoes, Turnips, Raw Nuts, Zucchini.

Things which slow down your metabolism:

(i) Eating poorly: Avoid highly processed / junk foods, sodas, cakes and sugary drinks/products. Eat more of natural and organic foods.

(ii) Stress: Stress causes high levels of a hormone called cortisol in your system. It leads to fat around your belly. Relax & let go your stress.

(iii) Not enough sleep: If you have less of sleep, your body gets exhausted and your efficiency goes down in burning your calories.

(iv) Toxins in your system: As your body needs to work extra hard to eliminate toxins from your body, your metabolism slows down. Avoid too much of alcoholic drinks, smoke, caffeine. Drink a lot of water to flush out toxins.

(v) Avoid Fad Dieting / Avoid Super Low Calories Diet: Strict dieting can slow down your metabolism. Avoid super low calories and fad diets. Fad and super low calories diets make your body to switch to starvation mode and adjust your metabolism rate so that your body gets into a mode of low burning calories rate. Then when you eat again your body stores the calories as fat. Super low calories and fad diets work in short term. For having a sustained healthy weight and slim body, the key is to improve your eating habits.

 Above factors are under your control. However, there are some factors that affect your metabolism and are beyond your control. Some people suffer from under-active thyroid or family genetics and are prone to overweight. As you age, metabolism as a natural process slow down, especially in women. In such cases, I suggest exercising.

 Natural beauty tips – Exercising to increase metabolism:

 (i)  Do physical activities in whatever form. Cycling, walking, jogging, swimming, etc. Do it regularly. But best would be to do a little changes once in a while in your exercising style, so that your body keeps improving. Start slowly with ten minutes a day, then increase it to 12, 15, 20 minutes to half an hour.

 (ii) Do intervals: Supposeyou walk for 15 minutes. Do it like this. After every two minutes you walk faster or run for one minute. This way your body work harder and you     increase metabolism rate.

 (iii) Move your body: Stand up from your desk and walk around in your office or home. Walk up and down the stairs instead of using elevators or lifts.  Play with your children, dog or cat. Park your car away from your office or market. If you keep doing these little things, your metabolism stays revved up and you will keep consuming calories throughout the day. With the result you increase metabolism and have healthy weight.

Follow above tips about how to increase metabolism and be slim

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    You gave some very good information. My question is if you are eating right but, have physical limitations will you still lose weight? Maybe you could do a post for people who have limited physical mobility.


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