How To Keep Your Skin Healthy

Tips for Healthy Skin to keep your skin young and healthy

If you don’t have time for intensive skin care, follow our easy and simple natural healthy skin tips and healthy life style to delay the natural aging process and protect your skin from getting dull and old.

How to keep skin healthy naturally
How to keep skin healthy

The extreme cold, hot, dry or sunny weather can tax your skin heavily, leaving it out dull, rough and dry. Here are our best healthy skin tips to keep your skin glowing, healthy and young.

1. A dehydrated skin is prone to age out early. To keep your skin supple and young, drink plenty of water daily (about 8 to 10 glasses a day).  You can also have herbal tea and green tea which are not caffeinated, as water supplements. They will not only keep your inside-out hydrated, but they work as excellent anti-oxidants as well. Other hydration sources are juicy vegetables and fruits, like cucumbers, lettuce, apples, and berries.

2. Avoid hot bath / showers for long duration.  They strip your skin off natural protective oils. Try to take bath with cool water. In case you find cool water uncomfortable, use lukewarm water. Hot water is not good for skin, as it dry out and toughens your skin. On the other hand cool water tightens and tones up your skin.

While washing your face, rinse it with cool water rather than hot water.

Remember to use face cleansers which are especially designed for washing faces to wash your face.

3. Avoid using soap, commercial washes and scrubs containing detergents that strip your skin off natural protective oils and dry it out. Instead, choose good quality mild cleansers.

4. Too much of sun exposure age your skin pre-maturely. It temporarily tan your skin and brightened up your looks, but its exposure over a period of time is extremely damaging. Too much exposure of your skin to sun contributes to getting wrinkles, age spots and other skin problems.

Avoid sun exposure between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. During this time the sun rays are strongest.

Use a broad-spectrum sunscreen with an at least 15 SPF.

Make a habit of wearing wide-brimmed hats when going out in sun.

Apply sunscreen onto your skin exposed areas, like neck, chest, arms and legs too when you are going out in sun wearing shorts.

5. Keep your skin moisturized. After taking bath or washing your face, gently pat dry your skin so that some moisture remains on your skin. Immediately after patting yourself dry, apply moisturizer that fits your skin type to seal in the moisture and shield your skin from dry air throughout the day.

Consider using a moisturizer having SPF.

Switch the moisturizer according to the seasons. In winters your skin needs more moisturizer. Accordingly, go for a heavier moisturizer in cold weather and a lighter one in summers.

6. Do not leave makeup on your face when you go to bed. Your skin too needs to have breathing time; otherwise the makeup sits on your skin whole night playing hard on your skin. Use a good quality makeup remover and rinse off the makeup residue left on your face with cool or lukewarm water every night before you go to bed.

7. Keep your hands off your face. Touching too often your face will pass on the dirt and bacteria from your hands onto your face, which can clog your skin pores triggering skin problems.

8. Don’t let the hair touch your face too often so as to prevent the dirt and oil from your hair to stick onto your face-skin pores. This can lead to blocking of your pores and acne breakout.

9. While you sleep at night the oil, dirt and bacteria are passed on from your hair onto your pillow cover.  So change your pillow cover with a washed one every night or every alternate night.

10. No matter how much you take care of your skin, consuming certain harmful substances will set back on your quest for getting healthy and young skin. Avoid these three harmful substances:

(i) Smoking, as it makes your skin age faster.

(ii) Alcohol, as its over consumption enlarges the blood vessels near the surface of your facial skin and out-stretch it, especially around the eyes.

(iii) Consuming too much of caffeinated drinks, like tea or coffee, make your skin dehydrated.

11. Consume a balanced diet for healthy skin. Best foods for healthy skin are fruits, vegetables, lean proteins and whole grains. Include in your diet foods that are good for healthy skin, like avocados and nuts and those which contain vitamin A, E, and C, such as sweet potatoes, carrots, kale, spinach, broccoli, mangoes and blueberries.

12. Exercise tones your skin and improves blood circulation, improving your overall health which shines through your skin.  Do anything that gets you sweating, such as go for jogging, cycling, walking, etc.

(i) Cardio exercises, like running, biking, fast walking, improve your blood circulation getting you healthy skin.

(ii) Weight training exercises strengthen your muscles which in turn improves your skin tone, making it look smoother.

(iii) Yoga and flexibility types of exercises tighten your skin and tone your muscles.

Follow above tips about how to have healthy skin to make your skin healthy and look young.

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