How To Lighten Dark Lips Natural Home Remedies

9 Home Remedies To Lighten Dark Lips

Every woman likes to have rosy and pink lips. Pinkish lips enhance your beauty. In this article you will find 9 best natural home remedies to lighten dark lips.

How To Lighten Dark Lips Naturally
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Sometimes darker lips are genetically inherited and are most commonly found in dark complexioned people.

However, lifestyle is also a huge contributory factor in having darker lips. There are several factors that can cause your lips to get darker. The most common causes for darker lips are exposure to sun, UV rays, smoking, allergies, too much caffeine intake, hormonal imbalances and age.

Who does not like to have pink rosy lips? Everyone does. But you cannot wear lipstick or lip balms at all times. For your benefit we will tell you 8 best ways to lighten dark lips. Read on here for the best natural home remedies to help you in getting rosy pink lips.

1. Sugar Scrub: This natural scrub works as an excellent lips exfoliant. Whereas the sugar helps in getting rid of unwanted dead skin cells present on your lips, the butter helps to improve the color and enhance gloss on your lips. Make a thick paste by mixing three spoons of sugar powder with two spoons of butter. Use this mixture as a scrub over your lips. Try this natural beauty tip two to three times a week to get lighter lips.

2. Homemade Natural Scrub for lips: Make a thick turmeric paste by mixing milk with turmeric powder. Wet your lips with water and first scrub off your lips gently with a soft tooth brush. A soft tooth brush is a very good exfoliator for your lips. Apply a bit of the turmeric paste on all over your lips and let it remain there for not more than 2-3 minutes. Exfoliate your lips again gently with the soft tooth brush. You should do it lightly for 2-3 minutes, so that you do not scrape off healthy cells. Pat dry your lips and apply lip balm of your choice. It’s better to use homemade lip balm. Continue reading below for homemade lip balm recipe.

3. Lemon Juice:  Lemon is known for its natural bleaching properties. Hence, it’s an effective natural home remedy to lighten dark lips. It can not only lighten dark lips, but also can remove darker patches and spots from your lips and skin. Lemon juice works to exfoliate your lip’s skin and brings up new tone on your lips. Squeeze a lemon and massage its fresh juice over your lips. You can apply this home remedy every night before you sleep to get glossy and pink lips.

4. Lemon, Sugar Lip Scrub: In a small bowl, mix in 1 teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and coconut oil. Add in and stir thoroughly 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar, a bit at a time to make thick paste of uniform consistency. If needed, you can add in more sugar. After mixing it well, you can transfer the scrub into a suitable storage container. It can be safely kept in fridge for about one week.

Apply a little bit of the scrub to your lips, and scrub it in circular motion. To effectively exfoliate your lips, use a small toothbrush. Rinse your lips with warm water, and apply a balm or gloss of your choice.

5. Honey: Honey is another natural home remedy to treat dark lips that have turned dark with age and external factors. Apply honey on all over your lips every night, let it dry and remain there overnight. It will not only lighten your lips, but also soften and give them a pink glow.

6. Beet Root: The deep purple color ingredient present in beetroot has natural properties to reduce gradually darkness of your lips and thus can cleanse and lighten your dark lips.

7. Homemade Strawberry Lip balm: To get naturally smooth pink lips, mix one spoon of strawberry with two spoons of petroleum jelly. Try this as a lip balm daily to get glossy pink lips.

8. Raspberry Scrub: Raspberry contains essential minerals and vitamins which can make your lips vibrant and bubbly. Make a paste by mixing raspberry with aloe vera and pure honey. Message and scrub your lips with this paste and rinse it off after 10 minutes. Thereafter apply a homemade lip balm on your lips   to enhance gloss on your lips and give them pink color.

9. Olive Oil: Olive oil contains several vital minerals, vitamins and other nutrients. Scrub olive oil onto your lips before you sleep at night to soften your lips and give natural glow to them.

Now we have given above the best natural beauty tips to lighten your lips. Practice them and see how your lips bloom and glow like a pink rose.

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  1. While natural pink lips are most important element of a woman and man’s charm which add to their appeal,dark lips can tarnish personal image and can cause embarrassment.There are many factors that can cause your lips to go dark. The main causes are the exposure to UV rays, allergies, smoking, caffeine intake and hormonal imbalances. However, dark lips are one of the most common problems affecting people of all ages.To get rid of dark lips one should go for LIP LITE. It works like a panacea for lips. It is particularly designed for de-pigmentation of lips. It helps to abate pigment formation that causes darkness and results in bright and pink lips that aesthetically define your face.

  2. My upper lip is dark and it’s embarassing. Some people even ask me if I smoke but I really not. I saw in our kitchen that we have Filippo Berio Extra Virgin Olive Oil and Langnese Honey. Can I use these two to lighten my lips, if I put it every night?

  3. I have dark lips genetically and since i have a dull complexion they make me look even more sallow. Will these remedies help even if i haven’t acquired the dark color rather have inherited it???

    • @Ansuman:

      Smoking causes dark lips. You can lighten smokers’ dark lips by applying above lips lightening home remedies regularly. It will take time and you need to have patience.

  4. Super Tips. Specially the way you make and use the Scrub… Just Love it. 🙂
    Besides, I got much similarities like this where it use to banish dark circles at this site.

    Hope you may add some more from it.

  5. @nikki:

    If your problem is due to genetic coming from parents to children then these remedies may not make substantial improvement. However, to make your lips look beautiful and luscious apply these remedies:

    (i) First of all you have to exfoliate your lips with some good natural ingredients. You can take brown or white sugar, lemon, olive oil and honey mix them together and rub it on your lips but do it gently. Then rinse it off.

    (ii) When you are going to sleep take an old tooth brush and some toothpaste and apply on your lips every night. After 15 minutes wash it.

    I hope you will see positive results.

  6. You know. I have dark lips since birth and I want it to be pink. What should I do? Im not that too dark. And not that white. Im just having a moderate complexion . Why I have this dark lips? Help me pls.

  7. I was not born with dark lips however with time my lips began to grow dark. My bottom lip is dark around the edges and my upper lip is dark as is. Do you think these remedies can work on me? My parents do not have dark lips but one of my grandmothers has darkish lips, though her colour improved with time.

    • @ Zee:

      These remedies are best natural remedies to brighten your lips. Yes, these wiil work on you. Good luck…………

  8. I have dark upper lips and pink lower lips.. is that genetic problem or can I able to lighten my dark upper lip.. I don’t smoke.. I used to have a cup of tea daily..

    • @jas:

      When the hyperpigmentation occurs on your upper lip, this may be due to melasma. Although caffeine and nicotine use, as well as genetic factors, can play a role, the two major reasons for melasma are sun exposure and hormones.

      Try following home remedies:

      (i) Use a honey, lime and sugar scrub to exfoliate your lips and specially the upper lip. This removes the hair which gives your lips a shadow. Exfoliation also gets rid of dark and dead skin cells that help to give the lips a rosy glow.

      (ii) Rub a lime on your lips. This helps to treat the pigmentation effectively as lime has natural bleaching characteristics. You can also dab on some lemon juice on your lips with the help of cotton. If you have a dark upper lip shadow, the lime juice will also help to lighten the hair.

      If you don’t see any positive results after 5-6 weeks applying these remedies, you may consult a dematologist / skin specialist.

  9. I have dark upper lip but my pink lips are very pinkish..i have tried many things like using honey, toothbrush,lemon etc to make it pink…but i hv not yet acheived that pinkish lips..what else can i do to make my black lips pink?

  10. Hello…..i have tried many things like using honey, toothbrush,lemon etc to make it pink…but i hv not yet acheived that pinkish lips..what else can i do to make my black lips pink?

    • @geetta:

      Try this remedy:

      Make a lips scrub by mixing sugar, honey and lime. Exfoliate your upper lip with this scrub to remove dark, dead skin cells. This will lighten the dark color of your upper lip.

  11. @ayesha:

    Yes, use this treatment and the other above suggested remedies to restore pink color of your lips. These remedies will certainly liven up your lips.


    • @Deepthi:

      Yes, you can apply glycerin daily on your lips. You can mix lemon juice with glycerin and apply daily on your lips and face as well. For lightening your lips, use the lemon sugar lips scrub as suggested above.

    • @YNNM:

      Lemonvate cream sholud not be used for skin or lips lightenng without taking advice from a dermatologist. This is a medacine cream and should be used after taking advice from physicion. This can harm your skin. First take advice from a dermatologist before using it for skin or lips lightening purpose.

  13. Hi! So my problem is I used to bit my lips when I younger and now I have dark pigment in my lower lips. I have tried everything but nothing works so I was wondering if you have any advice you can give me on what I could try.. Thank you


    • @ sana:

      As per my experience, petroleum jelly does not cause darkening of lips. As you were borne with light colored lips, your lips color can be restored by applying the remedies given above.

      Wish you good luck!

  15. My lips have been turning darker for a few years now , I don’t knew what it is they use to be so pink. I do not smoke. I’ve been exfoliating regularly . I’m considering getting surgery when I get a little older if these remidies don’t work, the thing is my lip isn’t COMPLETELY dark, the middle is still cherry pinkish. I will add pictures . Please help me.

  16. Naturally my lips are pink but the past few years they get started darker. I hate drinking coffee and smoking. I have also concerned with a doctor but she told me to use Vaseline because I have really dry lips and I really have a bad habit to lick my lips when I feel they are dry. But this Vaseline doesn’t suit on my lips now what I am supposed to do?

    • @riya:

      If your lips are dark since birth, it’s very difficult to make them pink. However, by applying these remedies you can lighten your lips’ dark color and make them look smooth and supple.


    • @alysia:

      Yes, you can use sugar and freshly squeezed lemon/ lime juice every morning and night to lighten your dark lips. Mix these two ingredients to make a scrub and rub your lips with it.

    • @ sani:

      (i) Exfoliation slough off the upper layers of dark, pigmented skin and uncover the newer, lighter skin underneath. Use a facial scrub 3-4 times a week to exfoliate the skin above your lip. You can use a store-bought product, or make your own scrub using sugar or salt. You can make an exfoliating scrub by mixing 1 cup of brown sugar with 3 tbsp. olive oil. Message the scrub onto the skin above your lip, rubbing in gentle circular motions for about a minute before rinsing it off with cool water. This will remove dead skin cells that could be clogging pores.

      (ii) Alternatively, talk to your dermatologist about treatment options. For some, a cream or ointment containing tretinoin, kojic acid and azelaic acid can help to fade the dark pigmentation. Your dermatologist may also prescribe hydroquinone cream that effectively bleaches the skin so the dark shadow is less visible. You could consider getting a microdermabrasion treatment, which is usually performed by a dermatologist using a rotating brush with a crystal head that effectively removes the upper layers of dark skin.

    • @ henry:

      If you are born with dark lip color, please don’t expect dramatic brightening of your lower lip. However, if you use these remedies you can atleast make your lips soft, luscious and brighten by a few shades at least.

  18. Hi I wanted to know was that will it actually work and how long will it take for me because I got dark lips by licking my lips a lot I kinda tried the lemon already nothing seemed to change and I also have chapped lips so plz give me advice.

  19. Hi Henry:

    The Food and Drug Department says some steroid creams used as skin lightening agents can cause severe disfiguring diseases and other harmful effects on the body. Lemonvate cream is one of them,
    Such creams use should be used with the prescription and under supervision of a doctor and its use should not exceed 14 days.

  20. Hi, Hope you might solve my problem.
    I’m now 31 yrs. During my teenage and up to nearly 24 years of age my lips seemed bright soft and pink without using any kind of treatments. I started smoking nearly at the age of 22. And after 24 I noticed that my lips are going darker and darker. Now its darker and dry. and I lick my lips every often when it becomes dry. Moreover I am exposure to sunlight for atleast 6 – 8 hrs per day due to my nature of job. Due to this my face, neck and my hands are also becoming dark. Can I overcome this problem by the above mentioned tips. Please help me by giving more tips. Thanks in Advance..

  21. I have been using Olive oil for past two months and i didnt get positive results (my lips are black), instead my lips came very black comparing too initial stage
    Now, im using the mixture of olive oil and sugar for scrubbing my lips every night
    Can you pls advise how much days it ill take to get +ve result while using olive+sugar
    Please share if any effective natural method

    • @skg:

      Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice and honey in equal parts and gently rub this mixture onto your lips every night before you sleep. You can keep this mixture on your lips overnight.

    • @johnby:

      Since, you were born with black lips – so we can’t expect them to get lightened to great extent. However, we suggest you apply above remedies to lighten your lips by a few shades. Also with the above remedies you can make your lips soft, supple and luscious…

  22. I had pink lips since I was born, and after roughly age 11ish my lips started to get darker around the upper lip and bottom sides, what remedies do you suggest?, I’ve used some but they don’t seem to be working.

  23. I don’t smoke… niether do I drink..then too my lips are becoming dark… my complexion is neither bright nor dark…everyone’s asking me whether you smoke.. its really getting embarrassing for me.. I’m applying olive oil mixed with dabur honey… will this change the colour of my lips..and how many days will it take?

    • @ chris:

      Try this remedy:

      Exfoliation is one of the best ways to remove dead skin cells. To make your natural lip exfoliant from lemon, take a slice and squeeze the juice into a small amount of granulated sugar.

      Mix the two ingredients well and apply on your lips using a finger. Rub gently in a circular motion to avoid skin injuries. Repeat the process every night before you go to bed and you will notice a positive change after few weeks.

  24. At the moment I’m using olive oil mixed with honey.. it has only been a week.. should I continue with this remedy and wait for the results or should I followed your opinion mentioned above( about lemon and sugar)

  25. I naturally have dark lips. Although I ain’t tried the above tips, I have done something similar to it: I mix honey with lemon juice and apply the mixture on my lips virtually twice a day. I have been doing this for a week, but I see no positive result. please what again should I do?

  26. I naturally have dark lips. Although I ain’t tried the above tips, I have done something similar to it: I mixed honey with lemon juice and applied the mixture on my lips. I virtually did this twice a day for a week, but It seemed that I ain’t getting positive result. What again should I do, please? I, indeed, wanna lighten my lips; they are embarrassing me!

    • @ Josh:

      As you are borne with dark lips, you can not expect to lighten them to a great extent. Hoever, you can apply above remedies to make them look supple, smooth and lightened by a few shades. You will start seeing positive results in a month time..

  27. @ kiran:

    That depends on how extensively your lips are dark and cause of the lips darkness. Have patience and use above remedies regularly to see positive results in a month…..

  28. My lips are dark from my childhood it came from my father genetically.. I am not a smoker,my lips are dark black what can I do for this problem? Pls give detail procedure…

  29. Assalam-o-Alaikum!My lips were of light pink colour 4 years ago….when i started my job i used to apply matte lipsticks along with glitter smetimes…..aftr a few time period my lips gonna darker and upper layer of lip skin started removed and lips cracked…frst i did a lot care…i left using lipsticks and start using lip oil….but not beneficial..thn i consulted a skin specialist,he recomended me an ointment named “HEALIT” and a cream named “ADVANTAN”…nw i use lipstick only at the time of any function….after 2 months i gonna married…i read all tips,i’m impresssed and wll apply one of these to get pink lips….but wht do i do when my lips skin get hard like a soft wood piece….?plz tell me its solution within 3-4 days…..u can text me on my fb account shazy bhatti with same email address….i’ll be thankful to u….kindly reply me in my fb inbox shanzy bhatti with a dp of a girl puttng hand in blue coloured water….i’ll wait for ur ans…..u can also check my abouts related to study,it consist of studied at san fransisco california….plz plz reply must…

  30. my skin is dark around mouth & under eyes….even my lips became dark…whart should i do to lighten around mouth,eyes
    & lips.??

  31. Can I apply lemon juice overnight on lips? I have dark patches on lower lip. Please suggest some effective remedy.

    • Shehnaz:

      You can apply a mixture of lemon juice, honey and glycerin (equal parts) for improving the complexion of your lips. After applying leave it overnight. Apply this remedy regularly until you get the desired results.

  32. Hello, I smoked for almost five years and I can not quit, and my lips became black. I put Vaseline on my lips of three to four hours a day, before I sleep I put lemon with glycerol. My question is will my lips return to pink? I need your help?

    Sorry for bad english ?
    From Jordan

    • @ Rahal:

      Use these remedies regularly and you will see your lips color lightened. Your lips will also become pretty. Have patience…

  33. I find this post ridiculous. To say that to be beautiful you must have rosy lips. And to state that Every woman likes to have rosy and pink lips. Well I am a woman and I do not like rosy pink lips and I know many that do not either. Beauty is in loving yourself and being yourself. with your differences. but it seems that if you have dark lips you should not love them ,,,,you should make efforts to change them to pink. Beauty is in your soul and then in your personality and mind and then in your beautiful body whatever its shape and color. Do not change your dark lips change your attitude and learn to love yourself as you are!!!

    • @ Ana:

      I do agree with you. But what I am talking here is from the majority point of view. Nevertheless, these remedies will also make your lips more supple and lucious..

  34. Hi my lower lip is darker due to a bad fall I had when I was child I damaged my lip and the darker part is due to the scarring that remained recently I started using a new facial cleanser and realized it also lightened my lip I didn’t think anything could get rid of my dark patch because I thought the scar was permanent so I became curious and ended up finding this page thanks for the tips I will try them out!! People also ask me regularly if I smoke too but I don’t however I do drink a lot of caffeine due to my job being very physically demanding but I’ll cut back from now on now that I know the caffeine is probably a contributer to my darker lip colour and not just because of my scar thanks so much its been very helpful and informative

  35. sir and madam please help me to get rid of my black lips .iam not born with black lips .but since sts fifth i had black lips . iam now 17 years old . my upper lip is very black. i use besan yurmeric and curd every day .despite of my 7 months usage i didnt see any betterment .please please please do suggest me some wonderful remedy for this i would be very grateful to you .thank you.

  36. my upper lip became very dark since i was at age 11 till then my lips were very pink…don’t know what the reason may be because of caffeine and tea drinking everyday…do this remedies help me get pink lips again? im sure that it is not because of genetics and evolution

    • @ Sassy:

      For best results use dried strawberries. Although, they are dehydrated with almost no moisture but still contain all the lovely color, scent, and flavor of fresh strawberries. Ground them into a powder and add them to the petroleum jelly. What you will get a lightly tinted balm cum scrub with a light scent and flavor of strawberries, with NO artificial ingredients! Message this lip balm cum lip scrub on your lips before sleeping at night every day.

  37. Hello chandni mam . nice to see you still reply to each comment on an old post. I have dark spots on my lip which is due to licking habit which I had some years ago and they are not going totally on their own though they have became light . how can erase them totally. Thankyou

  38. Hello,

    My lower lips have dark patches on outside. Thus, the colour of my lips are not uniform. This might be due to smoking. Now, it has become embarrassing and I need some solution for uniformity in colour and lightening the colour.

    My skin type is wheatish and I have an oily skin on face but, combination skin elsewhere on the body.


  39. What should I do if only my side lips are darker than the middle…… any quick and efficient and very best remedy for my lips to make them red….

    • @ Shivam:

      It may be due to post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation from eczema or irritation. This condition can be caused by drooling, antibiotics, chewing gum, dental ware and eczema. This can also happen if products used for dental hygiene have alcohol or very strong flavoring, like mint or cinnamon. I would suggest that putting a little petroleum jelly in the lip corners at night time will protect them and help fade away the dark patches and to discontinue any oral hygiene products that have alcohol or strong flavors.

      If the discoloration does not go away after a couple of months, Please consult a good dermatologist for treatment.

  40. hi ! recently i have been to a trip where the climate is cold. i took good care of my lips to stop them from being chapped but still i ended up having chapped lips. now my lips are healed but it became darker even my upper lip skin has become darker after that i have a wheatish skin tone. please help me out

    • @ Shazia:

      People born with dark lips should not expect remarkable difference. But yes these remedies will make your lips look a couple of shades lighter, soft and lucious.

  41. Before reading this article I was so worried about my darker lips but after applying honey on my lips it becomes pink and smoother. Thanks for sharing this article with us

  42. Many doctors suggest for ktp laser if you have it genetically. Lemon, Sugar Lip Scrub can be a good solution for hiding dark spots.

  43. Hey
    i have been using lemon scrub as you suggested and i can see the results.
    Thank you for your guidance

  44. Thank you so much for such detailed post.
    and if you dont want to use home remedy but still want a “NATURAL SOLUTION”/CHEMICAL FREE
    Go buy Zoivane Men’s Smoker’s Paradise Lip Balm from AMAZON or NYKAA

  45. I got the lemon juice but how do i preserve it? Can it be refrigerated? Or do I need to prepare the juice whenever I want to use it?

  46. I smoke my lips are very dark……… How can i get rid of these dark lips.

    I used all above treatment but it dosnt work…..
    How can u help me

    • First stop smoking. Apply these remedies with patience and with time you will see results. Just think for how many years you have been smoking and all that darkness gathered on your lips for so many years can not be removed in a few week times.

  47. Thanks for the tips. Its great.
    Tan on the lips makes your overall look unattractive but beautiful lips perfect face and appearance.

  48. Such a superb article. You provide helpful Ayurvedic tips for Skincare. Most of people suffering skin problem. So its for very useful for hose people. Thanks for sharing.


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