How To Lighten Dark Lips Naturally

Natural Remedies To Get Rid Of Dark Lips

There can be many reasons for your dark lips. Sometimes lips are dark naturally. The other factors that cause lips to get darker are smoking, sun exposure, UV rays,  hormonal imbalances, allergies to various chemicals and ingredients from the lip makeup products that we use, and too much of tea & caffeine intake. Read on here how to lighten lips.

How to get rid of dark lips
How to lighten dark lips

Rosy lips are one of the most desired features of a woman’s charm which make her look gorgeous. If you are having rosy lips, you don’t require wearing lipstick all the times.

Here are best natural remedies about how to get rid of dark lips. These remedies work on lips that have become dark due to age and other external factors:

1. The first step to lighten dark lips is to find out which of the above reasons are responsible for making your lips look dark. After identifying the culprit, we suggest you quit that habit and then begin the dark lips lightening treatment with the help of various natural ingredients available in your home.

2. Second step about how to lighten lips is take care of your skin in general by consuming healthy foods to improve your skin conditions in general.

3. Third step is to select and use lips makeup products having skin friendly ingredients, without any harmful chemicals and bleachers to eliminate the possibility of causing any damages to your lips.

4. Rest of our recommended steps about how to lighten dark lips includes some natural home remedies. Here are the best selected home remedies to lighten lips:

(i) Exfoliate your lips every day to remove the dead skin cells, as they make your lips to look dark and dull. For this purpose an easy way is to use a wet baby toothbrush or home made sugar scrub. Afterwards apply honey all over your lips. In case your lips are chapped, then use baby tooth brush coated with Vaseline.

You can make a natural lips sugar scrub by mixing sugar with cold cream.

Visit this link to learn how to exfoliate your lips.

(ii) Honey is an effective natural remedy to lighten lips that have become dark with age and other external factors. Honey is a natural ingredient having many beauty benefits, including that it can soften your lips and provide your lips a pinkish glow. You can apply honey all over your lips at bedtime and let it dry. Don’t wash it off. You can also make a mixture of honey, lime juice and glycerin and apply it daily.

(iii) Lemon juice is well known for its skin lightening abilities and can be used for lightening your lips. As the lemon juice is acidic, so it would help in removing all the dead skin cells and free agents from the surface of your lips. Bedtime is the best time to massage your lips with freshly squeezed lemon juice, before you go to sleep.

(iv) Almond oil is another widely used home remedy to get rid of dark lips. You will find many lip balms and glosses that contain almond oil.

Extreme weather conditions, including too much exposure to sun, can harm your skin and lips, so make it sure to apply almond oil on your lips if you are heading out in blinding sun or extreme weathers.

You can also massage your lips with a mixture of castor oil and almond oil to lighten your lips.

(v) Make your own natural lip balm by mixing a little of strawberry juice with double the quantity of petroleum jelly. Apply this home made effective lip balm daily on your lips for getting smooth and pinkish lips.

(vi) Many berries like raspberries and strawberries contain vital minerals and vitamins that keep your lips healthy & lively and contribute in treating dark lips. You can make a paste by mixing 1 to 2 rasberries with 1 teaspoon of honey and 1-2 tea spoons of aloe Vera juice or gel. Message this paste on your lips and leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Wash it off and apply a home-made lip balm or Vaseline or petroleum jelly.

(vii) Clove oil is also used to treat dark and patchy lips. Olive oil is another best oil amongst other oils, because it is known to be healthy to use on lips to make them lively and vibrant. Apply any of these oils before you go to sleep.

(vii) Apple cider vinegar is another effective natural ingredient to massage on your lips to lighten them naturally.

(viii) Rub your lips daily with a mixture of gram flour with a little of honey and lemon juice to make them rosy.

(ix) Beetroot juice is known to have natural bleaching properties and therefore apply it over your lips to lighten them.

(x) Raw potato juice also has properties to lighten your dark lips naturally.

(xi) Avoid smoking and cut down on the intake of tea and coffee, as they not only stain your teeth – they can also cause further darkening of your lips.

(xii) Avoid wearing lipstick all the times, as it can contribute to lips darkening. So avoid continued use of them over a long period. Keep your lips bare and let them breath, unless it is necessary to wear lipstick.

(xiii) Use a lip balm which has SPF in it or use sunscreen whenever you go out in the sun, which can otherwise increase the amount of pigments in your lips and make them dark and dull.

Follow the above easy lips lightening remedies regularly to make your lips soft, smooth, lively and blooming like a rose.

If the above home remedies to lighten dark lips are not working, consider consulting your dermatologist, as you may need an intensive lips lightening cream or other treatment.

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  1. I find your blog via Google and found these tips really amazing and awesome. These tips has great effect against dark lips.
    Thanks for sharing such valuable stuff

    • They will work excellent togetther in Sugar, Lemon Scrub for lips. Here is recipe:

      In a small bowl, add 1 teaspoon freshly squeezed lemon juice and 1 teaspoon coconut oil. Stir in approximately 2 teaspoons of granulated sugar, a bit at a time to form a thick paste. You should be able to really feel the sugar granules. Add more sugar if needed. You want it to have thick onsistency.

      Once it’s throughly mixed, you can transfer the scrub into a suitable storage container. You can keep it for about one week in the fridge.

      Apply a small amount onto your lips, and scrub it in circular motion. For extra exfoliation, you can also use a small toothbrush. Rinse with warm water, and apply balm or gloss of your choice.

  2. Great tips! Very effective, I’ve definity noticed a difference in my lips not only are they lighter but also way more soft and plump 😀

  3. @ kiki:

    Thanks for appreciation. Our other posts also contained best natural remedies afor skin, hair and other body parts. You may please read them and also share with your friends and relatives………

    • @vijayalakshime:

      You should consult with a qualified good dermatologist to treat the discoloration of your lips. Be certain to be under the supervision of a good dermatologist for the most effective and safe treatment options. I hope this helps.

    • @ love:

      You can use honey to lighten your dark lips. Honey is an amazing natural moisturizing ingredient that can be used to treat dark lips. It not only lightens your lips but also makes them soft. Apply honey on your lips before going to bed, let it dry and leave it on overnight, every day. In the morning, rinse it off with lukewarm water. Do this daily to lighten your lips. You will notice a change in your lip color after 4-5 weeks.

  4. @ samarth:

    The nutritional characteristics of honey make it an amazing healing and anti-bacterial agent. The herbal benefits of Aloe Vera make it an amazing healing agent for skin. Although, you can use them together, but it all depends on the purpose for which you want to use them.

  5. i am currently using beetroot juice,how long do i need to use it before i see any results. my lips r very dark and its depressing me

    • @Shaz:

      Use lemon juice remedy – remedy no. (iii) – also as given above. You will start seing improvement in a few weeks time.

  6. my lips are so dark people are really teasing me for this i’m so depressed i ttried almost evry tip mentioned above for so many days from two months im contionuously applying lemon+sugar+honey solution to my lips bt no change in the color im vexed
    so pls can yu suggest me any chemical product that really works????

    • @ esther:

      Lemon juice has skin lightening properties, so can be used to lighten lips. Lemon juice is acidic and thus helps in getting rid of dead skin cells and free radicals from the surface of your lips. Before you go to sleep at night massage your lips with freshly squeezed lemon juice.

  7. Hi. My upper lip is dark but my lower lip is pink with darkened ends. Although, they have been this way for a long time, I don’t think this is my lips’ natural color since my lips are pink in my baby pics. I have been told my lips have been this way ever since I had a fever when I was one. I am twenty two now. I don’t smoke, or drink coffee or tea nor do i use lipstick on a regular basis. Do you think honey and sugar scrub can help regain my upper lips’s pink color or do you have any other tips? And how long would I have to do this before my lips lighten up to a pink color?

  8. I have some questions regarding my lips
    1. What if I apply honey 2-3 times a day Is there any harm?
    2. What is best for lightening among these honey, lemon juice, olive oil, sugar with butter? Or a mixture of them?
    3. Sugar powder must be used or granules?
    please guide!

    • @ Hema:

      1. There is no harm at all in applying honey on to your lips 2-3 times a day.

      2. You can exfoliate your lips with liemon slice at night and then honey. Also rub your lips daily with a mixture of gram flour with a little of honey and lemon juice to make them pinkish.

      3. Use sugar granules / grains as they are naturally small and rough, which make them ideal for sloughing dead skin cells. When added to an oil, such as grapeseed or olive oil, sugar is a fantastic exfoliant. Moreover, it contains glycolic, which helps to naturally break down dead skin cells.

  9. my lips are dark black n i m not smokin what to use for pink lips i m using lemon and honey on my lips it will help to become to pink lips plzz tell me the ryt ans

    • @ rahman:

      Mix honey and freshly squeezed lemon juice in equal parts and massage the mixture on to your lips before you sleep at night. Let it stay on overnight. It will lighten your lips by a few shades. There is no remedy to convert dark black lips into pink color.

      Also you can make a natural lips scrub by mixing together a tablespoon of brown sugar with just enough honey (or olive oil) to get it to stick together. Once a week (twice at the most) rub the scrub onto your lips, energetically to slough off the dead skin. Let it stay on for a couple of minutes, and then wipe it off with a damp washcloth. Apply lip balm after use. This will make your lips soft and juicy.

  10. I had bright pink lips when I was younger, but my lips got darker since around age 11, I’ve tried some remedies, but not consistently, and I haven’t seen many changes at all, any ideas I can do, can it be to do with mouth or gum issues?

  11. I’m dark and my lips are also dark can u suggest me wat to do to my lips and face can I apply honey and live it over night and mrng cn I wash with cold and i hope it will nt hppn any ding pls suggest me for my dark face and dark lips

  12. Can lime work in place of lemon and how do I mix and apply it with olive oil and honey to get best result? It will also take how many days before changes becomes obvious?

  13. @ solomon:

    Yes, you can use lime in place of lemon. Use a honey, lime and sugar scrub (make a thick paste with these ingredients) to exfoliate your lips. Exfoliation will help you to get rid of dark and dead skin cells that will provide to your lips a rosy glow.

  14. @ sadiq:

    Oilve oil and glycerin mixture is good for the lips care. You may be allergic to any one of these two. Stop using this mixture.

    Use the remedies as suggested in the articles..

  15. I used to smoke a lot , it has made my lips darker, I want a simple home remedy to get pink and glowing lips. applying the mixture of honey n lemon will do?

  16. There are so many of these remedies. I want to know which one would be the most effective of these all, so that I just form one and keep using it regularly.
    I have dark purple lips from outer edges probably due to use of lipsticks and iron deficiency. People ask whether I smoke and I can’t go out without the application of some lip color because my lips are so discolored.

  17. hello Pls, my lips around so dark,i need a natural pink balm cream with no side affects, and how do I make my lips bright with just honey, potato or sugar? am I Nigerian pls


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