How To Lighten Skin

How To Lighten Skin Tone – Skin Lightening Treatment and Tips

If you are concerned about your uneven tone complexion or pigmentation spots on your face, you have come to the right place. In this article you will find tips about how to lighten skin naturally.

How To Brighten Skin Naturally
How To Lighten Your Skin Naturally?

By following our skin lightening tips you can get even tone skin complexion with lighter and brighter skin. We will tell you about natural skin lightening tips that can actually make a difference.

Natural Skin Lightening Tips: There are many day to day use items available in your kitchen that you can use to brighten and enlighten your skin, such as lemons, buttermilk, egg whites and dried herbs. These you can use to lighten skin fast naturally and remove a tan while brightening your skin.

1. Limit exposing your skin to direct sunlight: Apply sunscreen with 20 SPF + to protect your skin from sun’s ultra violet rays. You can also use moisturizers and other beauty products containing 20 SPF +. This will lighten your skin over time. But be careful you need Vitamin D also and Sunlight is an excellent source of Vitamin D. So balance out your exposure to sunlight.

2. Does Lemon Juice Lighten Skin? – Yes, you can use Lemon Juice to lighten skin naturally. It is packed with citric and ascorbic acid which are excellent source of Vitamin C. Both these two have skin lightening properties also.

How to lighten skin with lemon?

(a) Cut a lemon into two halves and buff it gently onto your face and neck. Rinse your face after 10 -15 minutes. Do it regularly and see your skin lightening up day by day.

(b) Mix small quantity of lemon juice with a bit of yogurt. Apply it once a day. It works as good mild skin bleaching agent.

(c) Mix equal parts of lemon juice and egg whites. Heat the mixture in a small pan over low heat till the mixture thickens. Cool it in a small jar and keep it in your refrigerator. Apply this mixture onto your face and neck and keep it for 15 – 20 minutes and then rinse off and see your skin brightening day by day. This also works well to remove a sun tan.

(d) Another way is to mix one tsp. of lemon juice with the one tsp. of honey which has soothing properties to get an effective skin lightening solution. Gently massage and leave on your skin for 15 – 20 minutes, and then wash of.


(i) While using lemon juice, avoid the eyes. If the lemon juice mixture is too irritating, add the other combination ingredient to dilute lemon juice.

(ii) Don’t go out with lemon juice on your skin, as with sun-exposure lemon juice can irritate your skin.

3. Does Milk Lighten Skin? – Yes, you can lighten skin with Milk. When you apply it topically, the lactic acid in milk works to gradually diminish the skin pigmentation leading to brighten complexion.

How to lighten skin with Milk?

(i) Soak one slice of lemon in 1/2 cup of whole milk for about 15 minutes. Rub the milk onto your skin and leave it overnight. Wash your skin thoroughly in the morning.

(ii) Pour any milk into a bowl. Preferably use goat’s or cow’s milk. Even better is buttermilk as it has extra benefit to make your skin supple and smooth.


(a) Soak a soft cloth in the milk. Make sure to wring out the milk, so that the wash cloth is not dripping.

(b) Buff the milk onto your face and neck with the above wash cloth. Keep refreshing the washcloth with the milk when it dries out. Rinse it of after 15-20 minutes or better is to apply at night and leave it onto your skin overnight. You will start noticing that your skin is lightening up after few weeks.

Better way is to soak one slice of lemon into the bowl of milk and use it after 15 to 20 minutes.

4. Chamomile Flowers: Add three teaspoons of dried chamomile flowers into one cup of boiling water and let it soaked for 10 minutes. Strain the herbs from the solution. Add one tbsp. each of rose water and honey. Apply this onto your skin and rinse it off after 15-20 minutes. Any excess solution left can be kept in your refrigerator.

5. Lemon-Turmeric Cream: An effective way to lighten the skin is to use lemon-turmeric cream in treating dark patches on the body, such as on the inner thighs, elbows and knees and other areas and leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes and then rinse off with water. Both the ingredients, lemon and turmeric have skin bleaching properties to lighten your skin.

Caution: Turmeric tends to stain. So apply with gloves. Also avoid staining your clothes. To remove the turmeric stains from your skin, use wet ground sugar to exfoliate gently the affected area, and then rinse it off.

6. Gram Flour / Chickpea Flour and turmeric powder with Olive Oil:  Blend the finely grounded gram- flour or chickpea-flour (also known as besan) and a generous pinch of turmeric powder with olive oil.  Apply this paste onto your skin and rinse off after 15-20 minutes.

7. Does Vitamin C lighten Skin ? – Yes Vitamin C lightens Skin: Vitamin C is an excellent anti-oxidant and has been shown in many studies that it helps in lightening the skin. Lemon juice is an excellent source of Vitamin C and you can make homemade skin lighteners with Lemon Juice, as mentioned above.


If you are using skin whitening creams, don’t leave them on your skin for too long. Their chemical ingredients can damage / irritate your skin. Follow the directions printed on the label.

Follow above tips about how to lighten skin fast naturally and get even tone complexion with lighter and brighter skin.

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      • It is said that Chamomile Flowers does that but there is no surety about that. Chamomile Flowers contains all these enzymes that are good for the skin and removes dirt gently, giving skin a glow. I personally use it along with green tea for a facemask every morning. I’m unsure how long will it take though, may take a very long time.

      • hi 🙂 I have been using milk and calamansi facial scrub along with the strawberry jam application overnight for weeeks now( 3x a week). and it helped my face become smoother. And I was wondering if can these natural remedies can bring out really bring youthful fair white glow?. It has been a struggle dweling in a place where it is always sunny and hot. the effect on the skin becomes dull, especially when staying out under the sun for a long period of time. with love and support from the philippines

        • my ultimate goal is to have a fair white skin and i am terrified to use products from the beauty i am experimenting with natural home remedies. 🙂

      • @Cupcakelover:

        You are right, the turmeric can leave behind stains. But it is super-beneficial to your skin. Here is one of the most effective natural remedy to remove turmeric stains.

        To get rid of turmeric stains from your face or skin on other parts of your body, just mix water with sugar and scrub your skin with it. This is an awesome way to remove turmeric stains from your skin.

        And moreover: sugar and water mix is a wonderful exfoliator. It will cleanse your pores completely!

    • No, you should not. Follow following tips to lighten skin with lemon:

      (a) Cut a lemon into two halves and buff it gently onto your face and neck. Rinse your face after 10 -15 minutes. Do it regularly and see your skin lightening up day by day.

      (b) Mix small quantity of lemon juice with a bit of yogurt. Apply it once a day. It works as good mild bleach.

      (c) Mix equal parts of lemon juice and egg whites. Heat the mixture in a small pan over low heat till the mixture thickens (turns semi solid). Cool it in a small jar and keep it in your refrigerator. Apply this mixture onto your face and neck and keep it for 15 – 20 minutes and then rinse off and see your skin brightening day by day. This also works well to remove a sun tan.

      (d) Another way is to mix one tsp. of lemon juice with the one tsp. of honey which has soothing properties to get an effective skin lightening solution. Gently massage and leave on your skin for 15 – 20 minutes, and then wash of.

      Caution: While using lemon juice, avoid the eyes. If the lemon juice mixture is too irritating, add the other combination ingredient to dilute lemon juice

      • Hello there!
        You said lemon and egg white and pre heat? The egg will hardened like boiled egg? How long to heat those 2 ingredients . Thanks

      • Hello mam. I just read ur article since i looked for skin whitening. I have some questions hope u can answer… can i use the lemon-egg white all over my body? Even under my bikini area?do i have to scrub my body with lemin or just pat with towel? Thank you very much

        • @dana:

          Yes, you can apply lemon and egg white all over your body, even under your bikini area. Pat your face and other delicate skin area. Rest of your body you can scrub lightly with towel..

  1. I made a mixture of lemon, honey and milk. I then stored the remaining in an old but clean tooth paste tube n refrigerated it. I want to know if the mixture will still be good if stored this way and for how long?

    • We recommend that you make it in a small quantity that can be used at one time only, as the lemon juice mixed with milk does not have a shelf life.

  2. Hi im rachel from the philippines i just want to know if i can use “calamansi” (smaller version of lemons) as an alternative. In here, lemons are quite rare and costly while calamansi are cheaper and abundant. Thanks!

    • Hi Rachel: Yes you can use calamansi as an alternative to lemons.

      Calamansi helps in exfoliating and lightening our skin. Cut the calamansi in half and squeeze its juice in a small bowl. Massage your skin for about 5-10 minutes then wash it off.

    • @Kindness

      Lemon juice is a bit acidic. So if you leave it on your face overnight it may irritate your skin. Better way is to wash your face with lukewarm water to open up your face skin pores, so that when you apply the mixture it penetrates deeper. Apply the mixture, let it dry, sit on your face for 20 minutes and then rinse it off with cool water..

  3. I want to get really light. My whole body is brown and I want to be atleast 3 or 4 shades lighter in one month. What are really effective remedies that can whiten my brown skin?

  4. Hi I’m Alexis , I’m dark brown and I want to get lighter how long will it take and does it work on African Americans /black?

    • Hi Alexis,

      Depending upon your skin’s present skin tone, it can take a couple of months. But in a month time your skin tone should start improving.

      However, you should not worry too much about color of your skin that you are borne with. Always remember, beauty is inside you!

    • Why would you want to mess up your beautiful shade of brown to look whiter? Darker skin is beautiful and warm and healthy. Embrace your dark skin because it’s you. Pale doesn’t associate anyone with automatic beauty and these false advertisements telling girls that they need lighter skin to be beautiful, are lies. You are a child of the sun, your skin is much more than dark it is the imprint of kings and queens who leave their legacy for you, your skin is the symbolization of life. Your skin represents soft, alluring, strong skin. So please don’t lighten it. Don’t lighten your natural beauty. I know it’s hard to believe that the darker you are the more alluring and stronger you appeal, but trust me, these white women built like little boys are not worth your time. The pale skin you look up to isn’t pure, it wrinkles early, dries up in heat and one day, will no longer even be on the face of this earth. Do you know that your skin shade is desirable, that they had to fill your mind with these subliminal messages that your skin isn’t enough. They make whiter sound so good with these ads and constant bigotry in beauty industries, that they make you believe that what you have isn’t special. White people know that dark is beautiful, but ages ago they realized that they wouldn’t be able to get young girls to believe that “whiter is better” if they didn’t whitewash us constantly through mainstream media. These people in our everyday lives who tell us darker is beautiful, are mind puppets, because they really believe that a skin shade makes a difference. They really believe that lighter skin is more feminine and healthy, but what they don’t know, is that there is no such difference, only the social standards we have set in our heads. And the sad part is, white people will continue to flaunt their skin and tear down any shade that is longer, so long as there is a beauty industry that worships eurocentric features. But what you need to do, is not play into society’s hand and look up beauty of your own. Search ways to style curly hair instead of just how to style hair, search beautiful darker skinned girls then just beautiful girls, search cosmetics that go well with your skin tone and embrace your beauty. Embrace your features and fall in love with yourself, because no one else is going to do it. so cherish what you do have, and flaunt your natural beauty..

      • Omg, calm down. I bet that most of these people that are trying to use these methods want to either even out their skin tone or to get rid of tans produced from too much sun exposure. Plus, you won’t turn white if that’s not your natural skin color…

  5. I have really bad skin pigmentation what’s the best way to lighten it. I see you have different remedies to choose from.

  6. I would like to ask about lemon juice for face. how long and how many times I should apply. I have a normal Asian skin but a bit whiter and have small pigmentation and would like to rid of it.

    what about for body whitening. Is any solution for that.

    Thank you very much for your help

    best regards

    • Hi Daniella:

      (i) Regarding lemon juice for face, you can apply following two home remedies once a day, in rotation – alternatively:

      (a) Cut a lemon into two halves and rub it gently onto your face and neck. Rinse your face after 10 -15 minutes. Do it regularly and see your skin lightening up day by day.

      (b) Mix small quantity of lemon juice with a bit of yogurt. Apply it once a day. It works as good mild bleach.

      (ii) Regarding getting rid of your pigmentation, read and follow this article –

      (iii) For body whitening, apply following natural home remedy:

      To lighten your body skin skin, apply home made lemon-turmeric cream in treating dark patches on the body, such as on the inner thighs, elbows and knees and other areas and leave it on for 10 – 15 minutes and then rinse off with water. Both the natural ingredients, lemon and turmeric have bleaching properties to lighten your skin.


    • Hi AK,

      Apply this skin lightening home remedy:

      Apply and rub home made lemon-turmeric cream in treating dark patches on the body, including your feet for 10 – 15 minutes and then rinse off with water. Both the ingredients, lemon and turmeric have bleaching properties to lighten your skin.

      Also here is an article for foot care tips:

  7. hi…i want to try milk+ oatmeal+ calamansi on my face can i do the routine everyday before bedtime? Can i still use my pond’s daycream if i started my milk+ oatmeal+ calamansi. routine? or shld i stop using pond’s while in this routine? thank you so much

  8. Can i use milk + calamansi everyday on my skin specially on my elbows, knees and underarms?

    How about oatmeal + milk + calamansi on my face? Can i use it everyday?

    Thank you

    • @ Angel:

      (i) Milk contains lactic acid, which works to brighten skin tone and Calamansi contains citric and ascorbic acid – that are excellent source of Vitamin C. Both Milk and Calamansi have skin lightening properties also. So you can use Milk + Calamansi everyday on your skin specially the elbows, knees and underarms.

      (ii) You can use Oatmeal + Milk + Calamansi on your face, as this combination will work as an exfoliant and also work to lighten your skin.

      You can also read this useful article giving recipes for five natural homemade oatmeal face masks –

    • @Joy:

      Turmeric is a bright yellow aromatic powder obtained from the rhizome of a plant of the ginger family. It is used for flavouring and coloring in Asian cookery and has numerous beauty benefits. It is being used for making many homemade beauty and skin care products since ancient times. You can easily obtain it from Indian grocery stores.

  9. Pls I want to know if I can use lemon juice, egg white, dry or liquid milk, to birghting up my skin? I am brown in complex and I want to be lightening in complexion, and don’t know how to get turmeric . Pls help me I want to be lightening in complexion thank u.

    • @Joy:

      Lemon and Milk have skin lightening properties. You can use them to lighten your skin complexion. Easy and better way is to soak slices of lemon into a bowl of milk for 10 minutes and use them to massage gently onto your skin in circular motions for 5-10 minutes, and then rinse with cool water.

  10. Thank a lot I have been try lemon and egg for 2 days now, and it very very great, I am become light now, but I will still try d lemon and milk to know what u are talking about, but what I don’t is, if I can use dry milk or liquid milk, I really appreciate u guys for all dis. God bless u and increase u guys. But can I use suger too? Becos egg and lemon is really working, I don’t know if I can add all of them together and on my skin? Thank u so much. Pls I need ur reply soon.

    • @Joy,

      (i) As lemon and egg are working on your skin, you can continue with this natural skin lightening remedy.

      (ii) In case you want to apply milk, use raw un-boiled milk.

      (iii) You can mix a pinch of sugar as well. Its an excellent exfoliant.

  11. i already have really porcelain skin. however, i just got back from vacation and i got a small tan on my face. i am going to try these methods to see if my skin will go back to being porcelain. how long do you think it will take for me? i only need to lighten up a shade or two.

    • @anna:

      (i) You can mix either yogurt or milk with honey and lime. Apply this mixture on your face as a mask and rinse it off with water after 20-30 minutes. You can also rub it gently onto your skin.

      (ii) Regarding use of milk, you don’t need to take bath with milk. Use milk on your skin as advised in the article above under para heading – “How to lighten skin with Milk”

  12. my skin is sensitive, so i cannot use lemon without it causing pimples.
    if i use these remedies without lemon, will they stilll be affective?

  13. Hi…i have a un even skin tone.and i have pimple marks on my cheeks whch are pinksh in colour and i have darkness around my mouth..plz help me..

  14. Hi, I’m using this turmeric treatment now almost for 1,5 month to treat my hyperpigmentation but i still didn’t see any results. How long will it take when i will see my hyperpigmentation lighten? And i use everyday a creme that contains spf 15.

    • Hi Kate,

      If it’s a freshly squeezed lemon juice, you can use it the following day if it’s stored properly. You should place it in the fridge immediately in a storage container with a tight lid.

  15. I have pimples on my face and i have tried every natural /homemade product and medicines and it got spreaded on whole body ,i want permanent solution.

    • @ash:

      (i) Although, you can use milk alone but to make it more effective apply the home remedies, which use milk as an ingredient, given above to lighten your skin.

      For your acne treatment, please visit this site: Here you will find many home remedies to treat your acne. If they don’t cure or if they are acute, then consider consulting a dermatologist to find out the root cause for your acne and proper treatment.

    • @Akweley:

      Lemon juice lose most of its beneficial properties when heated. You should not heat whole milk and lemon juice before applying onto your face or skin.

  16. @Akweley:

    Yes, you can use lemon juice alone or in combination with yogurt or milk on your skin. For oily skin, you can use low fat milk or yogurt. Read above article about how to apply them for lightening your skin.

  17. Hi is vitamin C skin corrector cream whitening? Cause I have used it for two months now but still I c no whitening results I’m starting to doubt it and wanna try something else, like turmeric maybe it may do the trick.

  18. Hi. I’ve been using vitamin C skin corrector cream for two months now which they claim its whitening but still I haven’t seen the whitening results. I’m even thinking of changing to something else.

    • @Angie,

      Try the natural remedies, given in above article, to lighten / brighten your skin. They are free from chemicals and so will not harm yourskin.

    • @Sonia:

      Both lemon and turmeric have bleaching properties, so they work to lighten your skin. Take care while applying this home remedy, as the turmeric can stain your skin. To remove the stains, use sugar scrub.

  19. But lemon is an acid and a kind of bleaching so how can 1 use it daily to lighten the skin tone? And except lemon what are the other things one can use to lighten their skin tone?

  20. @Tanya:

    Yes, lemon juice is acidic. To brighten your skin, you need to use it regularly 2-3 times a week. There are many ways & combinations of lemon juice with other natural ingredients (given above), which you can apply to brighten / lighten / whiten your skin. Besides lemon juice there are also given above some of the best home natural remedies for brightening the skin.

    • @ Melanie:

      Apply this Turmeric, Lemon Juice and Olive Oil mask on your face / skin and leave in for 20-25 minutes. Use 2-3 times a week. As turmeric can stain, so apply with gloves. Avoid staining your clothes. If the turmeric leaves stains on your skin, use wet ground sugar to gently exfoliate the stained area, rinse it off and moisturize afterwards – if needed.

  21. Ave been using. Coffee nd white egg for ma face mask just to enlighten ma face bt stil I see no result instead d oil in ma face is now increasing more….nd I got a bicyle accident.on ma leg for more than 4 years d injury has gone bt there is a black scar nd it so embarassing pls tell me wat to do use to clear d black scar on ma leg. Thanks

  22. @Sophia:

    Try above home remedies regularly for lightening your face skin and you will see positive results.

    For getting rid of black scar on your leg you may try above remedies. Better would be to consult a doctor as well………..

  23. Hello there..thanx you for the quick tips and answers to our questions…

    I used some bleaching creams years back and now my skin is uneven…i m darker on the cheek bones and eyes area…can the tumeric and lemon mixture work to lighten those areas to match my skin tone?or what would you recommend?

    Thank you in advance

    • @ lulu:

      (i) You will many useful home remedies to even your skin tone here:

      (ii) Turmeric when combined with lemon juice makes a potent antioxidiant paste that results in a gorgeous, even and youthful complexion.

      Turmeric And Lemon Juice Facial Mask:

      1 tablespoon of gram flour (or chickpea, garbanzo bean or besan flour and can be found at an Indian grocery store)
      1 teaspoon turmeric (can be found at an Indian grocery store or on )
      A few drops of lemon juice (add more if your skin is oily/acne-prone)
      Mix together the flour and turmeric until they are throughly mixed. Add the lemon juice to the mix. Slowly add milk until a creamy paste is formed. Apply the paste to your clean face and neck. Let the mask sits there for 15-20 minutes, until your skin feels tight. Wash the mask off with warm water and a washcloth. (Tip – as yellow pigment of the turmeric can stain your clothes, so dedicate a washcloth for your turmeric mask.) Splash your face and neck with cold water before patting dry. Apply a light moisturizer.

  24. Last night saw your tips and rubbed lemon for few minutes… Shocked with the result in just one application, happy that i hv got my skin tone back.. Going to try lemon milk gram flour….. Thank you for being on google n helping us out …sending you angels on your way…. Bling

  25. Hi, I use milk to cleanse my face and then I usually use cucumber juice after that to add to the cleansing. Is that good or is it bad to use both together, one after the other? I love the way the milk cleanses my face and the cucumber juice also, can’t chose. Thanks 😀

    • @ Ruwanthi:

      Lime is highly acidic and contains specific ingredients to help lighten skin. Moreover, lime can be likened to lemon and is an equally acidic counterpart. Lime and lemon have citric acid that can help skin become lighter in a matter of weeks to a matter of months.

  26. I born with white skin.but my age is 17 my face,hands and neeks is something black.can i use this tips and is it helpfull for me?can i get fair skin back.

    • @ hasan:

      Without protection, the sun will cause your skin to darken, because oxidation of melanin near the skin surface is activated by UV rays, rendering the skin appear tan.

      To avoid sunburn and skin darkening, you need to use a water-resistant, broad-spectrum sunscreen that guards against both UVA and UVB rays. Without proper shield, your skin could darken, burn or develop age spots and wrinkles prematurely.

  27. can i use the above tips in my stomach because thats the only region dark in my i solve this problem in a month?

  28. I am white, would this make my skin very white….like victorian era white, or would it not be noticeable because i started as white?

  29. I love how DermalMD Skin Lighting Serum easily starts fading your skin to even out the tone. It isn’t too greasy or too dry and leaves my skin feeling wonderful. It also has a fine fragrance that isn’t too heavy. I’d definitely keep buying this to have because its one of the best products I’ve found.

  30. i use lemo juce 2 weeks.I show some good pimple spot are going.but my skin not properly lighten.what can i do.Can i use it for more time.

  31. I use lemo juce for 2 weeks.I show some good pimple spot are going.but my skin not properly lighten.what can i do.Can i use it for more time.

  32. What about the rest of my body? Wouldn’t it be weird that my face and neck is lighter than my other body parts

    • @Vidya:

      The parts of the body that are exposed to envirionment and sun are generally darker than the areas covered. So they need to be lightened. Moreover if you are concerned about your other areas, you can apply these remedies on those other parts as well……….

  33. Hello, i had white skin 4-5 years ago and was in swimming straight now i have medium brown skin is it possible to turn back to my white skin? Please help i am using a lihyening soap for a while but it is fmvery harsh and i barely seeing results

    • @Yoo Chae Yeon:

      Yes, you can get back your original skin color. Use above remedie regularly to restore your original skin color

  34. Hi is it ok to steam my face then apply lemon after, and is it ok to use 2 different products on my face like Lemon lite SPF15 and Pond’s perfect colour complex? Please help

    • @ julie:

      You can do that. However, we recommend to apply above given natural remedies as well to get quicker results…….

    • @ Angel:

      Mix water with sugar and scrub your face or other turmeric stained skin area with it. This is an effective way to remove turmeric-stains from your skin.

      And bonus point is – guess what? : Sugar and water mix is a wonderful exfoliator. Your skin pores will be super clean after scrubbing your face with it!

    • @ Ace:

      If you are born with brown skin, you can lighten your skin gradually only. Lemon is one of the best natural ingredient to lighten skin. But if you don’t want to use lemon, apply above given remedies that don’t use lemon.

      Have patience, and use above remedies regularly………….

      Your skin will start getting lightened in a few weeks………

        • @Ace:

          Calamansi is high in vitamin C, and its juice can be a good vitamin source. It can be used for skin whitening. After several applications, as an exfoliant, it helps to whiten the skin.

          You can use the old-fashion way of using calamansi though. Just rub it on your skin or problem areas once or twice a day and your skin will actually lighten. Of course scrubbing while taking a bath and moisturizing after shower is also important to make the skin glow. Calamansi removes dead skin cells from your skin when you exfoliate and you make it glow when you apply moisturizer every day.

  35. Hi,

    I have been using ground almond and milk to get a smooth skin recently. It has been working so far.
    And I also have been using a paste of turmeric powder, sandal powder and green bean powder mixture for years as a face scrub and wash (tips from my indian mum). It gives me a fresh face and helps in exfoliating. After reading this article… i added lime juice to turmeric paste. I apply both paste at different time. Now, as my schedule is getting really busy, I wonder whether can I mix all these ingredients one shot to make ONE paste and apply? (i.e; turmeric powder, sandal powder, green bean powder, lime juice, milk and ground almond) And does lime has the same effect in skin lightening as lemon? Thank you!. Great tips…


    • @caxantra:

      Thanks for sharing your beauty tips.

      (i) Yes, you can mix all these ingradients in one go and apply. Instead of milk, you can use milk powder.

      (ii) You can use lime or lemon. Both will give you good results.

    • @ Kat B :

      It depends on the objective for which you want to use milk.

      For the purpose of lightening skin, don’t use milk powder. You can use any other fresh milk. If your skin is dry, use full fat milk. If it’s oily you should use low-fat milk.

      And for how to use, the method is very clearly stated in the article,

    • @ Lincy:

      Yes, you can do that. But take care, as turmeric powder can leave yellow stains.

      Turmeric powder when combined with lemon juice produces a doubly powerful anti-oxidant paste that results in a glowing , even and youthful complexion. Best is you use this Turmeric-Lemon Juice Facial Mask:

      You will need:

      (i) 1 tablespoon of gram flour (also goes by chickpea, garbanzo bean or besan flour and can be found at an Indian grocery store or at Whole Foods)

      (ii) 1 teaspoon turmeric powder (can be found at an Indian grocery or on

      (iii) Few drops of freshly squeezed lemon juice (add more if skin is oily/acne-prone)

      (iv) Milk (whole milk if your skin is dry)

      Mix well the flour and turmeric together. Add in the lemon juice and stir well. While stirring, slowly add in milk until you get a creamy paste. Apply the mask on to your clean face and neck. Keep the mask on for 15-20 minutes, until your skin feels tight. Rinse the mask off with water and a washcloth. (Caution: the yellow pigment of turmeric will stain the cloth, so you may want to dedicate a washcloth for your turmeric mask) Splash your face and neck with cold water, and pat dry. If you feel your skin is getting dry, apply a light moisturizer.

  36. Try to use DermalMD Serum for Make Skin Lighter it’s very effective. It is on the strong side, so be cautious on lighter more tender skin. However, I think it is very good and use it every other day. The darker sun spots on my cheek are lightening very quickly and I am very happy with this product.

  37. Hi,
    First of all, I’m really grateful to your share.
    I want to ask you for an advice. I have used the red bean to whiten the skin for a long time. But now, I want to blend it with green tea powder and lemon together and use this mixture?
    Thank u very much 🙂

  38. @ Gin:

    You can brighten skin with red beans. The effect can be seen if the method is applied consistently.

    Red beans contain protein, potassium and iron, which help in making skin more firm, naturally white, and especially strong but not pale like using other whitening lotion. If you use them regularly, your skin will not be afraid of being chloasma when exposed to sunlight.

    And yes, you can blend red beans with green tea powder and lemon and use the mixture to lighten your skin.

  39. hello.
    I am a 20 years boy.. I was born white but since 3 years I have become a bit dark coz of too much exposure to sunlight.. so can u plz suggest me the best remedy… and can i use the combination of only lemon and turmeric??

    • @ Basit:

      When turmeric powder is combined with lemon juice, this combo produces a doubly powerful antioxidiant paste that results in a gorgeous, even and youthful complexion. It brightens your skin as well. If you want you can use this facial mask for best results:
      You will need:

      1 tablespoon of gram flour (also goes by chickpea, garbanzo bean or besan flour and can be found at an Indian grocery store or at Whole Foods)

      1 teaspoon turmeric (can be found at an Indian grocery or on

      A few drops of lemon juice (add more if skin is oily/acne-prone or to brighten your skin)


      Combine the flour and turmeric powder together until it well-mixed. Add the lemon juice and stir well. Slowly add milk until a creamy paste is formed. Apply the mask onto your clean skin – face and neck. Let it sit for 20-25, until your skin feels tight. Wash the mask off with warm water and a washcloth. (Warning – the yellow pigment will stain the cloth, so you may want to dedicate a washcloth for any turmeric mask.) Splash your face and neck with cold water before patting dry. Apply your favorite moisturizer.

  40. Hi, I came acroos your site and I think its great with a hint of fresh air.
    I am trying to brighten my skin. I am dark black african, I have tried a few of the creams, but the results are not permanent.
    I dont want to bleach just lighten my face so that its uniform with the rest on my body. I love my skin type but when I’m exposed to the sun, it starts looking black which I dont like.

    Can you give me a few natural ingredients I could try which will give me a radiant lighter dark brown complexion. Thanks

  41. I am 14 year old..when i was born i was too fair but now my body is same fair but my face is too dark and sunbrunt…can i use aloe vera to return in my fare complextion?….help me….i am very worried..

    • @ Aparna:

      Yes you can use loe vera face pack to remove the unwanted sun tan. .

      Method: Mix well aloe vera gel and a few drops of lemon juice. Apply the mixture onto your face and other affected area with your fingers or a cotton ball. You can massage it gently also onto your face. Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes, and then wash it off with cold water.

      For more home remedies using aloe vera read this:

    • @ Suni:

      Sure you can…but keep a gap of about 30 minutes and do it in moderation…lemon is an astringent, so it removes excess oils…plus it is anti bacterial….just 1/2 freshly squeezed lemon juice to your bath…soak in it for at least 20 minutes…

    • @ Asha:

      Don’t leave turmeric powder on your skin overnight. It will stain your skin and clothes. Simply take 2 teaspoons of yogurt, ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder and a little quantity of honey. Mix them together and stir thoroughly. Apply this mask on the face for ½ hour and rinse it off.

      • Thank you for your reply. Can i soak fresh turmeric instead of powder with milk to use it. Is it ok to use just milk and turmeric mixture without using lemon to lighten my skin?

        • @ Asha:

          (i) If you want to use fresh turmeric for skin topical application then blend it completely with the other mask ingredients until you get a smooth mixture.

          (ii) If you want to use milk and turmeric, here is a better way to do this. Make a turmeric and milk drink. It’s a very effective home remedy to fight hazardous environmental toxins and harmful microorganisms. Along with this you can use any of the above natural remedies to lighten your skin. This combination will not only lighten your skin, but will make your skin look healthy, glowing and radiant. Here is a recipe for healthy turmeric milk drink:
          Take 1 inch turmeric piece and boil it for 15 minutes in milk. Strain out the turmeric. Cool and drink this milk.

  42. my cheeks are fair n around mi lips n under my eyes are dark and my chin too is dark…if I apply e lemon all over mi face.. I guess mi face complexion will still be uneven

  43. Hello, I am 13 and I am really worried about my darkend skin. I am Asian and my normal skin tone is medium to light brown,but my face and hand/arm is about 2 to3 shades darker maybe because of sun tan. I want my skin tone to become lighter, is lemon juice going to give me the results I want and how long may using lemon take?
    Which is the best method for me to lighten my skin?
    I also have oily and kind of sensitive skin

    • @anne:

      Use the remedy number 5 – that is Lemon-Turmeric cream to lighten your skin dark color. Before using if first time just do a patch test on your skin to see whether it irritates your skin. If it does not, then apply this remedy regularly – if possible every day. Home remedies take a little longer time to show results. Have patience, and apply if for 6-8 weeks and you will start seeing improvement, and then there after 1 to 2 times a week.

      • Thank you, I just have one important question,in September school will be starting and for the first one two months it’s going to be very sunny so would it work if I use lemon on my on the week days and lemon turmeric cream on Friday and Saturday . Would this take lightening my skin longer?

        However if I use the leamon turmeric cream all the time even on week days for how long do I have to wait until I can go out side?

  44. Than k you….however wat should be the amount of lemon juice and turmeric for the face mask? And also how long will I have to stay away from sun exposure after applying the mask?

    • @anne:

      (i) Mix freshly squeezed lemon juice and turmeric powder in such proportions that they make together a spreadable paste.

      (ii) After washing off a mask containing lemon juice, you should wait for 15-20 minutes before you go out in the sun.

  45. @ anne:

    When you apply lemon-turmeric cream, keep it on your skin for 15-20 minutes, and then wash it off. My suggestion would be to apply on the week-ends and after washing it off completely, you can go out in sun after 20 minutes.

    On week days you can use remedy no. 2 (a) every day. You can go out 20 minutes after rinsing the lemon juice off your face completely.

    Note: To protect your skin from sun-tan, use umbrella or wear a broad brimmed hat.

    You will see the positive results in 2-3 weeks.

    Good luck!!

  46. Thank u……is it OK that instead of using powdered turmeric I use organic turmeric…..that does make the mask total liquid but still applyable

    And do u think that I should continue to use the lemon turmeric mask only till school starts then after school starts I use lemon turmeric on weekend s and only lemon on weekdays

    • @ anne:

      (i) You can use organic turmeric.

      (ii) Use lemon turmeric mask on week ende and lemon on week days. That’s enough……….

  47. hi! i will be making a mixture of aloevera gel,olive oil,lemon,honey,coconut oil and will the combination of these products work well? also can i store this mixture in a jar without it getting putrid? in order to prevent it from getting rancid which one of the aforementioned products should i not add to the mixture?

    • @ameema:

      You can combine all the ingredients together and use the mixture as a face mask.Lemon juice and egg white have short shelf life. So if you want you can store the mixture left behind in a refrigerator, but don’t use it when it starts smelling bad.

  48. DermalMD Lightening Serum works! If you use it as recommended, you’ll see the results. Take a before and after picture so you can see the results yourself. I use it twice a day. Once in the morning and once in the evening. The new pump makes it so much easier to dispense.

  49. I’m very afraid from my dark skin. I previously have light skin but before few days i suffer from fever then get treatment from doctor. After this treatment my skin become slightly dark now after few days my skin start dark day by day. I’m afraid. If anyone advice any natural treatment?

  50. Hi Chandni 🙂

    I stumbled across your site and it is a delight. I want to commend you for TRYING to encourage others to love their original skin color no matter what it is: from the palest ivory to the deepest ebony. It is true, every skin color can be beautiful if it glows and that takes a healthy diet, gentle care, clean water, deep breathing, exercise, and a positive mindset. Glowing dark skin is much more beautiful that unhealthy light skin and the good news is that everyone, light,dark, and everything in between can glow! It is one thing to use these techniques to recover original color, but if you use these techniques to CHANGE your color, you will have to use them forever; then you become a slave to these things.

    Idea to all readers: when you see someone with beautiful glowing skin (no matter the color or shade) compliment them. Let others know that they are beautiful. Be a part of teaching them that God made diversity and it’s ALL good. When people receive compliments on their true attributes, they will be more proud of them and less likely to want to change them.

    Challenge to all readers: love yourself and who you really are. Yes, be beautiful and strive to take care of yourself, but be proud of your TRUE self. If you have beautiful (healthy, glowing) light skin, celebrate it while appreciating the diveristy of your fellow man. If you have gorgeus (healthy,glowing) dark skin, flaunt it while also appreciating your fellow man.

    This is the true secret to beauty 🙂

  51. Tysm Chandni.. The article is very helpul.. But in my case, i get tanned very fast even if i apply sunscreen lotion.. i have wheat skin complexion. my face and hands are verymuch tanned now whereas my legs are fair enough.. Is there anyway to get the fairness i had??

    • @ Uchechi:

      Yes use them as per the remedy suggested above to get a chocolaty complexion…

      Here is an alternate lemon juice and honry remedy. To prepare a skin-lightening mask, mix one teaspoon each of honey and lemon juice, one tablespoon of powdered milk, and one-half teaspoon of almond oil. Stir them well all together and apply it gently on the skin. Leave it on for about 15 minutes and then wash it off with cold water. Do this every other day.

  52. hi chandhi. Your blog has one of the best contents about beauty tips and stuff. well done.
    I want to ask how can long do i need to apply lemon on my face to make it lighter and brighter. how many days does it take ?
    And secondly can lemon also help lighten my lips to being pinkish. thanks

    • @ Kim:

      Natural white sugar is an effective natural remedy to remove stretch marks. Use sugar to exfoliate your skin.

      Mix a tablespoon of raw sugar with some almond oil and a few drops of lemon juice. Mix it well and gently rub the mixture and around the stretch marks for a few minutes every day before taking a shower.

    • @Maryam:

      The most important is to have healthy and radiantly glowing skin – whether dark, fair or wheatish. There is no magic to make the skin fair in two months time. Use above remedies to brighten / lighten your skin. Have patience and see your skin getting brightend / lightened in few months.

  53. i have dark brown skin..mostly face and hands..
    what should i use??
    when should i use??
    how many times a day??
    how long will it take??
    how much bright skin after using those remedies??
    plz tell..i want my friends to stop making fun of my color.

      • i am using lemon+honey for about 10 ten days..
        at what time should i use it,in morning or night?
        how many times a week or day should i use it?
        if i continue for 4-5 many shades would i be brighten up?

        • @ rajatsingh:

          You can use any time during the day, but make sure to choose a time when you don’t need to go out for about 2 hours affter applying it. Or you can apply the remedy at night and keep it on for as long as you can.

          You can atleast expect brightened skin by atleast a couple of shaeds after few months……

          • @ Diana:

            Mixing lemon with other ingredients does delute its acidity effect. Yes, you can try to put freshly squeezed lemon juice after mixing it with other ingredients every day on your face. However, be sure to watch it for few days, how your skin is reacting…

  54. Sir I’m Kim and I want to know that can I use lemon to brighten up my skin and please tell me with steps.
    Sir I was whiter when I was Small and at that time I was thin and as I started to grow fatter and fatter day by day my skin tone began to turn darker and darker.
    So please suggest me some remedies to regain my skin tone which I had earlier( i.e a fair skin)

    • @ Kim:

      Yes, you can use lemon juice to regain your skin tone. How to use lemon for this purpose is explained in details in the above article….

      • @Chandni:
        Can I use this remedy everyday? and is there any more remedy?

        Actually this thought is always disturbing my mind that why did I became darker as I grew fatter?
        Does becoming darker have any relation with becoming fatter?

  55. Hello mam,myself aleena khan,i have an combi ation skin n wheatish color,i m anindian,i want to know a best face wash,cleanser and a moisturiser. I dont like to use chemical based ingredients as there regular use causes damage to skin.please help me.

  56. How about mixing some drops of lime juice in virgin cocunut oil and using it on your prewash it useful for skin lightning and to get rid of pimple marks ?

    • @ harsh:

      Mix 1 tablespoon of virgin coconut oil with freshly squeezed lemon juice of 1/4th lemon. While lemon juice will naturally bleach the skin and lighten it, the coconut oil will moisturize and prevent any blemishes. Mix them well and massage the mixture gently onto your pre-washed face using your clean fingers. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Wipe the skin dry using a wash cloth.

    • Plain milk can create some stomach problems hence turmeric + milk will be a healthy drink and it kills germs and create resistance. You can mildly add pepper also. So, it can solve internal problems of our body if we drink it.

      For external use you can apply a paste of turmeric, flour and yogurt (this paste is called batna) to your face, arms and legs and massage lightly. This will make your skin lighter, and people swear by it.

    • @ jane:

      Honey is a natural antibacterial and anti-inflammatory. It absorbs impurities from the pores and the skin. You can use honey as a wash, toner or mask. And you can mix it with so many other ingredients depending on your needs (lemon juice, apples, pumpkin, papaya, yogurt). It’s quite versatile.

      Lemon brightens and exfoliates. It’s great for acne prone skin, age and sun spots or uneven skin tone. It is also a natural source of vitamin C and rich in alpha hydroxy acids.
      You can try this DIY Honey/ Lemon Mask:

      Squeeze 1/2 a lemon (organic is always better) into a bowl, add 1 tbsp. of honey (0rganic, raw, natural). Mix it until it’s a liquid consistency. Apply it all over a clean face avoiding eye area. Also make sure that your hair is pulled back away from your face as the mask is rather sticky! Leave on for 15-20 min and rinse off. If you’re feeling really adventurous, try and sleep with it on.

    • @ Kadar:

      These are the minimum times for busy people. You can increase the time. Apply these remedies and see how they do their magic..

    • @ Paresh:

      These are the best home remedies to make your skin light-colored. They don’y have side effects. Try them and share your experience with tthe readers.

    • @ Brishti:

      Lemon bath is particularly refreshing in hot weather. The healing agents in lemons refresh & revitalize tired skin. Lemons also work to cool the skin, and help tighten large pores.

      Lemon Bath Recipe: Squeeze and drop 5-6 lemons into your bath water. Soak & relax.

  57. How to apply that lemon & turmeric solution for your face ? Like what quantity of lemon juice & turmeric should be mixed to be applied at a time and can we apply it twice a day…& can i get results in 25 days? My skin colour is originally very white & fair….but it has turned brown gradually.
    Thnx for your help , waiting for your reply

    • @ Jay:

      How TO Use Turmeric and Lemon Juice Mix: Make a face mask by mixing turmeric powder with some freshly squeezed lemon juice to form a thick paste. Alternatively you can mix the powder with cucumber juice instead of lemon. Apply the paste on your face and the skin on other parts, even the area affected by pigmentation.

      Let the mixture stay for about 15 minutes to dry before rinsing off with water. Regularly on a daily basis, this 15 minute mask will help in the removal of black spots, patches, even out your skin tone and lighten your skin. It is also suitable for fading and whitening of dark underarms.

      You will see the difference in few weeks time.

  58. Can i get fair skin by applying aloevera pulp on my face ? & by drinking turmeric milk daily??
    If yes, then how much time will it take to atleast get 2 shades fair skin? My skin colour is originally fair & white, but now its has turned very dark . It would be helpful if u help me with the above things?

    • @ Jay:

      I have come across many people who ask me can aloe vera gel lighten skin.

      My answer is, yes. Aloe vera plant contains a naturally occurring enzyme and many other nutrients that help to revive your skin cells, make your skin glow brighter and it’s also useful for treating dark skin spots. It does not need a lot of preparation, you just have to pluck a fresh leaf and apply its gel on your skin Here’s how to use aloe vera for skin whitening:

      Cut a fresh leaf of aloe vera plant. Choose one that is the most succulent. Cut out the outer layers to remove the skin of the leaf. Squeeze out the gel into a container, which is the thick jelly-like substance. Apply the gel on your skin by rubbing it gently, leaving it on for about 30 minutes. Rinse off with cool water. Repeat the procedure every day for getting a fair skin, removing dark spots and other blemishes.

      Regarding your other question, some people claim that drinking turmeric milk helps to get rid of suntan and it also lightens dark skin. I have not tried this remedy. But if you like you can try it, as it has many health benefits also.

      Please feel free to share your experience with us after trying the above remedies.

  59. Thanks for this great article! I wanna put lemon on my skin everyday but I find out that lemons are too acidic and can dry out your skin. I read online that it is not advisable to put pure lemon on your skin directly especially on your face. I just wanna ask if I can put lemon with other ingredients like honey, brown sugar, olive oil etc.. on my skin everyday? Does putting lemon with other ingredients can minimize the effect of the acidity of lemons? And so it is fine to put it on skin everyday or should I put lemon with other ingredients once every other day? I hope you’ll respond. Thank you.

    • @ Diana:

      Mixing lemon with other ingredients does delute its acidity effect. Yes, you can try to put freshly squeezed lemon juice after mixing it with other ingredients every day on your face. However, be sure to watch it for few days, how your skin is reacting…

    • @ nivitus:

      There is no magic to lighten skin in few days. Apply these remedies consistently. Your skin will start improving in a couple of months..

    • @ Shweta:

      No, I won’t advise you to use a soap bar. Simply use a mild cleanser (if you must), and then moisturize your face.

  60. I’ve been using Dermalmd Lightening Serum for roughly a month. I’m a mature woman with some “liver” spotting. I find that the serum has brightened my skin. People say I look good. The part about fading the spots, however, might take more time to prove true. Right now I see a little bit of fading, but I continue to apply the serum every morning after cleaning my face, neck and a little below, plus hands and some of the forearm. This serum seems to go a long way because I only apply small amounts and then work it into the skin. I can recommend it because it definitely brightens the skin.

    • @ tiffanyy:

      Don’t use aloe vera after sun lotion. For best results apply it after washing your face with lukewarm water and stay at home while it’s on your face. Rinse it after half an hour.

  61. hi,
    I had fair skin after using brite cream , my skin has turn to dark color. how to get back my orginal face color? pls suggest

  62. Recelty I got Dermalmd Lightening Serum for use on my hands and it’s working! They always say that the hands are the give away on a woman’s age. My hands looked very nice EXCEPT for those “liver spots”. I’ve been using Dermalmd Lightening Serum for two weeks and with this product I have to say that they are getting lighter each and every day. I keep it by my computer and apply it a couple of times a day and am loving the results!!

  63. i dont know whats wrond with skin.any cream i use my veins starts to pop out.and i have stop using cream now and i have got uneven skin.

  64. Its a great article! I had several skin pigmentation issues. My skin tone was uneven and this has benn since I was small kid. Because of this, I was hesitant to try something new but I eventually gave it a try. I was so amazed at how your simple solution helped me develop an even and lighter skin tone – In as early as two weeks.

    • @ Jenny:

      You can use curd mixed with gram flour (besan) to reduce tan. For better results, use this remedy:

      Mix 4 teaspoon of gram flour (besan), 1 teaspoon of yogurt and a pinch of turmeric powder to make a smooth paste. Apply it all over your clean face, neck and other parts of your body as you desire. Once the pack gets dry, sprinkle some cool water onto your face and gently remove the pack by scrubbing in clockwise and anti-clockwise direction. It will reduce tan and also make your skin smooth, radiant. Repeat this procedure daily for best results.

      Gram flour or besan is very useful in treating sun tan. It helps to remove dead skin cells and leaves skin young and bright. Turmeric makes the skin glow. The lactic acid present in milk helps to remove tan.

  65. Mam old help I apply almond and raw milk 9 month bt no result then I start using masoor dal for 3 months bt still no result I m very dissopoint plz help me suggest best remedy for whiten my complexion plz mam I need ur help??

  66. Mam plz help me I apply almond n raw,milk 9 month bt no result then I start using red lentil for 3 months bt still no chnges plz suggest some best remedy for my skin my skin type is dry

    • @ Jyoti:

      On your shower sponge or loofa apply lemon juice mixed with sugar and rub it all over your body. Lemon juice is a natural bleach and the sugar will exfoliate your skin. Then rinse. Caution: Do this only at night time or don’t go into the sunlight after doing this because you might get a bad sunburn. And after doing this apply a lotion. Hopefully, after using this trick for few weeks your skin will lighten up.

    • @ Ansh:

      You can use a variation of lemon masks with other natural ingredients having skin friendly properties for lightening your skin.

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