How to Prevent Gray Hair Naturally

Premature Gray Hair in the 20’s or 30’s is cause of worry for many people. In this article you will find “How to Prevent Gray (white) Hair Tips” to help prevention and stopping of gray hair.

How To Stop Gray Hair Naturally

How To Prevent Gray Hair Naturally With Top Home Remedies – Image courtesy of David Castillo Dominici

Gray / White Hair Causes

Read here what causes gray hair: Your heredity factors / genetic composition determines the time when would you start getting gray hair. Melanocytes, the cells responsible for production of melanin, diminish as you age. With this decline, your hair’s pigmentation drops and thus causes your hair natural color to turn shades of silver, gray and even white.

If your dad or mom started getting Gray Hair at an early age then the chances are you are likely to suffer from premature gray hair. But this is not always the case. Although every man and woman will have gray hair sooner or later, but there are certain conditions that can cause hair to turn gray earlier and quickly than a normal age. Following are the causes of gray hair:

(i) Early menopause.

(ii) Thyroid imbalances / disorders.

(iii) Vitamin B12 deficiency anemia. It can be due to a diet low in vitamin B12, which is found mainly in meat, eggs, and milk. It can also occur if the stomach can’t absorb vitamin B12.

(iv) Vitiligo: A condition in which your skin loses melanocytes. This leads to very light patches of skin and possibly.

(v) Smoking: Cigarette smoking has been linked to premature gray hair.

How To Stop Gray Hair Naturally

Although, you cannot avoid graying of your hair for all time to come, but you can take following steps to stop premature gray (white) hair.

1. Avoid stress for getting rid of gray hair: Stress, besides causing many lifestyle diseases, has an adverse effect on your body and can also cause early gray hair. To ease your stress, try these:

(i) Take out time out to relax and ease your anxieties by doing meditation or yoga.

(ii) Breathe deeply: When you feel any stress or tension, pause and take a moment to breathe deeply.

(iii) Squeeze stress balls.

(iv) Smile and laugh often.

(v) Stay healthy: Go for walking or jogging to keep yourself fit and stress free.

2. Quit Smoking to get rid of gray hair: Smoking has been scientifically found to cause premature aging of your entire body including premature graying of hair. So stop smoking to prevent premature gray hair.

3. Consume healthy and nutritious diet to prevent gray hair: You should have a nutritious diet comprising of five servings of vegetables and three servings of fruit every day, including nuts, blackberries, pineapples, pomegranates, almonds and pumpkin seeds. You should include following minerals and vitamins to prevent gray hair:

(i) Vitamins to prevent gray hair : Vitamins are needed for all the functions which your body performs every day, including hair growth and coloring. Vitamin B12 and C are two such vital vitamins for hair that are necessary for preventing gray hair. When free radicals strike your blood, your systems are slow to respond, including your ability to produce melanocytes which are meant to maintain color of your hair. Vitamins B12 and C maintain your blood clean, which contribute in improving your liver’s filtration function. Citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts are good source of these vitamins.

(ii) Minerals for preventing gray hair: Besides vitamins, some minerals upkeep hair health sustenance. Iron and Folic acid are such two minerals. Lower than normal iron level has adverse effects on your hair including fading and dull appearance of your hair. To keep your iron and folic acid at normal levels, consume green leafy vegetables, liver and whole grains. Copper, Iodine, Zinc are other minerals required to prevent gray hair that you can source from sea fish and other seafood.

(iii) Protein about how to prevent gray hair: Your hair is made of complex proteins that provide strength, growth and lively color to your hair. Your diet should include a couple of 3 to 4 oz. servings of protein every day. A lesser intake of protein can cause premature gray hair. Lean meats, nuts and beans, lentils and soy are good source of proteins.

4. Foods to avoid to prevent gray hair: High consumption of salt can damage your blood, increasing blood pressure and impeding cells production. Processed foods, chips and other snacks are laden with salt and can damage your hair. As carbs inhibit the absorption of antioxidants found in certain vitamins, therefore it’s better to avoid high-carb food, like white bread and pasta.

Follow above tips about How to prevent gray hair for preventing premature gray hair.

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