How to Prevent Hair Loss Naturally 

If you want to know How to Prevent Hair Loss Naturally, read this article in which you will find certain lifestyle changes, proper nutrition tips and vitamins sufficiency tips that can reduce your hair loss. Moreover these will contribute to stronger hair growth. In this article you will also find causes of hair loss, how to stop hair loss, foods we should eat to stop hair loss, things we should not do so as to stop thinning of hair.

How to prevent hair loss home remedies

There are several ways to stop hair loss without resorting to products and creams. will show you here some of of the most effective ways to control hair loss.

Causes of Hair Loss, thinning of hair, balding: Hair loss can happen at any age. It can be due to number of causes, such as, your genetics, aging, diseases, hormonal imbalances, iron / mineral / vitamins deficiency, medications, poor diet, lack of sleep, pollution and stress. Even pregnancy or child birth can trigger hair loss for some women.

What To Do To Prevent Hair Loss?

There are some factors for hair loss which are not within your control, like, genetically induced hair loss. But in many cases and even if the hair loss is due to genetic reasons; you can prevent hair loss with lifestyle changes, nutrition and vitamins. Read on for home remedies to stop hair loss:

1. Preventing Hair Loss – Avoid following things which are very harmful for your hair and scalp:

(i) Avoid using hair products that contain alcohol, as they dry out your hair.

(ii) Avoid putting hair styling products directly onto your scalp, as this can clog the pores on your head.

(iii) Avoid applying frequent, constant heating and drying applications. Heat weakens hair, make them brittle and fragile.

(iv) Avoid using hair dryer at hotter settings, as hot hair can damage your hair. Preferably keep it at cool setting. Natural drying is best for your hair.

(v) Don’t keep the hair dryer at one spot for more than a few seconds. Keep it moving and at a distance away from your hair.

(vi) Curtail the usage of hot brushes, hot curlers, hair straighteners, hair fasteners and chemical treatments.

(vii) Gently use your fingers to untangle the knots while your hair is drying.

(viii) Do not use hot water to wash your hair. Hot water dries out your hair and irritates your scalp.

(ix) If you are going through hair loss, avoid layering cuts as that way you will lose a lot of hair. Why let the hairdresser remove more hair.

(x) Avoid rubbing your hair vigorously with towel after washing. Instead keep the hair wrapped in a towel for a while and let it dry naturally or pat gently to dry your hair with towel.

(xi) Never comb / brush your hair when it is wet, as its roots are weakest at this time. This causes hair to break that otherwise could be still growing.

(xii) Avoid brushing / combing your hair too frequently, as doing so can increase hair loss. Do not use comb or brush to untangle your hair, instead use your fingers.

(xiii) Avoid using plastic comb / brush which produce static electricity.

(xiv) Quit smoking. Smoking slows down blood flow to the scalp and can lead to reduction in your hair growth.

(xv) Avoid alcoholic beverages, as it is also a cause for reduction in hair growth.

(xvi) Avoid antibiotics. Illness and taking antibiotics can lead to hair loss. So keep yourself healthy to avoid such situations.

2. Prevent Hair Loss with Proper Nutrition: For proper nutrition tips on how to prevent hair loss, you need to know that including following nutritional elements  in your diet can help in most cases in preventing or minimizing hair loss. These nutritional requirements can be sourced effectively from a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables:

(i) Protein from diet, not from shampoo: Protein deficiency can lead to hair loss.  Protein provides amino acids that strengthen hair. But a point to be noted here is, it is protein from diet that matters and not from any shampoo. You can get protein by including in your diet seafood, white meat, eggs, milk, cheese, yogurt, beans, soy, lean beef, tofu, whole wheat bread, pea nuts, brown rice, lentils, nuts, etc.

(ii) Include in your diet iron to cut down Hair Loss:  The mineral iron induces blood circulation in your scalp and fuels hair growth. You can get iron from foods, like liver, beef, pork, fish, leafy greens, beans, apples, apricots, raisins and fortified cereals.

(iii) Vitamins to prevent hair loss – vitamin C: Vitamin C helps in good absorption of iron and is required for healthy hair. Citrus fruits, green leafy vegetables, lemons, green peppers, salad, tomatoes, baked potatoes, etc are good source of Vitamin C.

(iv) Vitamins to prevent hair loss – vitamin B: Biotin and Complex B vitamins are essential for hair growth. Good sources of biotin include lentils, soybeans, walnuts, sunflower seeds, etc. It is suggested to take a B complex supplement that includes all of the B vitamins.

(v) Omega-3 fatty acids: These fats help in avoiding your hair from getting dry and brittle, hence they make your hair healthy. Good sources of Omega-3 fatty acids are tuna, salmon, mackerel, walnuts and flaxseeds.

(vi) Zinc: Zinc is another essential mineral for healthy hair. You can source these from lean beef, peanuts, turkey, oysters and pumpkin seeds.

(vii) Vitamin A: It synergizes with the fat synthesis in the hair follicles and leads to hair growth. Good sources are eggs, kale, carrots, etc.

(viii) Vitamin E:  It stimulates blood circulation in your scalp and be taken internally or applied orally to your scalp.

Consider Supplements to prevent hair loss: You can consult your doctor for taking supplements, if you are having deficiency of any of the above essential minerals / vitamins.

3. Massage your scalp: Massage your scalp with coconut or arnica or amla oil twice a week. It’s better if you can keep it over-night and wash your hair with mild shampoo in the morning. Also read our article on Best Treatment for Dry Hair which will also help you in preventing hair loss.

4. Wash your hair regularly, with a Mild Shampoo and Mild Conditioner : Yes, it is very effective in preventing hair loss as it will keep your hair and scalp clean and thus there will be less chances of getting any infection. Also read our article on Hair Care which outlines effective measures for hair care and thus also help in preventing hair loss .

5. Be Stress Free: Stress can damage whole of your body as well cause hair loss. So starting of loss of hair is an indication that you might be under stress, so learn to be stress free. An effective home remedy to prevent early hair loss.

6. Exercise regularly: This helps you in two ways. Firstly, it is a good stress buster and secondly, it increases blood circulation including to your scalp and therefore strengthens your hair roots and helps in preventing hair loss.

7.  Adequate sleep: Seven to eight hours sleep a night is vital for overall health, including your hair.   

8. Drink plenty of clean water: Drink 10 to 12 glasses of clean water every day to flush out toxins from your body to prevent hair loss or hair thinning. These toxins are harmful to your body, including hair.

9. Use Wide-toothed Comb / brush: Do not use sharp tooth combs; instead use brushes / combs with widely spaced, smooth, soft bristles / teeth.

10. Use downwards stroke while combing or brushing.

Follow the above outlined tips on How to Prevent Hair Loss Naturally to have healthy, long and shiny hair.

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