The most makeup removers available on the market are typically filled with chemicals and can cause skin irritation or acne break out. Best way is to remove make up naturally. If you are looking for various natural makeup removing recipes to remove makeup from your face and eyes, without using makeup remover, then continue reading here.

Best Way To Remove Makeup

Natural Ways To Remove Makeup

Best Natural Ways To Remove Makeup Properly And Effectively

Here are given natural ways to remove makeup for those who believe in using natural beauty recipes.

1. Honey And Baking Soda – An All Natural Makeup Remover: This works wonderful on any type of makeup. Just put a little organic honey on a clean wash cloth and sprinkle in some baking soda on it and wow – you get your own natural makeup remover!!

2. Remove Makeup With Olive Oil From Dry Skin / Sensitive Skin: Olive oil not only has so many different healing properties, but contains a ton of softening agents too. It’s the best natural way to remove makeup in case you have dry skin.

For sensitive or dry skin, alternatives to olive oil are other natural oils, such as castor oil, jojoba oil.

Tip: Creamy or oil based removers are best for dry skin. Keep this tip in your mind even if you are looking for a makeup remover from the market.

3. Baby Oil – Makeup Remover DIY: If you don’t have olive oil in your kitchen, try this makeup remover recipe. Baby oil is another oil to get rid of makeup and mascara. Mascara is by far the hardest makeup to get rid of, but with a little baby oil it becomes a child play to remove it easily.  Pour some of baby oil on a cotton ball. Wipe off the face makeup with it and use a wet washcloth to get rid of oil residues left behind on your face.

4. Milk – Best Natural Eye Makeup Remover:  To remove eye makeup just try a bit of raw milk on a cotton ball to get rid of your eyeliner or mascara. Simply pour some raw milk right onto a cotton ball and very lightly swipe over your eye makeup, and then rinse off with lukewarm water. It’s fast, easy and all natural makeup remover. It’s perhaps the best makeup remover for the sensitive skin!!

Tip: If you do not use heavy makeup, milk is the best natural way to clean makeup from your face.

5. Baby Lotion – An Easy Way To Remove Makeup: It’s another natural way to remove makeup. The process is same as that of Milk. Choose a good quality baby lotion and place a dab or two onto a cotton ball and swipe it across your face and lids. You will be amazed to see how wonderful this natural method works!!

6. Vaseline – A Natural Eye Makeup Remover: Use this makeup removing recipe for eyes only. You need to be cautious while using this method. Vaseline is very thick and can clog your skin pores easily, so when you are using it to remove eye makeup or mascara, make it sure to wash your face with cleanser afterwards.

7. Removing Makeup With Baby Wipes: Baby wipes are a good way to remove makeup naturally. They are known to be so gentle that you don’t need to worry about breaking out or irritating your skin. This is an easy and less messy  way to remove makeup!!

8. Chap stick To Remove Eye Makeup: This is one of the creative natural ways to remove your eye makeup easily. You must be wondering how to remove eye makeup with Chap Stick. Here it is. Simply a few swipes under your eyes and a very light rub in by a cotton ball and you will find – wow your eye makeup coming off easily!!

9. Steam – A Natural Way To Remove Makeup Without Remover: Many people don’t believe that steam can remove makeup; but truthfully, it’s a great natural way to remove makeup. Just fill up a basin with hot water and lean over it, into the steam. Wow it will open up all your pores. With this method don’t you think it would be easier to remove your makeup with just a mild cleanser and water?

Don’t underestimate the power of steam. It helps to get last traces of makeup off of your face. Steam is the secret skincare weapon of many models!! It keeps your skin pores in the best shape possible

Natural Beauty Tips For Removing Makeup From Your Face And Eyes

(i) Wash your face to remove makeup and sunscreen before you go to bed.

(ii) Toners are a great way to remove all the muck even the heaviest of makeup, but then they also remove natural oils that can dry up your skin. Unless you have super oily skin, skip the toner and use natural ways to clean makeup from your face.

(iii) For removing makeup from super dry skin, go for cleansing oil. Applying oil on a cotton pad and then swipe it across your lids, lips, face and brows. Messaging in the oil loosens dirt and makeup.  Wash with a gentle gel or foaming cleanser, and rinse off the cleanser with a warm wash cloth and follow with a moisturizer on your still damp skin.

(iv) For removing makeup from acne skin, the best is to wash your face with a salicylic cleanser.

(v) Another simple and easy way to remove makeup is to rub some of cold cream on your face and make sure that all areas where you applied makeup are covered. Let it sit on your face for 3-4 minutes. Dip a washcloth in water and wipe your face with it, and then rinse off with tepid water.

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