You need to do a few things to maintain your hair voluminous and gorgeous. We talked to a few hair models about their hair care routines. Read on here the hair care tips they swear by.

What Improves Hair Quality?

# 1

Investing in a high-quality hairbrush

Avoid using too hard hairbrushes as they can damage your hair as they’re far too hard. They tend to pull and break the hair, leaving split ends.

Invest in a good quality hairbrush to care for your tresses daily.

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# 2

Using Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is super-hydrating and ultra-nourishing for hair that need revival after excessive hair styling. One of the most effective yet simple tricks is to apply coconut oil on your scalp and hair ends and tie your hair, covering it with a shower cap. Leave the oil on for thirty minutes and wash it off with a clarifying shampoo to revive your hair and add shine.

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# 3

Self-styling with the right tools with less heat damage

Hair models go through too much heat styling during fashion shows. To offset the damage, they try to avoid using heat while self-styling.

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# 4

Letting hair dry naturally

Allowing your hair dry naturally helps in maintaining your hair in good health.

Hair Care Tip: Use avocado or olive oil as a hydrating hair mask to improve the health and appearance of your hair.

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# 5

Saving your hair from mechanical damage

Hair goes through mechanical damage, which can’t be reversed.

To avoid this kind of damage, many models recommended using:

(i) An old cotton shirt or a micro-fiber towel to wrap hair after a wash. Wet hair strands are much more fragile and prone to breakage, and the harsh fibers of a towel can be too hard.

(ii) A satin pillow cover help protect hair. Satin pillowcases are smoother and slippery, creating less friction with your hair strands than traditional cotton pillow covers. This can help prevent hair tangles, breakage, and frizz, particularly if you move around a lot in your sleep.

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