Tightening Loose Skin – Ways To Get Rid Of Loose Skin

In this article you will find tips about how to tighten loose skin after weight loss or pregnancy, etc.  We will also tell you about cream to tighten loose skin and foods that help you to get rid of loose skin.

How to tighten up loose skin

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Causes of Loose Skin: You can get loose skin due to rapid weight loss, aging, pregnancy, poor nutrition, dehydration, too much sun exposure, and smoking.

Why does your skin get loose after you lose weight rapidly?: Skin is surprisingly an elastic organ, and just like all other organs in your body, it comprises of cells. In cases when one loss one’s weight too fast, the elastic parts of one’s skin loss layers of fat that were keeping them stretched out over one’s body and moreover due to the quick weight loss they also do not get sufficient time for their elasticity to adjust to the one’s new shape.

Ways to Get Rid of Loose Skin: The first thing you need to do is: don’t panic! As your skin is a living organ, it will slowly get to a new shape that fits your changed body. However, since the natural process take up to two years’ time, learn here tips about how do you tighten loose skin after weight loss more quickly:

1. Don’t lose your weight too rapidly: Avoid crash diet weight loss programs and too much of exercising. These are not only bad for your health but also will contribute to quick shedding of muscles and fat leading to double-whammy, one the supportive underlying muscular structure that grips the skin against your body is lost, and two – also the fat that keeps the skin stretched out.

So lose your weight gradually. The best is to aim for 1-2 pounds of fat loss per week, and make sure that your weight loss program includes weight lifting so that you do not lose lean muscles.

In case you are trying to get rid of baby fat after your child birth, remember to tone a lot, don’t ever mistake to go after a crash diet.

2. Keep Hydrated For Tightening Loose Skin: Water is crucial in preserving your skin elasticity. When you keep yourself hydrated, it comes out in your skin to tighten the loose skin and make it look glowing.

From your food and drinks, you should strive to consume two liters of water every day.

3. Proper Diet – Home Remedies for Loose Skin: To keep your skin plump and elastic, the two ingredients needed are collagen and elastin. Protein rich foods, such as milk, cottage cheese, legumes, tofu, beans, nuts, seeds and fish are rich source of collagen and elastin to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

(i) Lean Protein: Include lean protein into your diet to tighten loose skin after weight loss. It not only contributes in building lean muscles which will make you appear more toned, but also as it contains collagen and other nutrients that your skin needs to stay elastic. A natural beauty tip is to consume lean protein after workouts to improve muscle-building process.

(ii) Raw Foods: It’s a known fact that a lot of vitamins and nutrients are wasted due to over-cooking of foods. We recommend that you add some raw foods to your diet – whether in the form of fruits or vegetables or both and even fish (Try Sushi!). Once you start consuming these raw foods, you will notice firming up of your loose skin.

(iii) Avoid Junk / Fried Foods: Remember that foods that are high in fat do no good to your skin if you are trying to keep a healthy weight or tighten loose skin; rather they wreck your diet. Studies have shown that these high fat junk foods are addictive, so stay away from junk or fried foods.

(iv) Water Rich Fresh Fruits and Vegetables: The USDA recommends that you should eat five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables every day to provide you with the required nutrients and also to maintain healthy weights. The bonus point is that they also contribute in tightening loose skin. The logic about why they help in getting rid of loose skin is because most of the fruits and vegetables have a high water contents and well hydrated skin means a healthy and firmly tightened skin.

4. Avoid too much sun exposure: Limit your exposure to sun, hot and chlorinated water, as too much exposure of these tends to loosen up your skin more than what you have. Also avoid tanning booths or beds.

5. Cream to Tighten Loose Skin: One of the best ways to tighten loose skin after weight loss and even after your child birth is to apply skin firming cream or lotion that contain herbal ingredients, aloe Vera and vitamins E and A. Use such skin tightening creams that are specifically designed to increase the collagen and elastin in your skin.

6. Collagen Cream: A good way to tighten loose skin is to nourish it with a collagen cream that is specifically designed to get rid of sagging skin. They are expensive but worth the expense when they work.

7. Castor Oil: It’s a natural way to tighten loose skin. Mix a little bit of lemon juice or lavender oil with castor oil and rub it into your skin.  Apply this every night and you will see your skin start to tighten up.

8. Almond Oil: Almond oil is a great moisturizer that will help you in getting rid of loose skin and stretch marks on your skin. Just a little bit of this great oil rubbed along your stomach each day will really work to tighten up sagging skin and make it soft and supple. You can apply to other areas also, including your face.

9. Avoid Sulfates / Harsh Soaps: Avoid body washes, soaps, shampoos containing sulfates, as sulfates can over dry and irritate your skin, stripping it off vital moisture and making it less elastic. A good natural beauty tip: If you are trying to tighten loose skin after weight loss is to use sulfate free products.

10. Fitness Routine: By adding muscles, you can form tight layers under your skin. This will improve your skin looks and get rid of some of the skin sagging effects. So the best course of action is to preserve your muscles, while losing fat. Endurance exercises will burn fat, but you also need to do strength / resistance training. So if you do both, your skin will look better.

11. Tightening Astringent: Our natural beauty tip is to make your own skin tightening astringent. Mix a little honey with some rosemary and some witch hazel. Add a teaspoon of honey, a tablespoon of witch hazel, and some chopped up rosemary and rub the mixture on your stomach. Rosemary improves circulation and will work towards tightening of loose skin.

12. Cleanser: Our another natural beauty tip is that you can make your very own cleanser. Mixing the readily available kitchen items like sugar, milk, and a few mashed up fruits like grapes, papaya, berries of any kind, and even oranges help you in getting rid of loose skin.

As you age, elasticity of your skin decreases. On age you have no control, so you don’t need to stress on account of loosening of skin due to aging. You rather focus on things over which you have control, such as not losing your weight rapidly due to crash dieting or excessive exercising, staying properly hydrated, eating the right foods, exercising and skin caring – and you will observe that you will always look better than your peers.

Follow above tips about “How do you get rid of loose skin” and see how you feel great in presence of your peers!

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