How To Clean Your Face Properly

How to wash your face properly – Best way to wash your face

Do not mistake by taking washing of your face as a simple matter. You need to know few tips about how to properly wash your face to give a best wash to your face.


A soapy lathering, a scrub with a washcloth and towel dry are the cleansing steps that are more suitable for your utensils than for the delicate skin of your face.

A proper face wash with good face cleanser will unclog your pores, dissolve dirt, make-up and remove excess oils. While washing your face do not lose the opportunity to get rid of dead skin cells by exfoliating.

First of all, when it’s time to wash your face, grabbing whatever soap is close at hand is not a good idea. Not all soaps are created equal. For example, the skin on your armpits is a lot different from what’s on your face, so a deodorant soap isn’t really suitable to use above the neck [source: American Academy of Dermatology]. So use a gentle face wash.

There is, however, a wide array of choices in facial cleansers. Your skin type — whether it’s oily, dry, normal or combination — should guide your decision on what to use. Some other issues you’ll need to consider include how sensitive your skin is and how prone you are to breakouts. For example, if you have extremely dry skin or a condition called rosacea, even a cleanser that seems innocuous, like hot water, might irritate your face [source: National Rosacea Society].

Include these natural beauty tips in to your daily face wash routine to get healthy and glowing skin.

1. Get Your Hair Off Your Face: If you are washing your face at the sink, pull back your hair with the help of a headband or a clip. If you are in a tub or shower, either rinse your hair back or put on a cap.

2. Wash Your Hands: During the day your hands come into contact with bacteria, dirt, oils, grime, etc. So you should wash your hands to avoid transferring them onto your face to prevent acne break-out and pimples.

3. Remove your make-up before you begin to cleanse.

4. Splash lukewarm water over your face to wet it thoroughly. Avoid using hot water, as it can irritate your skin and even burst capillaries. On the other hand warm water opens up your pores and contributes to deeper cleansing. So do not use cold water at this stage. Do not dry your face and go to next step.

5. Apply a good face cleanser or mild soap: Squeeze a little cleanser onto your fingertips and rub them together. Use your fingertips in gentle, circular motions to massage the cleanser all over your face. If you have acne, scrubbing hard will make your acne condition worse or can even produce scars and encourage wrinkles.

6. Use a muslin cloth or face cloth or a soft, knitted piece of material: Consider using a muslin cloth while rinsing your face. This is one of the best ways to remove dirt and make-up from your face. Moreover, gently scrubbing your face in circular motions with a muslin cloth acts as a light exfoliant. For better results, rinse your hairline, neck and corners on either side of your nose for effective cleansing.

7. Facial Scrubs (optional): Scrubbing with facial scrub that contains tiny beads or particles helps in removing dead skin cells.

8. Lastly splash your face with cool water to close your pores and pat dry your face with a soft clean towel. Do not use very cold water, as it can irritate your skin.

Some more natural beauty tips for How to wash your face properly:

(i) Do not leave traces of soaps on your face. Soap residues tend to clog your pores, dry out skin. So thoroughly rinse away soap residues from your face.

(ii) Do not over wash your face. Washing your face twice a day – morning and night – is enough. But if your face is super oily, consider washing your face in the afternoon also. Always wash your face after a workout to prevent acne breakouts. But for sensitive or very dry skin, you need to wash your face once only.

(iii) Do not rub with towel. Pat your face with clean soft towel to dry out your face.

(iv) For sensitive and acne-prone skin use fragrance free gentle face wash, so as not to irritate your skin further.

(v) Use face wash products that are meant for face and not body.

(vi) Apply moisturizer (optional) to give your face skin a healthy and glowing look. If you have acne, use non-oily moisturizer. If going outside, consider using a moisturizer with SPF 15 or 30.

(vii) Remove your makeup before you wash your face. Use good face cleanser to remove concealer or foundation completely, especially around your eyes and nose.

(viii) Do not use alcohol based toner, as it strips off natural oils. Gentle toners relax the skin and balance pH levels, but if you are using a good face cleanser, you do not require a toner.

(ix) Make sure the cleanser you are using contains no fragrance. If you have dry skin, consider using formulas with added moisturizers, such as glycerin or shea butter. In case you have oily skin, consider using a foaming wash.

Follow above tips about how to properly wash your face, to have pretty and beautiful face.

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