Should You Wash Your Hair Everyday

How To Wash Hair

How To Wash Your Hair Properly

Although it seems a simple task, but you should read this article to know how to properly wash your hair. Healthy Hair begins with a healthy scalp. Washing your hair properly will keep your scalp free of dandruff, lice with healthy shiny hair looks.


How Often To Wash Hair ?

How Often Should You Wash Your Hair in a week depends on type of hair you have. Washing hair every day is not necessary.

(i) Coarse and Dry Hair and if they are brittle: You need to wash your hair every second or third day.

(ii) Oily and Fine Hair and if they look greasy even the day after you wash it: You need to wash your hair daily.

(iii) Normal Hair: You need to wash it every alternate day.

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How To Wash Hair ?

Follow these steps to wash your hair properly.

1. Brush your hair first. It will loosen dirt from your hair and dead cells from your scalp.

2. Rinse your hair thoroughly. Do not use hot water. Use warm water.

3. Rub a quarter sized dollop shampoo between palms of your hands and start by lathering at the scalp area and working your way down. You may need to use more shampoo, if you have thicker or longer hair or both.

4. Massage your scalp gently with your fingertips in circular motions for two minutes at least. Do not pile your hair on top of your head to scrub it, as this will lead to creating of tangles. Work the shampoo gently to the ends of your hair.

5. Thoroughly rinse your hair until the water runs out without bubbles so that no grimy residue is left in your hair and your hair start to squeak. If you have super oily hair, consider shampooing once more before applying conditioner.

6. Use your fingers or a wide tooth flat comb to untangle knots before you apply conditioner.

7. Take a dollop size conditioner and apply from the mid-lengths till the ends of your hair. Gently comb through and leave the conditioner on for a few minutes. You may like to use a shower cap to make sure the conditioner sets in thoroughly.

8. To have healthy shiny hair, rinse your hair with cool water till all the conditioner is rinsed off. Cool water will close the pores and cuticles and give shine to your hair.

9. Do not brush your wet hair.

10. Do not rub your hair with towel to dry it out. Pat dry your hair with towel or gently squeeze out the excess moisture and let it air dry. Do not use blower to dry your hair often. Use it only when you are in a hurry. Try to use it without setting it at hotter level.

Natural Beauty Tips For How To Wash Your Hair properly

(i) When to wash hair: Wash your hair whenever you notice it is oily. Oily hair can leads to clogging up of your skin pores on your face which can cause acne break-out and pimples.

(ii) Avoid wringing out your hair when it is wet, as hair is weakest when wet and prone to breakage.

(iii) Avoid over washing of your hair.

Follow above tips about how to wash your hair to get healthy shiny hair.
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