Can You Use Olive Oil For Hair & Which Olive Oil To Use For Hair?

can olive oil be used for hairYou might have heard people talking about olive oil as one of the most potent hair-fixing ingredient. Probably, these questions might be bothering you: Is olive oil really good for hair? And Can I Use Olive Oil For Hair?

Have you ever tried the much sought after olive oil conditioner hair treatment?

Or have you heard of olive oil for hair growth. And, in case not then you are not up-to-date with the olive oil uses for hair.

Should You Use Olive Oil On Hair?

We talked to many experts and asked the above questions: Is olive oil actually good for hair & Should olive oil be used on hair. Here is the gist of information we gathered from the experts:

Olive oil is extremely beneficial for your hair, particularly if your hair is in desperate need of a powerful moisturizing agent. Though both coconut and olive oil are well known potent conditioner for hair and skin, but olive oil is heavier and richer than coconut oil. This explains why it is good for even the people who have damaged, naturally frizzy, curly, kinky, or color-treated hair. Such hair types are likely to have more porous hair shafts, and the porous hair can’t hold onto its natural moisture, turning it actually dry and brittle.

Olive oil contains high doses of omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin E. When you apply onto your hair and scalp, it penetrates into hair shaft and rebalances hair’s capability to hold moisture. Its rich vitamin E content prevents free-radical damage occurring from sunlight and pollution.

Note: The longer you allow olive oil to sit on your hair, the longer its benefits will stick around. So wait for washing your hair after its application, as long as you can, . Read here how to apply olive oil hair conditioning treatment.

Which Olive Oil Is Good For Hair?

Avoid using light formula type olive oil. This kind generally contains chemical additives, which can dry out hair when used in excess. On the contrary, pure olive oil is thick, and offers a thorough moisture and shine treatment. Typically, it is the most commonly used by the people with dry hair. If you have dry and damaged hair then you should avoid using chemically altered olive oil.

Pure extra-virgin olive oil is best for hair.

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  1. how long would it take to grow my hair out on both side at the same lenth with olive oil right now one side shorter then the other what can i do to fix that beside cuting it


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