Witch Hazel Skin Benefits & Witch Hazel Uses For Skin

Learn here what are the skin benefits of witch hazel & witch hazel skin treatments – as astringent, cleanser, toner, acne cure natural remedy & many more.

Witch Hazel Natural Astringent
Witch Hazel Skin Benefits

The common or North American witch hazel is a flowering shrub native to the forest margins, woodlands and stream banks of eastern North America.

Don’t judge it by its sinister name, the American Indians have centuries ago recognized the medicinal value of witch hazel and used a decoction of the boiled plant parts to treat swelling, inflammation, skin irritation and tumors. Although natural witch hazel is recognized world over as an astringent, cleanser, toner and acne cure natural remedy, but it has many more other skin benefits.

Though you might have heard of witch hazel astringent, but do you know it can treat some other skin conditions as well?

Witch Hazel Skin Benefits

# 1

Natural Witch Hazel Astringent

Witch hazel is well known for its astringent properties because of high concentrations of tannins. It has incredible ability to get rid of excess oils from skin and shrink skin pores. Individuals who are exposed to lots of environmental pollutants can apply it onto their faces to lessen the amounts of toxins/pollutants entering skin pores, and consequently the severity of blemishes remains under control. So, the regular topical application of witch hazel as an astringent averts blemishes formation, especially black heads that develop from dried sebum build-up in the skin pores.

# 2

Witch Hazel For Acne Treatment

Due to its considerable antibacterial and antiseptic properties, it can help to treat acne and blemishes. Regular use of witch hazel in your skin care regimen reduces inflammation and removes excess oil, so it works as an amazing natural home remedy for curing acne. For this purpose use witch hazel like you would use a toner and its consistent use will help to reduce acne.

# 3

Witch Hazel To Freshen And Rejuvenate Skin

Don’t think that witch hazel can only treat existing skin conditions only. It’s also good in refreshing and rejuvenating healthy skin. A simple way is to use organic witch hazel oil whenever your skin feels dirty, hot or when you just want to have refreshing, clean feeling. Simply dab some witch hazel on a cotton swab or ball and apply on your face to remove dirt, oil and impurities from your skin in no time. It not only improves your skin and provides anti-aging benefits, but also protect your skin from environmental contaminants and other toxins, which can otherwise cause many skin disorders.

# 4

Use Witch Hazel Oil To Lock In Moisture

Sound strange? Try it, it really works. On the one hand it does remove excess oil, but it also helps to prevent water loss and improves hydration to the outer layer of skin. Thus it’s a perfect moisturizer to apply immediately after you get out of the shower to seal in moisture and treat your dry skin.

# 5

Treat Sunburns With Witch Hazel

Simply spritz witch hazel or apply a thin cloth soaked in witch hazel on the affected area to soothe the sunburns or inflamed skin. Cool relief!

Natural Beauty Tip: Simply mix some witch hazel with aloe vera gel and apply on the sunburns. While the anti-inflammatory ability of the natural witch hazel will help your skin in healing, the aloe vera gel together with which hazel will help to cool the burns.

# 6

Treat Razor Burns

Ladies and gents, here is an easy solution for both of you to get rid of razor bumps! Witch hazel is a good treatment for razor burns. Simply apply it on the skin having razor burns with a cotton ball. Repeat this daily until the razor bumps disappear.

# 7

Wounds And Bruises Healing

Witch hazel’s power to tighten skin and shrink blood vessels makes it a perfect remedy for treating cuts, scraps and wounds, which lead to minor bleeding. Moreover, it can speed up healing of the bruises as it increases the blood flow near the skin’s surface, so diffusing the blood that has collected in the bruised area. Simply apply a thin cloth soaked in witch hazel over the bruises several times a day. The tannins in witch hazel helps to ease swelling, constrict blood vessels and heal broken skin, consequently your bruises are cured faster.

# 8

Brighten Skin Around Eyes

Witch hazel has ability to shrink blood vessels that helps to reduce inflammation and tighten skin. These characteristics empower it to treat discoloration and puffiness under and around eyes. Make sure not to allow any of this natural astringent to get on the eyes, since it will lead to significant irritation and discomfort.

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Enjoy fresh and rejuvenated skin with witch hazel!

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