Natural Lip Care Routine For Pink Lips | Step-by-Step

Lip Care Routine Step-by-StepSome one asked me last week: “How can I take care of my dark lips naturally?” Her question gave me an idea to write a post on natural lip care routine for smooth, soft, pink lips for the benefit of all my readers.

In this article, you will find lip care routine step-by-step, natural lip care tips & home remedies for soft, pink lips.

If you want to have a perfect pout with glowing pinkish lips, you need to take good care of them.

3 Steps Natural Lip Care Routine For Pink Lips

To take care of your lips, first it’s very important to understand the differences between the skin on your lips and the rest of your body.

The skin on your lips is much thinner making that explains why our lips are more likely get cracked and chapped.

Lips have fewer oil glands and therefore do not produce oils to help protect your skin, and also make them more susceptible to dry out.

Parched, chapped lips & other lip problems occur mostly because of the environmental & climatic conditions. It’s not only winter season that leads to more lip problems, but the dry air, sun are also responsible for chapped, dry lips.

Read on here for a 5 steps simple skincare routine that will help you get the killing pout with soft and pink lips naturally:

Step # 1

Exfoliate Lips

Exfoliating scrapes the dead skin layer off your lips, so helps them stay healthy. You can quickly make a DIY natural scrub easily at home. Simply mix some brown with honey. Apply a little amount of this scrub on to your lips. Gently massage your top and bottom lips with your clean finger. When you’re finished, take a wet soft towel and gently dab your lips to wipe off any excess. Do this once or twice per week.

This step will help in revealing the smooth & supple texture of your lips.

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STEP # 2

Moisturize / Massage Your Lips

Now that the dead skin layer is removed, your lips are ready for some massaging cup moisturizing therapy. Use this lip mask. Take some coconut oil and a drop of any essential oil of your choice. Mix the two ingredients and apply it on to your lips for 15-20 minutes. Then wipe off the extra, if any.

This step will help skin repair, regeneration and healing.

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STEP # 3

Hydrate Lips

Now, you can apply your favorite lip balm that helps soothe your lip skin and locks in moisture. And don’t forget to apply it before you go to bed, and leaving it on overnight.

Opt for a lip balm, which is natural & made of oils, butters & waxes. Avoid those that contain chemicals like parabens, petrolatum and artificial flavors. Though they work, but they are not good for your lips in long run.

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Some Lips Natural Beauty Tips

(i) Never to lick your lips as it will further dry them up. Whenever you feel your lips gone dry or an itch to lick, just sip some water.

(ii) Dehydration is a major cause for dry lips. Make sure you drink enough water every day.

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